Kids and Their Desire for Parent’s Attention

Kids and Their Desire for Parent’s Attention

When kids, especially teens, ask their parents for privacy and all, it does not necessarily mean that it is privacy that they really need. All teens need is a cloak of privacy, a sort of privacy where they get to do whatever they would want to do to their heart’s content and at the same time, they could have someone that would always be there to fall back on.

They need their parents, no matter how responsible or mature they seem, even if their parents allow them to choose for themselves and be their own person. All in all, a child, whether he is an adult with kids of his or her own, will still want the same attention he or she used to get from his or her parents as a baby.

But this relatively simple feat of wanting their parent’s attention has become incredibly hard in the age of technology. Not only has technology created a wedge between the people sitting in the same room while wanting to bring people closer together. But it had completely changed the face of communication as we know it.

Furthermore, to ensure that their access to all such high-tech gadgetry, parents are bending over backwards to earn enough to their work day in and out, ensuring that their kids have the best education they can possibly get, the best tutor, the best clothes on their backs, but in the quest to it all they barely get any time at all to talk to their children or to spend any time with their children at all.

What Parents Can Do?

The children of such parents stay at home growing up at the hands of nannies, housekeepers, and babysitters, making them all grow distant from them parents as children, parents might behave that their little ones might not be affected by their absence, but they couldn’t be more wrong children, no matter how old they maybe need their parents and this absence can lead to a lifetime of a very distant relationship, and there is nothing that parents can do until they put real efforts into getting back and reconciling with their children when they have children themselves. But, if you don’t like the sound of that and would like to be a part of their lives all then life, here is what you can do:

Celebrate Their Small Successes

Even the CEO of a company can take a day, or at least 8 hours of a day off once in a while to celebrate, say winning the hockey game or getting the coveted blue ribbon from the science fair or even securing their first job. Just bringing cake home or take your family out for a simple dinner is enough to make them feel like you care about them and that their achievements matter to you.

Get To Know Them

You can always talk to your child and get them to tell you about their lives, bit by bit. But, since we live in the age of technology, you can just as easily various social media outlets and learn what your child does and how does he or she does it at any given time.

Give Them Privacy

Teens hate parents that hover over them all the time, but at the same time, they also hate it when their parents do not give them the time and attention they need. Thus, it falls on your plate, as a parent, to be there for them, get also give them ample privacy to grow and to explore their surroundings which are vital to their growth.

To Be There for Them

Everything is in a constant flux for a growing child they grow, growing out of their clothes, changing schools, making new friends, saying goodbye to old friends. Amongst all this, they need a constant pillar to hold on to, someone they all can easily fall back on, someone they can implicitly trust and rely on.

To Stand Guard on Their Dreams

Do You Remember When You Were A Kid And How When A Kid Bullied You And You Thought That You had to go home and tell your dad all about it and how they would fix everything? Your child still believes that and holds on that belief until they are adults. Thus, this makes it your duty as a parent to guard and protect your child. Even if you have to go as far as to install spy applications on their computers and mobile phones to spy on them and to protect them, even from themselves and their own choices at the time, you have to do it, for the sake of your children.

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