5 Must-Have eBook Reader Apps

Although many claim that the eBook will never be the same as the feeling of holding a new book in your hands, the many benefits of this new form of reading are undeniable. Never before have we had access to such a vast library from anywhere in the world, for such a reasonable amount of money. eBooks mean we can travel lighter, spent less and read more. Now we don’t have to sneak away to get some reading in in office hours, or shut our laptop down to take a break from work.

With so many great eBook apps available for our computers, it just takes a quick switch of programs, and we can be immersed in our favorite books without even having to leave our seats. Here are some of the best apps out there for catching up with your reading directly from your computer.


Undoubtedly the giant of computer eBook reading software, Calibre is available on Mac, Windows and Ubuntu. Not only is the software free and open source, allowing for the more tech savvy among us to further customize the program to their needs, it was also created by eBook readers, so was developed with an in depth understanding of what users are looking for. 

Amongst its many features, the app allows you to store and organize books in many formats and from all the major eBook stores, as well as giving you the option to sync to your eBook reading devices.

Moreover, once in your Calibre library, you can edit the book’s information (Author, description, cover picture etc.) and convert them between formats so they can easily be transferred between devices. Alongside this, the Get Book feature allows you to search all the major eBook sites at once via the app, and the viewer makes it easy to read the books from your computer itself.


No eBook list would be complete without the mighty Kindle app. As well as being the forerunner in eBook device technology, Kindle offers a multi-platform supported app, so you never have to be far away from your Kindle library. 

The app is available on iOS, Windows and Android, so all users can access it with ease and browse, buy and read books just as you would on a Kindle device.

Once installed and logged into your account, you only have to buy a book once for it to become available on all your smartphones, tablets and computers—an undeniable benefit for those of us with busy on-the-go lifestyles. 

Gone are the days of being stuck on a long journey and realizing you left your book at home! Although Kindle is the most prolific eBook reading apps, as it covers many devices, there are many others worth noting. Here is a list of 10 of the best alternative apps to use on your Android device.


For Mac Users, iBooks may be the way to go. This app is automatically included for anybody running OS X v10.9 or higher, and therefore is a free way to access eBooks on your Macbook. Once installed, the program works similarly to Kindle, as it allows you to purchase books directly from the iBook store.

The store is categorized by genre, meaning you can simply and easily browse books on subjects you’re interested in. The iBook app also allows you to listen to audiobooks and has a handy feature that allows you to translate books into different languages. Alongside this, you can purchase interactive textbooks that include study cards and glossary cards, making it a great option for anyone who is studying.

However, the one clear disadvantage to this app is that is restricts you to only purchasing books from iBook store, so if you want to read a book that isn’t available there, it probably won’t be the best option for you!


Barnes & Noble’s Nook is a great alternative option if you’re looking for your reading to cover a greater scope than just books. Available on all devices, including Mac and PC computers, the app allows you to browse, download and read a great range of books, newspapers and magazines. With many big titles, including US weekly and the Oprah Magazine, having this program on your computer means you can get all your daily reading needs in one place.

Furthermore, it also branches out into TV, film and games, and once downloaded, you can sync all your devices to optimize the app to fulfill your entertainment needs. Nook also has a blog that keeps you up-to-date on all the latest releases and offers, and allows you to make purchases directly from the Barnes & Noble store online. This feature creates a great community feel, as you can interact with other Nook users and share your comments on your favorite books!


FBReader—standing for Favorite Book Reader—is another great eBook app. Available on most platforms, including Mac, Windows and Ubuntu, this free software allows users to store and read books in many different formats. It also allows you to sync your library over many devices.

Alongside these pretty-typical features, this app stands out with its vast opportunities for customization; not only can you change fonts and color, there are also options for different page turning animations and bookmarks. 

Another key feature of this app is it allows you to store your books online via Google Drive, and also lets you organize your library via the internet. This makes it an extremely useful app for those who are regularly on the go, as it allows you to access and sort your books even if you’ve forgotten to manually sync-up your devices.

There are so many great apps out there to help you with all your eBook reading needs, and although it may be true that none of them will ever truly replace the feeling of holding a new book in your hands, we can definitely be grateful that they bring so many benefits to our life. All that is left to decide is what to read! Here’s a great list of classic books to start you off.

Are there any more great apps out there that you know of? Or have you had experiences with any of the ones discussed that you want to share? Leave a comment below and keep the conversation going because, for all book lovers, there is no such thing as too many recommendations!

Jennifer Martinson is a blogger for securethoughts.com, a great site to keep up with tips on how to improve your online security. In her spare time Jennifer likes to curl up with a good book and loves that using eBooks means she can still fit reading time into her busy day.
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