10 Best Twitter Accounts For Book Lovers

I I have always thought that reading a book is very personal thing as it is very close to my heart. However, when I started discussing the books with others, I was able to understand their point of view regarding the topic. I learned a lot while discussing my perspective with other readers.

Technology and advancement is directly associated with improvising and modernizing almost every field of life. Discussion forums provide a clear example of the heated debates regarding the success, failure, and influence of the books on the society. If you are a crazy book lover, you are in for a surprise today.

Literary Twitter accounts can boost your knowledge and broaden your knowledge. They can also help you control the urge to order your dissertation online. After going through the book, you can easily write your own dissertations.

Regardless, it is difficult to believe that reading trance can be experienced by reading a post limited to 140 words; however I have personally experienced it. Another advantage of discussing the books and debating it at Twitter is the relevancy, dedication, and devotion of the fellow participants. They are also passionate about books and most of them are readers, writer, publishers, or critics. They are able to convey their messages in 140 character tweet and the essence of such stories is worth discussing.

Today I am listing 10 of the most useful Twitter account for book lovers. You can follow these accounts and boost your knowledge regarding the content, launching and arrival of latest books.


If you are excited about reviving and reliving the memories of your childhood Disneyword can fulfill your wish. It shares random quotes extracted from Disney books, movies or cartoons. The main objective of Disneyword is to bring smile on the lips of the reader. The quotes shared by Disneyword will take you in the past and help you in enjoying the best period of your life again. This account will help you meet Nemo again and fly on the magic carpet of Aladdin!


This is official twitter account of IMustRead.com. You will find frequent book recommendations and book reviews on this account. This site also offers giveaways to its readers for latest books. 


Bethanne Patrick can be followed on twitter for getting hold of amazing literature. She is an active and enthusiastic tweeter and usually tweets about all forms of literature. Her tweets are intriguing and interesting to read. She provides book recommendation information every Friday and it is the perfect place to attain maximum knowledge e regarding the books.


This twitter account can be classified as a book club. Fast paced literature discussion is the forte of this book. A book is selected for the discussion and it is discussed among the followers for the period of one month. They provides there suggestions and feedbacks that can leads towards the heated argument. Despite of all these concern, 1BOOK140 is promoting the literature in the society which is a feat in itself.


It is a kind of book club that deals with the discussion of books. Each book is discussed for the one hour and this trend is practiced on alternate days of the week. In addition to this, the account provides a platform to explore different aspects of the books and guide the other in understanding the selected book. Suggested feeds are also encouraged as they boost the morale of the followers and add a touch of personalization.


If you are looking for extensive guide regarding what to read and new arrival in the world of literature, you are at the perfect place. It is regarded as one of the most extensive Twitter feeds related to books. Maud Newton is fond of literature and books and he regularly posts information and reviews related to the recently or previously published book.

She covered the books belonging to almost all fields of life. These topics may range from science to mystery or fiction. She also discovers the topics that are interesting and intriguing but never discussed before. The quality of the presented topic or book is exceptional and you can count on Maud to project the best book for discussion.


Bookriots cover almost all topics ranging from Macbeth to Legally Blonde! It follows the belief that moods can influence the reading pattern and choices. Every reader has a right to read and discuss whatever he wants. If you are a devoted reader, your options of reading are unlimited.


Guardianbook is the perfect combo of Guardian and Observer team. They work tirelessly to bring the essence and thrill of reading to their follower. This Twitter account is being followed by 1.49 million followers and most of the time the efforts of the team are appreciated by the followers. Books are presented for review along with the news related to literary world on daily basis.


The Millions provides the latest and extensive review of the books. It is considered to be the master in the field of literature. The arrival of new books is promoted and topic is discussed with almost 235K followers. Each follower is welcome to debate on the book and recommends other books to the readers. The discussion on this platform is spontaneous but useful. If you are following this account, you are heading the line of literary society.


It is the perfect place for reading a complete story in 140 words. Each day, a new topic is expanded with the help of new tweets. These tweets can inspire the reader and help them in dealing with the problems of life. In addition to this, these tweets can also provide the trill that is specifically associated with reading a fresh piece of literature.


It mainly discusses the literature review, publishing and new arrival with its followers. The literacy awards are also projected at this platform so the reader will provide their reviews and suggestion. In addition to this, discussion is also regarded as the forte of this platform that contributes in enhancing the knowledge of the reader.

Reading is the ultimate joy and it refreshes the heart and soul. This joy of reading is not limited to paper printed book rather it can also be obtained by following twitter accounts based on literature and books. In order to enjoy the words, you can always count on Twitter. It can provide the best form of entertainment and relaxation by words and books!

Rochelle Ciara is a Market Research Analyst at a firm that provides students with professional help. She’s also a passionate blogger who loves to write on novel writing tips, techniques, etc. She has contributed this article on behalf of Dissertation Avenue, a premium online dissertation writing service. 

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