Top 10 Applications That Students Should Download in Their Device

The reality of today’s students is totally different as you probably won’t get a student, who does not use innovative gadgets. However, it is also true that students are using devices not only for entertainment purpose but for studying as well.

Apple and Android are the most popular among students as both the devices provide enormous programs and applications for students that can be very informative and useful for students if they are looking to keep up with the times and increase your studying process.

Every single student is possibly knowing enormous applications that fit his or her needs most; however, there are still some mobile helpers no student should live without. Below, we have listed top 10 applications that students should download on their device.

2017’s Top Apps for Students to Download in Their Device


Any.do is the must have application that is known for making a to-do list and task list a lot easily for students. More than 15 million people are relying on this application to keep their life organized with to-do list, reminders, and notes.

You can share lists and assign important tasks to accomplish even more with the people around you. With this application, users can easily sync between their phone, desktop, web and tablet.

They can easily keep the to-do list and task list always updated, so they will never forget a single thing. Moreover, students can set one-time, recurring or location reminders, so they will never miss a deadline. A must downloading application for students on their device.

Scanner Pro

Scanner Pro is one of the best applications for instant scanning and saving a digital version of a paper document. Using this application, you can scan any papers, ranging from a receipt to multi-page docs. Scanner Pro is the best app that automatically detects borders, geometry, correcting distortion and more. Users can share, email and upload their perfect scans.

Moreover, this application will transform your iPhone and iPad into portable scanners. Users can also email their scanned docs to photos, export photos, uploaded to online services, etc.


EasyBib is the world’s excellent and most accurate citation generator that guarantee the most accurate bibliography. The application enables users to automatically develop citations for your bibliography in seconds.

Equipped with enormous features, the application has made a lot of things a lot easier like perfect and accurate citations as they are checked by librarians and teachers. The app uses the search tool to develop citations for books and websites.

In addition to this, switch between MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard, and more than 7000 citations styles, including ASA< AMA, CSE and ACS formats with one click.


Feed.ly is a single place to simply read all the news that you rely on to think, learn, and keep ahead. The app allows you to organize all your favorite publications, podcasts, and YouTube channels into one collection and receive updates while new stories and videos are published.

Using this app, you can tap into the power of the web, dig deeper and discover great new sources. The app is used by millions of people every day on their android phones as well as on tablets to connect to the blogs and news sites that matter to them.

Microsoft Office Mobile

Students can download the Microsoft Office Mobile that is the office companion for phones running Android OS prior to v4.4. Students can easily access, view and edit their Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents from anywhere and anytime.

As we all know that documents look like the originals, thanks to supporting for charts, animations and SmartArt graphics and shapes. The format and content will remain intact when you make instant edits or add comments to a doc.


Mathway is the most popular math problem solver that has millions of users and billions of problems solved so far. From simple algebra to difficult calculus, the app instant solves the most difficult math problems – simply type your problem into receive instant free answers.

So, if you are looking for detailed step-by-step solutions, Mathway is the best and private tutor in the palm of your hand, delivering instant homework help anywhere, anytime.

Circle of Six

Circle of 6 is for everyone, who visits colleges and schools. The application is fast, easy-to-use and private. Originally designed for college students to prevent sexual violence, the app is fully handy for teenagers, parents, friends and all communities, looking to foster healthy relationships and safety.

If you need help to get home, just two taps allow your circle knows, where you are and how they can help. The application is obtainable for iPhone and Android, making it quick and easy-to-reach the 6 people that you have chosen.

It is the mobile way of looking out for each other on campus or when you are out for the night. It is a simple tool to prevent violence before it happens.


Developed by Shark Tank winner Christopher Gray, Scholly is the best app so that high school, college, and graduate students can easily access different ways to pay for college. The developer of this application is himself won $1.3 million in scholarships to pay for his degree.

The application can be used to follow his lead. However, the free version of this app gives tips on how to win scholarships and showcases past winning essays. You can get a complete list of scholarships without ads and the scholarship search function, you can purchase a Scholly account in-app for $2.99. But for the promise of potentially free tuition, this app is worth.

The Oxford Dictionary

The Oxford Dictionary is the leading and most trusted single-volume English dictionary that is obtainable for free of cost. This dictionary is a lot better than any other dictionaries as it is the most comprehensive coverage of English everywhere it’s spoken.

The dictionary has the latest vocabulary with more than 350000 words, phrases, and meanings. More than thousands of words as well as sentences have been derived from the latest research of the Oxford English Corpus.


Are you one of those students, who study foreign languages? Duplingo is the best application that helps you learn new words, get ready for tests and exams and finish different tasks to enhance your knowledge. The application is free of cost to download and it is obtainable for all the users of Apple and Android devices.

The app has changed the way people are learning languages. With this app, you can easily learn a language comprehensively for free. You have fun while you learn, leveling up and finishing with friends.



PhotoMath is an excellent math problem solver application that allows students to solve any math problem in just a few steps. Students just need to simply point their camera toward the math problem and the app will show the result with detailed step-by-step instructions.

Now, there is no need to suffer from math problem and spent hours on solving one problem. The application provides camera calculator, handwriting recognition, step-by-step instructions, smart calculator, etc. for students to get instant solutions to the math problem.

These are the top 10 applications that students should download in their device to make their hassle of math problem solving easy and more. You can download any of these apps in your device and get enormous features to enjoy.

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