5 Best Gadgets to Read Books on The Go

List of Best Gadgets to Read Books on the Go

If there is one thing common in men since the beginning of times, it is the yearning for eternity. The quest for impossible has driven some men to the painstaking journey for discovering the elixir of life while others have tried to leave a mark with magnanimous structures. However, the prudent ones have always found a subtle way of what could be described as the nearest to eternity― living a thousand lives or even more, by reading books.

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.”
―George R.R. Martin,

Book reading is undeniably the best of addictions and the book junkies can’t stand a spare moment without a dose of a chapter or two from their favorite writers. Modern technology has come up with tailor-made solutions exclusively crafted to quench the bookworm’s thirst for reading even while they are on the go.

Here’s our pick of top 5 gadgets that allow you to read books on the go:

Kindle Voyage e-Reader

Kindle Voyage e-Reader
(By: Amazon )

The pioneer of e-readers is undoubtedly the best for its light-weight, slim design and crispy e-ink display, which makes it the ultimate choice for mobile readers.

Moreover, the strong backing of Amazon makes it possible for you to choose from over a million popular titles at an affordable price.

Nexus 7 Reader

Nexus 7 Reader
(By: Google )

This android tablet is a good companion if you are into reading books or playing games or even watching movies. It has a better resolution and it could do anything that you expect from a quad-core android.

One of the usual drawback with this reader is also the absence of storage card, so, you have to do with what you are provided with, which is a maximum of 32 GB; Enough to carry a library!

Nook Glow Light

(By: Barnes & Noble)

Nook is android tablet primarily designed for e-reading and available in a very humble price range. It does the job pretty good for a regular reader.

However, if you try to push it for performing wilder tasks like watching HD videos or playing games, it may not be as good of a choice.

Galaxy Tab

Galaxy Tab
(By: Samsung )

Samsung is the uncrowned king of android for its flagship galaxy series of mobiles. It has also teased the tablet market with Galaxy. In addition to the vibrant AMOLED display, the latest model Galaxy Tab is made to handle serious loads with an octa-core chip and memory options of up to 128GB. The only giveaway to this tablet is the higher price, which is justifiable for the advanced tasks it can perform but, a reader may not prefer it so much.

iPad Air

iPad Air
(By: Apple )

Apple’s iPad Air 2 is the most stylish of the tablets available. Its aluminum body and a huge 9.4 inch display are the beautiful embodiment of rugged Apple A8X chipset and state of the art iOS 9.2. Once again, the average reader might not be interested in all that glim considering the price tag.
Finally, we leave it to your fine sense of judgement to choose a tablet which suits your requirements and the budget as well to keep up with your reading addiction.

Muhammad Umair Azam is a law graduate and a savvy tech blogger who loves to read and write about trends in tech, gadget reviews and DIYs. He also writes for DigitalMarketingROI.co.uk and curates content for RideShareApps.com
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