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Free EBook Sites
Are you looking for free ebook download sites? Or interested to download ePub books on internet. We have compiled a list of free ebook websites that can give you access to unlimited free ebook library resources on internet. Some of these site are epub download sites, however other also support leading ebook formats such as PDF, .doc, .mobi, HTML and more.

With continuous research and development in internet technology, it has become an amazing source of information about every subject and topic which also includes eBooks. With this information explosion, it is not surprising that more and more people are turning towards internet to download free eBooks which are available online. There are many advantages of eBooks over the standard paper books. The eBooks are easier to transport, cheaper and can be read anywhere if you have portable devices such as eReader, tablet or laptop.Here, we have compiled a list of more than 60 websites, where you can download free books which are available in various categories and different genres as per your choice.

1. Scribd

Scribd is one of most popular free ebook library website where people from all over world login for reading ebooks in various categories, download and share their own ebooks. You can upload your own ebooks and share them with other people.

2. Project Gutenberg

If you want to find any old books or download them, Project Gutenberg is the best place where you can get more than 33000 free ebooks. You can read these ebooks on various devices including Android, iPhone, Sony Reader, Kindle, iPad and PC.

3. Get Free E-Books

Get free ebooks from getfreebooks where you can find and download free books easily and quickly. The ebooks which you find here are personally compiled by the founder or collected from all over internet.

4. ManyBooks.net

On this website, you can browse the most recommended, popular title from 29000 free ebooks which are available on this website. You can also read reviews from the site visitors who have read the ebooks and gave their comments.

5. The EBook Directory

If you are browsing various websites for free top quality ebooks, this is the best website for you. All you have to do for accessing more than thousands of free ebooks, is to use the search box for required book or you need to browse various categories which are on the left side.

6. Ebooks-space

This is one of the most popular sites from where users can download ebooks online for the subjects which range from Database Design in PDF-CHM file format to tutorials, Software development, and Computer IT and Programming languages.

7. KnowFree

This is one of best website for downloading free ebooks. You can download as well as upload any ebook here. The website has more than 11 k free ebooks which are divided into several important categories for the benefit of the user.

8. Download Free PDF Ebooks

If you want to look for PDF books for your studies in computer, this is the best site for you. Here you can find books on various topics such as Microsoft Windows, XP, VBA, PHP, Oracle, Networking, MBA, J2ME, HTML, Dream Weaver, CISCO, C++, Calculus, Asp, Ajax Java, Adobe, Abap etc.

9. Free Book Centre

This site offers live links to more thousands free online technical books for the users which includes various type of core books. The subjects include system programming books, programming languages, Linux books, networking, and computer science.

10. Freebooksread

This free books website offers you downloading as well as reading ebooks facility. As the site uses the latest page flipping software which also have other advanced features, it makes your online reading one of the best experience.

11. Bibliotastic

The main aim of the site is to connect authors with their readers with digital method. This website offers best platform for evolving and new authors to reach worldwide audience and interact with their readers. The readers can give their feedback directly.

12. Online Computer Books

Here, on this website you can get pertinent information about free computer books, programming books, online books and sample chapters from various books which are related to many subject ranges from Maths, Electronics, Business and Computer Science.

13. Online Free E-Books

This website includes a meticulous compilation of the information which is required by the readers and is available over the internet. The user can refer to this information as per his requirement and check out the pertinent details.

14. Read Easily!

With this website, you can get an adaptive reading experience. This digital library has thousands of free books, where you just have to click the set display button and you can select

15. Poem Hunter

This website is dedicated to poets from all ages, their biographies and well their poems.

16. Planet EBook

If you want to download free classic literature including books and novels, this is the best website. These books and novels are completely free for downloading to your computer and share them with your family members and friends.

17. E-Library

If you want to have easy access to unlimited free ebooks, you need to visit this website today. This website has a huge list of free ebooks which are available on various topics and subjects.

18. BookBooN

On this websites, you can download various types of ebooks which are earmarked from travelers and students. The ebooks are in PDF format and these books can be downloaded without registration. The ebooks are legal and the writers have written these books exclusively for Bookboon.

19. EBook Junkie

This is also one of the best websites for free ebooks which can be downloaded by the users all over the world. The site also offers various categories and subjects from which the user can make his choice.

20. PDF Search Engine

This is one of the best search engine tools which will help you to find any free pdf or books about any specific topic or subjects for downloading.

21. E-Books Directory

E-Books directory can be broadly defined as a daily list of ebooks, lecture notes and documents which are available for free online download. The user can also submit his books
and promote all over the world. He or she can also make comments on other books which are available or can download anything which is available in the list.

22. E-books Download Free

When you want to download popular eBooks for free, you can visit this website and download them very easily and quickly. All you have to choose your ebook and download it from the link which is given.

23. PDF Geni

When you want to find any ebook or any PDF, the best way to do this is to use PDF Geni for your search. PDF Geni can be broadly defined as the PDF search engine which is very fast in its search.

24. Book-Bot

This website has more than 14570 ebooks for the benefits of the reader. All you have to do when you are searching for specific books is to type the title of the book in search box. You can also browse by name of the author.

25. ReadUps

This is one of best social reading experience you can get on internet. All you have to do is sign in the website with your facebook user name and invite your friends. You can also create virtual groups inside a book and have discussions about the characters of the book.

26. Martview

This website has a good collection of ebooks and magazines which you can download for free. There are many categories from which you can choose ebooks as well as magazines. But, the readers have to complete the installation of Martview for viewing the books on screen.

