Read Online Stories For Kids : 40 Sites to Download Story Books

Download Online Stories For Kids
Like reading short stories for kids online? We have created a list of website that can provide you books for short kids stories. Many people prefer reading short stories.

Reading short kids story is also highly recommended since it keeps the interest level high for kids. Its important to build reading habits.

Education is considered to be the way to enlighten human minds. However the ground task starts right from a tender age. This is when young minds take shape for facing future challenges. In this respect, the need for quality education is quite essential.

Internet technology has made it possible to get in touch with some of the great education materials to be downloaded for free. The sites described below promote quality education while stressing on optimum educational value of the materials online.

There are plenty of books available to read, some are listed on sites to download free ebooks. However this article focuses on kids ebooks download.

Freebies by About.com

Amazon is a great place to find Kids ebooks. The category includes Graphics, Animals and comics, action, sports, adventure etc. The ebooks are available for use in Kindle. The materials are updated each hour while providing user with the best and mostly preferred list of ebooks.

A To Z Kids Stuff

This is a great place to find all kinds of kids study stuffs. The available categories include Games, literature, Animals, action, beginner readers etc. Every book here follows a description followed by a direct download link and some reviews for user reference

Pixel Of Ink

This is a great place to look for ebooks meant for both kids and young adults. It includes books to be read in one’s kindle with a free subscription meant for a limited period of time.

OverDrive Through Your Public Library

This is a great library space of huge collection of variety ebooks meant for Juveniles as well as young adults. It provides extensive collection of around 85000 ebooks on kindle version. It works under digital book lending program where a particular ebook get changed automatically after a definite time period.


This is an unique place for kindle lovers as it offers distinct categories of ebooks meant for kids. The site offers unique rating for each ebook on the digital library thereby providing way to select the most suitable as well as the updated one in stock.

Project Gutenberg

It is another most visited place for getting hold on kids’ ebooks on Kindle. Subsections like pictures, History, literature and many others are there, worthy of a read. You can download for free and save them future reference.

Hundred Zeros

Hundred zeros offer unique collection of children ebooks. Each book is described uniquely along with the author so that readers can have access to all the details prior to downloading. In addition to that there are certain rating mechanism that provides an idea about viewers preference for the same.


This site offers exclusive collection of ebooks for kids. One can subscribe for children ebooks through email in order to receive daily updates on particular selected reading category.


This place maintains a section for kids and young adults by the name of young readers. You can browse the collection in terms of language as well as alphabetically.

OHFB.com (OneHundredFreeBooks)

The site has extensive stock of children ebooks categorized into kids and young adults. There is an option to browse through each book thereby getting every detail in terms of author as well as ratings. One can subscribe through email or social media.


It is known for its evergreen collection of ebooks for children that gets updated every day. One can get notification about the new releases while subscribing through proper email for receiving daily updates.

The EReader Cafe

This is yet another popular place on internet where is enough to explore for the kids. It offers ebooks exclusively for kids in two distinct sections where one can avail for free as well on discounted price.

Freebook Sifter

It is quite popular among kids as a place for getting innumerable collection of ebooks for kindle as well as for Nook. All downloads made over there are free. There are certain categories to choose from like Fairy tales, poetry, animals, nature etc.


This site is known for its free collection of kindle ebooks for kids all offered for free download. The books are rated in terms of attractive covers as well.

World Library

The site offers unique collection of 70 free ebooks on kindle all meant for kids. It offers feature to get every detail on an ebook while scrolling over it. Brief descriptions on individual ebooks are available as well.


This place offers huge collection of 2500 free kids ebooks beings categorized into juvenile fiction as well as non-fiction. The popular genres include magic, horror, ghost, women, careers, lifestyle.


This is meant for getting hold on ebooks both free as well as on discount. There are middle grade student and kids sections that offer exclusive collection of ebooks, but those do not include any offer.


This is known for posts that include audio books, movies, ebooks, tv shows and many others to be witnessed every single day. However there are sections where one can download ebooks for free or even can subscribe through email for daily updates.

Centsless Books

This site is known for showcasing ebooks for kids and the most significant part of it is that it does not earn even charge a penny for getting access to the resources.


This site offers exclusive collection of ebooks for both kids and teenagers. It includes books that are priced less than even $5 while some of them are offered as free subscription.


The site offers plenty stuff on free kindle ebooks meant for kids. Get daily genre updates by subscribing through email to the respective children categories of choice.


This is a place known for providing three free kindle versions of kids’ ebooks on a daily basis. Recent collection updates can be availed by subscribing to email addresses. Some ebooks are meant for free subscription for a single day and thus one should act accordingly.

BookGoodies For Kids

The site offers both free as well as discounted ebooks for children of all ages. There is a specific application that shows when a particular ebook enters into non-free zone from free one. A newsletter provides necessary updates.

The Savvy Bump

This is known as a popular place to get free ebooks for children with kindle version. One can simply read the description by scrolling over the book and can thereby download the same.


The entire site is meant for providing ebooks exclusively for kids. However the ebooks do not stay free for a long time and thus one should the respective price status prior getting it downloaded on kindle.

Free Kids Books

This is an exclusive place for kids as it offers ebooks for reading on popular subjects like Math, English, History, Science and additional homework assistance. One can read online, purchase as well as download the free version on kindle.

Magic Keys

The site deals in providing ebooks for kids of all ages starting from child till old ages. It provides extensive categorization of ebooks as per choice and preference of kids depending upon their age bar.

Storytime For Me

It is a popular place for kids as it offers not only ebooks to read for free but also options to add oneself as a character in the story with aid to add pictures while making it more appealing and realistic for kids.

Mighty Book

This is first of its kind to offer kids’ material to be read on mobile devices or computers . It offers a collection of classic stories, games, songs, poems and many others to stay attached and interested forever to this place.

Best Childrens Books

This site offers great collection of 23 ebooks on Beatrix potter. The stories have remained favorite for kids since last 100 years and thus some consider it as a valuable addition to store.

Best Childrens Books

Listening to rhymes has always remained the most preferred choice for kids. An exclusive collection of Mother Goose rhymes for nursery children is offered, as an effective means to entertain tender minds.

Story Nory

The site presents story series surrounding a shape changing creature called Anansi. The kids will love the interesting stories which are available with audio aid for a realistic experience.

Childrens Library

This is a library for children offering a range of ebooks for kids while in terms of country, award winning and recent additions to the rack. Here there is ample scope to get across books of different national likings.

Kids English Books

The site offers free kids ebooks with an option to get a print of it along with matching audio stream for pleasant hearing. Hence, one can customize the way you want your kid to hear the story.

Light Up Your Brain

This site offers innovative means of getting across story lines with excellent background audio streaming. It has got different sections like games, coloring, music, videos and others to explore for kids.

Kids’ ebooks are something really useful to keep the young minds engaged in learning more about the world. The free version of such books opens up the windows of learning and education even further.
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