16 Best Children’s Websites for Reading

List of best reading websites for kids

When it comes to learning how to read, there are many children out there who lose interest. While there are benefits to reading a physical book, there are websites out there that can provide additional help to those who are having trouble with the reading process. The websites that are going to be covered are colorful, interactive and engaging. Along with activities and games for children, many of the websites below have resources for parents and teachers as well. These reading websites are worth looking into, give them a try with your children or students and see for yourself!


On this website, young readers will be exposed to different reading activities such as read along stories, poetry, plays, tongue twisters, comics, and more. From clicking on individual words to learn them better, to reading Greek mythology and Chinese fables, Starfall has a large variety for readers of different levels.

Storyline Online

Storyline Online offers videos of books being read to children. Reading to children is a proven way to improve their reading skills. There are also activity guides available for the books. When clicking a book, a list of beneficial activities that go along with the book is provided. By participating in these activities, the child learns how to discuss the book, how to locate problems and solutions, retell the story in their own words, and more.


This easy-to-use website is categorized by grade level. Each level has different activities that are most appropriate for that age group. For example, matching, puzzles and spelling activities are available for first grade, while parts of speech, vowels and verb agreement activities are available for fifth grade.

Between The Lions (PBS)

Between the Lions is a PBS resource that wants children to “get wild about reading.” With songs about letters and sounds, children could learn how to pronounce words the correct way. This website does a great job explaining those tricky “ph” words and how more than one sound can be created with one letter.

PBS Reading Games

Another great resource brought to you by PBS. This fun and colorful website is packed with reading games, featuring children’s favorite characters. Playing games like bingo, rhyming with Grover and telling the difference between facts and opinions with Binky will have your child on the way to being a successful reader.


Funbrain is an educational website with a category specially for reading. This website offers online books, a reading arcade and comics. Users can choose from games that include working with plurals, word confusion, grammar, and more.


JumpStart is not only beneficial for children, it’s beneficial for parents and teachers as well. For the children, there are plenty of reading games and activities, as well as suggestions for mobile reading games. For parents and teachers, there are reading worksheets and lesson plans focused around reading.


Storynory is all about free audio stories. This website offers original stories, classic stories, educational stories, myths, poems, fairy tales, and more. Listening to stories not only helps with reading skills, it helps with listening skills. If you’re looking to help your child with both of these skills, this website is the perfect choice.

Book Adventure

Book Adventure is sponsored by Sylvan Learning. The Kid’s Zone contains a bookfinder, fun quizzes, games, and printable sheets. There is even a chance for readers to earn points and win prizes. The Teacher’s Lounge lets teachers create book lists, make up reading progress reports for parents and quizzes. The Parent’s Place provides ways to monitor their child’s reading and ways to motivate them.

Smarty Games

Smarty Games has educational games in all subjects. The reading section offers activities focusing on the alphabet, verbs and stories in both English and Spanish. The games provided aim to help children build vocabulary skills, language skills and spelling skills.

Story Place

Story Place is a digital library that presents children with fun themes to keep them intrigued. Some theme examples are firefighters, fish, music, pets, shapes, trains, and more. Every online story comes with an online activity to go with it. The activity helps the reader to relate back to what they just read.

Light Up Your Brain

Light Up Your Brain is a website full of activities to get your child thinking. You’ll find a wide variety of audio stories. These stories are available for download, so you don’t even need Wifi to listen. Many English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers report using these audio stories with their students who are learning to read, write and speak English.

My Story Maker

My Story Maker is brought to you by the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. It is named one of the Best Websites for Teaching and Learning by the American Association of School Librarians. There are activities for children of all ages, educators and parents. There’s access to online books, games and best of all, a chance for children to make progress in reading by creating their own stories.

Read Works

Read Works is dedicated to reading comprehension. There are plenty of available lesson plans broken down by grade level. Whether you’re a teacher looking to teach about point of view or antagonists, this website has it all. There are also reading passages for almost every subject. These passages aim to help children learn different skills and strategies, such as identifying genre.

Read Theory

Read Theory aims to improve the reading comprehension of children in grade levels K-12. The reading passages and questions help readers recognize the importance of each passage and help them to choose the best answer.


With funny poems and plenty of word games to choose from, Poetry4Kids is sure to keep its users interested. This website offers arts and crafts activities that relate to poetry, poems based on holidays and poems based on reading level.

We hope you take the time to check out some of these beneficial reading websites.They were created to improve the reading skills of children, as well as to get them excited about the process. Utilizing these websites could make a significant difference in a child’s learning experience.

Be sure to let us know which ones you try and which ones you enjoy! Feel free to share with anybody that might find these websites useful! Happy learning!

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