27. DailyLit

If you don’t have much time to read an interesting ebook, now you don’t have to worry over it. This website offers daily installment of the chosen ebook in your inbox. You can read it in some minutes when you have time.

28. E-Book Lobby

True to its name, this website offers free ebooks which you can read on internet without any registration or login. These ebooks are available in various categories such as education,historical, computing, art and business.

29. PlanetPDF

Planet PDF can be broadly defined as an independent, popular and comprehensive website which is completely focused on books in PDF format. This collection is extremely comprehensive with classics books and stories, You can read online, download and leave your comments regarding the book.

30. BookYards

BookYards is one of the best free download website for the benefit of people which offers eBooks, videos, links to other eBooks and online libraries for the benefits of users. You can browse these material by title, author etc.

31. Snipfiles

Snipfiles is a very popular website for users around the world as you can get both free software as well as Ebooks as per your choice. Here, you can also get various amazing screensavers which various themes which you can download and enjoy it on your screen.

32. PDF Gallery

This is one of the most useful sites where you can get numerous ebooks on various subjects and topics. It is very easy to look as they are divided in many categories. All you have to do is to choose the required category as per your subject and check out all the books before you download them free.

33. Free E-Books

If you love to read books online, this website allows you to read on unlimited basis. You can discover various categories like non-fiction to romance, from mystery to business information and self-improvement.

34. FreeBookSpot

This website offers you access to more than 4 thousand free Ebooks which are divided in 96 categories. The topics of these categories range from scientific, programming and engineering. You do not require registration at the site to download the required book.

35. FreeComputerBooks

This website has a huge collection of free online programming, Mathematics, Technical books as well as Tutorials and lecture notes. There are more than 12 categories and more than 150 sub categories in which this collection is divided.

36. FreeTechBooks

Free Techbooks offer free online engineering, computer science and programming textbooks, lecture notes and books for students. They are freely and legally available all over the world. The students can download this material for their education.

37. The Online Books Page

The online books page offers a complete list of 30, 000 books which are freely available online.

38. Baen Free Library

This is a free online library which offers science fiction novels for the fans of the genre.

39. Wikibooks

WIkibooks can be broadly defined as Wikimedia community which has the capability of creating free educational textbooks library for the users all over the world. They can be edited by anyone.

40. Adobe Free EBooks

Adobe Company has offered a free ebooks area, where the readers can download free books, unlock them and read soft copies of book on any reading device or personal computer.

41. Alive & Free

This website offers links to recent published books whose authors are alive and offer their books on free basis online.

42. PDFbooks

These new websites offer more than 4 thousand books for the users which are free to download. The books stored by this website are available in public domain and are legally free.

43. SmashWords

Smashwords offer a small but comprehensive collection of free ebooks for the readers who will be able to enjoy them. In addition to that, this website also offers paid ebooks from famous writers as well as novelists.

44. Europeana

This website offers access to a comprehensive collection of digitalized items from European libraries, archives and libraries. There are more than 2 thousand institutions across the continent which regularly contributes to this website including British Library.

45. DPLA

The main aim of this website is to offer complete access to digital resources of American archives and libraries. There are many institutions across USA which regularly offers contribution to this website including University of Michigan and New York Public Library.

46. Internet Archive

This website can also be defined as the huge repository of books, video and audio files which are available in public domain. You can read more than 5 million ebooks and download them for free. You can also read items from various collections such as American libraries, Library of Congress etc.

47. Open Library

A project of Interact Archive, the aim of this website is the creation of 1 web page for each book which has been published. This website has more than 1,000,000 titles which can be read or can be freely downloaded.

48. Feedbooks

This is a free French ebook website which has been designed for mobile reading. You can download books directly on smartphone or tablet and start reading. This website offers thousands of books in five languages for the benefit of users.

49. Google Book Search

The famous search engine, Google has launched its own ebook store for the benefit of the customers. You can search ebooks on any topic or subjects as per your requirements. Some of the books are free but others are paid ebooks.

50. Loyal Books

This website offers more than thousand books which are available in public domain as text files or audio books in 30 languages.

51. The Literature Network

This website is very popular with the people as you can get work of more than 250 authors at one place.

52. Bartleby

This website offers free read online for complete volumes of Harvard Classics for the benefit of the readers.

53. Authorama

The main aim of this website is to offer completely free books of the authors which are in public domain.

54. LibriVox

Founded in 2005, this website comprises an extensive free public domain audiobook library. You can download free audio file and use them.

55. Legamus

This website is involved in making free audio books from the public domain texts which is available in Europe.

56. Classic Literature Library

The public domain books of authors such as Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, and Jules Verne etc. have been organized as collections in this website.

57. Great Books And Classics

This is a repository works of classic philosophers and writers which you can read online.

58. Classic Reader

The free books which are available on this website are in free public domain which you can download easily.

59. Classical Chinese Literature

This website offers Chinese classics which also offer information about etymology and definition about each character.

60. Wolne Lektury

This is extremely well managed collection of books which are in public domain in Polish Language. Today, there are more than 2000 titlew which are available for download or online reading.

61. Projekti Lönnrot

This website offers public domain books in Swedish and Finnish language for the readers.

62. WitGuides

This is comprehensive website or free ebooks library which is also a premier online source for acquiring a vast range of useful Ebooks. You don’t have to sign-up nor do anything for free ebook download which is also secure and safe for the user.

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