10 Free Typing Games For Kids

10 Free Typing Games For Kids

When you want to inspire your kid to read, where do you want that hobby to lead them? Of course, you want them to keep reading throughout their life, but is that the only goal you’re aiming for? If you’re like most parents, you probably want these books to teach your kid about creative expression.

We all want our kids to be able to share their feelings and thoughts. Writing helps with that. To inspire them to write, you first teach them to read. What’s the next thing? You’ll need to teach them how to write. Since kids are impressed by technology nowadays, typing is much more attractive to them than handwriting.

But you don’t want to turn to type into a responsibility. You want this to be a fun activity that the kid will enjoy. The best way to do that? Just turn to type into a game!

We’ll give you 10 suggestions for free typing games that your kids will enjoy playing.

Typing Chef

This is not your usual chef. He’s washing the dishes and he needs some help. As your kid sees the bubbles with different cooking-related terms, they will have to quickly type; otherwise, they will lose the bubbles and the chef will be disappointed.

This is a great game for kids who already know how to write and want to improve their typing speed.

Key Seeker

This is a great game that helps kids master the QWERTY keyboarding system. It’s usually a boring skill for people to learn, but this game makes it fun for kids. How? Well, there are monkeys involved and that’s about enough.

With each letter that appears on the screen, the kid sees an animal or an object. If they type the correct letter, they will hear a sound related to the figure.

Type Type Revolution

A monkey typing revolution is on its way, people! As the letters pass through the timing bar, your kid will have to type them. If they get all letters right, they will start a combo, where each letter increases the score.

It’s a simple, but fun game that kids like playing. It’s good for those who know the letters but still don’t know how to write.


This game takes your kids to a new destination: deep below the surface of the ocean. There, they will find adventure and treasure, but danger as well. How is typing related to all this? It’s part of the adventure; the kids need to type fast enough so they will get to explore the entire world below the ocean’s surface.

Keyman is a great game for kids of different ages since you can set up the difficulty level. The best part is that the game involves levels for training both hands separately.

Keyboard Ninja

If your kid can’t let your iPad go, it’s time to put the device to good use. This game asks the kid to slice the fruit. They do that by typing the correct letters. They must avoid typing the bomb, otherwise… boom!

It’s a pretty challenging game because it’s faced-paced so you might not want this to be your starting point. But it’s great for kids who’ve already mastered the letters.

The Typing of the Ghosts

Spooky! Ghosts are scary, but your kid can destroy them. That’s easy; all they need to do is type the words that the ghosts carry around. As more time passes without a word time, the ghosts grow bigger and scarier.

The game is so cool that you’ll want to play it, too.


Who doesn’t like popping balloons? Don’t worry; we’re not talking about actual balloons that would make a mess in your home. With this game, your kids get the fun minus the mess. Plus, they get to learn how to type.

The player needs to type the letters on the balloons as quickly as possible so they can score more points.

Keyboard Climber 2

Here come the monkeys again. Kids love monkeys, so it’s no wonder why these characters are so common in typing and literacy games.

This game teaches your kid the difference between lowercase and uppercase letters. In addition, it shows them where to find the numbers on the keyboard.

As the kid types the letters correctly, the monkey climbs up to get his bananas. Feeding a monkey is always fun, don’t you think?

Alpha Munchies

Is your kid familiar with the Alphacritters? They are hungry for your food, and you can stop them from eating it by typing the letters before they fall to the ground.

The game is great for those who are just learning the letters, but the higher levels work for bigger kids, too.

Dance Mat Typing

This game starts by teaching and helping the kid practice the home-row keys. As the player moves through the stages, they will learn new letters and build on previous lessons. By the end of the levels, your kid will be typing like a maniac.

So where’s the dance mat in all this? The characters from the game are ready to rock and roll! Plus, the goat’s accent is hilarious! Most kids love imitating him.

Why Should Kids Learn How To Type, Anyway?

Do you know how much typing your kid will have to do throughout their life? When they start high school and college, their life will involve a lot of this activity. They will have to complete essays, research papers, case studies, and all other kinds of assignments. Reading helps them develop creativity for expressing their ideas, but typing skills make them faster at completing the projects themselves. Many students use services like BrillAssignment.co.uk to go through these academic challenges. If your kid starts working on these skills soon enough, they won’t need such help.

Typing is not important solely for school. Whatever profession your kid chooses in future, they will have to type something, eventually. If they are not writing reports, they will at least need to send some emails. Impressive writing skills will make them faster and better at doing their job.

It’s never too early for a kid to start working on their typing skills. The best part is that the above-listed games make the activity fun!

Barbara Mitchell is a part-time freelance writer and a full-time mom of two toddlers. She loves exploring fun activities that the entire family can enjoy together.
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