10+ Best ASMR Youtube Channels

List of Best ASMR Youtube channels
ASMR or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response can be described as a tingling sensation that starts from the scalp and shifts down to the upper spine and neck. Sometimes it overlaps with frisson and is considered a positive form of paresthesia. The sensation combines a distinctive tingling sensation on the human ear and a positive feeling is triggered through auditory stimuli. According to experts, it signifies subjective experience related to a low-grade euphoria.

With time, ASMR has become a separate genre and is becoming very popular with YouTube viewers. The popular ASMR channels utilize the ASMR stimuli by speaking in a specific tone or scratching certain objects, which creates this extremely soothing auditory response. In fact, ASMR YouTube channels are sometimes regarded as lullaby channels for adults, as it's undeniably soothing and sleep-inducing.

Here are some of the best ASMR YouTube channels which you should check out:


  • Number of subscribers: 3.88M
  • Total Number of Views: 1B+ views
  • Topic of Channel: ASMR, Tingle, roleplay, cosplay

This channel is operated by Gibi who’s probably the leading ASMR expert online. Besides her calm demeanors and tonal versatility, she’s also an expert in creating a wide variety of ASMR videos. She regularly uploads videos and the topics include role-plays, cosplay, makeup and original characters.

FrivolousFox ASMR

  • Number of subscribers: 1.76M
  • Total Number of Views: 656M+ views
  • Topic of Channel: ASMR

Founded by Frivvi, the main focus of this channel is to provide a light-hearted relief from the drudgery of daily life. For this purpose, Frivvi offers a series of light-hearted fun ASMR sounds such as singing, rambling, whispering, and rapping. Frivvi also creates a very relaxed ambience with her charm.


  • Number of subscribers: 2.5 M
  • Total Number of Views: 583M+

  • Topic of Channel: ASMR

Founded in South Korea in 2018, the main theme of this channel is cooking. The author offers interesting and novel videos on the topic. The channel starts from the ingredients for cooking, then cooks the meal and she finally eats it, all the while offering viewers some delicate and tempting ASMR sounds. As a result, this channel has become very popular among enthusiasts of the genre.

Jane ASMR 제인

  • Number of subscribers: 15.6 M
  • Total Number of Views: 5B+ views
  • Topic of Channel: ASMR
Founded by Jane from South Korea, the main theme here remains the eating sounds. This channel is unique when compared to other similar channels since the channel primarily focuses on the ASMR sounds of munching on crunchy confectionary. What's more, the channel emphasizes the dazzling colours of the food, like no other. One more unique characteristic of this channel is daily uploads, so the viewer can access and enjoy the sound of eating new foods every day.

ASMR Treatment

  • Number of subscribers: 349k
  • Total Number of Views: 170M+ views
  • Topic of Channel: ASMR

If you enjoy and the sight and sounds of any health or beauty treatment, it remains the best possible channel for a viewer who finds it attractive. The founder uploads videos of different aesthetic treatments at regular intervals with soothing ASMR sounds. Hence, besides the tingles, you can find a video to watch, learn and enjoy every time you visit the site.

Spice ASMR

  • Number of subscribers: 2.48 M
  • Total Number of Views: 812M+ views
  • Topic of Channel: ASMR

If you are a serious foodie, love spices and the sound of eating, this channel remains the best option for you. Founded in 2017, the author continues to upload and offer eating sounds people make when they eat spicy non-vegetarian food. To entice viewers, he also offers vivid and realistic images related to food photography.


  • Number of subscribers: 101K
  • Total Number of Views: 27M+ views
  • Topic of Channel: ASMR

Founded in 2021, the target of the founder is 108k ASMR are teenagers. Located in the United States, 108K offers positive and satisfying sounds while having different types of exotic and colourful beverages. As he and his girlfriend try different interesting drinks and upload a daily video, they offer a positive vibe which is very catchy.

ASMR Anil Cakmak

  • Number of subscribers: 1.45 M
  • Total Number of Views: 265M+ views
  • Topic of Channel: ASMR

With more than a million subscribers, the founder of this channel describes himself as the king of ASMR. If you are a fanatic or even enthusiast about beauty, health and massage, this is the best ASMR channel for you. Since 2015, the founder continues to upload videos about his experiences and relaxing ASMR sounds of massage, health care and beauty treatment in different regions.

Latte ASMR

  • Number of subscribers: 1.72 M
  • Total Number of Views: 421M+ views
  • Topic of Channel: ASMR

One of the best ways of sending out unique vibes is specializing in ASMR sounds made during health treatments. One best example remains the increasing popularity of the videos uploaded by the founder of this channel. If you want to learn and enjoy the soundscape related to a spa or a beauty parlour, this channel is the best choice for you.

Scottish Murmurs ASMR

  • Number of subscribers: 392k
  • Total Number of Views: 115M+ views
  • Topic of Channel: ASMR

Scottish heroes remain the universal favorite in romance stories. Now, the Scottish accent serves to bring positive sensations and tingles to the viewers with this channel. Dedicated to ASMR, this channel offers exclusive content with murmurs and whispers in an authentic Scottish accent, to stimulate the auditory nerves with tingles that are sure to make you feel sleepy.


  • Number of subscribers: 1.19 m
  • Total Number of Views: 231M+ view
  • Topic of Channel: ASMR

Cartoons are a great theme for helping you let your hair down. It can easily trigger your brain to relax and sleep. The founder of the channel understands the connection and uploads a series of imaginative cartoons in this channel at a regular interval. The cartoons are common but the sounds are so rhythmic that it is easy to get delightful tingles down to the spine.

Valeriya ASMR

  • Number of subscribers: 897k
  • Total Number of Views: 238M+ views
  • Topic of Channel: ASMR

Love, as a feeling remains the most precious thing in the world. With this motto, Valeriya, the founder of this channel seeks to bring the romantic sounds (which often features her twin sister) of love to your headset. One more unique aspect about this channel is that she uploads videos in two languages: Russian and English.
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