5 Types Of Books That Increase Intelligence

Books That Help Grow Brain and Increase Intelligence
Since ancient days, books have been one of the best mediums of entertainment, communication and for dispersing information and knowledge. Due to this, almost all remarkable civilizations have left their knowledge in form of books. The main reason for reading any book is to acquire information that improves our mind as well as prospects of our career.

With continuous research and development in every aspect of life, it becomes necessary to acquire updated information on a regular basis to keep pace with the changing world. With varying taste, it is natural that the topics cover a wide range of categories, but there are five primary categories of educational books that increase human intelligence.

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How science books help increase intelligence and grow human brain

When it comes to knowledge, science books are always at the forefront. However, the subject of science does not cover only the textbooks of science; it also covers those books that are designed to increase knowledge of the world around us.

Books include topics such as chemistry, biology, botany, astronomy or genetics. The principal theme is the curiosity, gathering of the evidence for the support or disproving of any theory. The main value of these books is the method with which they awake curiosity in readers and offer guidance of developing an investigative approach.


This subject is one of the greatest legacies of ancient civilizations. Also, known as the science of human life, the subject itself grew from analytical thoughts of ancient philosophers. It is a proven fact that, science and philosophy are two sides of the same coin. Science offers external knowledge whereas philosophy focuses on the inner mind of people.

Some of the greatest religious works such as Koran, The Bible and Bhagavad Gita are not only revered for their religious values, but also for their philosophical thoughts.

Serious Fiction

When it comes to the books that expand knowledge, most of the people disregard the importance of fiction or the value of imagination. This is because, the best fiction books make readers live and experience an entirely different way of life. Fiction actually makes one get elevated, and has elements of history, philosophy and psychology.

As per Truman Capote, a good novel is superior to scientific books. For becoming a great conversationalist, speaker and a better thinker, it is necessary to read and understand the structure of famous fictional works.


History as a subject often evokes boredom with memorization of important dates, battles, reigns of long-dead kings and tedious lectures of dull and unimaginative professors. It is seldom that the people connect the subject with interesting characters, fascinating anecdotes and the evolution of innovative ideas.

However, someone said that those who do not read history are bound to repeat it; it is a subject that enables the reader to understand the past events and interpret modern happenings in that light. By studying history, the readers can understand the current pattern of events in modern society and where it can lead us in the future.


The last but not the least, poetry plays an important role in increasing the human intelligence. Most people dismiss the importance of poetry in education, as they think that this subject lacks applicability as well as substance. However, it should be noted that many languages around the world have the same word for prophet and poet.

The main function of poetry is to offer information about mysterious and great power of words in any language as well as the deep emotions these word patterns can elicit from the human heart. Moreover, reading poetry sharpens language skills and develops eloquence.

Although all categories of the books offer education and entertainment to readers, it is very difficult to recommend a set of the books that will be loved by every reader. This is because the taste and opinion of every reader vary and so the selection of books. There are a lot of sites online that offer the most critically acclaimed books on science, philosophy, poetry, fiction and history.

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