Guidelines For Accounting Dissertation – Choosing Accounting Topics

Guidelines For Accounting Dissertation – Choosing Accounting Topics

What Is A Thesis Or Dissertation

A dissertation or a thesis is a well-documented essay that include knowledge about particular area of research based on specific aims and objectives of research on chosen topic.

Choosing An Accounting Dissertation Topic

Choosing accounting dissertation topic can be hard because you may not come up something interesting. However it is important and the first step. It may become complex and therefore you must have knowledge and commitment for writing on the topic you have chosen. A good topic for accounting dissertation need a lot of efforts, time and determination. So when selecting a topic consider these factors;

  • Topic must reflect on what you have learned
  • Make use of accounting textbooks
  • Thoroughly research for ideas on chosen topic
  • Research problems and find the solutions for each one of them

All this must be done before the submission of your proposal. Ensure to pick something that is interesting so that you can write on it with dedication as well as care. Answer to these 4 questions before choosing a topic;

  • Is it interesting to you?
  • Is it worth for researching?
  • Is there a considerable information resources on that topic?
  • Have others researchers written on this topic?

Research As Much As You Can!

Research as much as you can on the topic. You must have a discourse which is focused to details. All findings must be backed to show the authenticity. Accounting is a broader subject and you must show higher level of knowledge and understanding in the field. 

Guidelines For Accounting Dissertation – Choosing Accounting Topics

Common Topics in Accounting Dissertation
  • Auditing
  • Financial Law
  • Bookkeeping
  • Global Economy
  • Global Banking
  • Financial and Managerial Accounting
  • International Finance and Trade
  • Stocks and Investments

One of these topics can be chose to focus on a narrow problem within that topic. Your thesis must be structured around that topic and it must give a solution to that problem. Don’t worry it is not necessary that the solution must be successful. 

Your research committee is more interested in your knowledge of writing the dissertation rather on your expertise on the topic and the problem. So you only need to furnish and explain a problem and an observation or solution to that problem that can be convey it to the accounting professionals out there. However don’t think that the practicality of the topic and research work done on it is of no use.

Tips To Come Up With Ideas To Pick A Dissertation Topic

For most if not all students, coming up with thesis or dissertation topic can be frustrating and sometimes even frightening. This is a common reaction when they understand how much important this decision can be. Although final decision can be much intimidating, there are some important factors to consider while finalizing your dissertation topic.

It is the most important thing to remember that there truly are not any new ideas in this world. To come up with something that is completely new idea or thought is something impossible. Therefore, consider taking a slightly different approach to already done research or existing themes or ideas can work

The most important factor is to pick something that is highly relevant to your field and then spin it your very own way. Yes this is a precise definition of uniqueness in the dissertation world. Be dedicated to any idea and then make your very own.

Do as much research as you can before starting your work, otherwise you will be waiting lots of time in future. Do not avoid existing research, use it but not rely only on that research. Students need to be careful of what is done by others in relation to their field, however try not be impressed by this work. Consider data however do not lose sight of your own original idea. 

This might become daunting but this is compulsory to create and information yet original thesis. Don’t try to be rigid with your own approach. It is really important to consider several topic rather on relying on only one. Research all the possibilities and discover ways to try new methods as well as ideas that are related to your field. Do not force anything to work and be flexible while you juggle ideas.

Take time before you dig deeper and consider what you can access to. Though student will be creating a novel approach on already researched problem it is really important to have necessary resources to follow the testing phase. While considering the topics make sure to stock exactly how much facts and data is available on that. Try your best to ensure that there is sufficient fuel to keep your fire going.

Never fear of being picky. All resources aren’t equal, therefore remember to start with compiling data. Ensure to consider sources and try to find how this information was interpreted by others. No doubt, some of the opinions you find will be biased however more research will yield a generalized consensus of validity of your work.

Research Methodology - Common Methods Used In Research Methodology For Dissertation Writing

Methodology is the important part of dissertation. It is not as same as methods, instead it explain the broader philosophical foundation of selected research methods, like quantitative or qualitative methods, or both and the reason of choosing so. 

You must be clear about the chosen research method, your interest isn’t enough. For this you need to link it with Dissertation help uk. For single thesis, methodology should brief what you did, along with refinements made by you.
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