The Most Awaited Gadgets of 2017 For Reading

The Most Awaited Gadgets of 2017 For Reading

2016 saw many gadgets hitting the markets but it was the smartphones like iPhone 7, LG G5, Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge that ruled the roost. Let us see which gadgets we can expect to see in 2017.

Apple iPhone 8

iPhone 7 128GB Jet Black and 7s saw launched in 2016 and well with Apple celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2017, we can expect a very new iPhone 8 coming in the markets.

Rumors are that it could feature a Liquid-crystal LCD display. The display is expected to be made of OELDs that were spotted in Samsung Galaxy Edge.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung would look to reposition itself after the debacle of Note 7 with Galaxy S8. Expected to be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in February, the company has already announced that the new device will feature a virtual personal assistant. 

If we go by rumor mills, it will feature a high resolution 4 K display, and an iris scanner to enhance the phone’s security. Can we also expect a foldable phone from Samsung in 2017?

Nokia’s Android Phone

Nokia has seen it all, from being a market leader to going bankrupt and a failed partnership with Microsoft. 2017 could see Nokia announcing its Android Phone at the Mobile World Congress. 

If experts are to be believed, the phone could feature a 5.5-inch 2k QualHD display. Let us see if 2017 will bring any good news for the Nokia lovers.

Google Pixel Smartwatch

Google seems to be quite serious about its foray into the smartphone market. One could see a smartwatch release in 2017 to go with it new smartphones. 

Moreover, it’s long overdue as the company has not launched any smartwatch after Android Wear back in 2014. Sources say that one could see a new Android wear sometime near June.

The Welt

If you are looking beyond smartphones and smartwatches, 2017 could see Samsung releasing a smart belt. More than a fashion statement, the belt helps you keep a check on your waist size. 

It tracks your steps and gives periodic statistics about your waist size. All you have to do is to pair it up with the phone. Available on Pre-order, you can see it hitting the markets in January.

HTC Vive 2 VR Headset

Since the launch of Vive VR system last year in April 2016, HTC is all geared up to launch the Vive 2 VR headset in 2017. 

Since it is a follow-up device, one could see a wireless version meaning there could be no cable. (Currently, a cable connects the headset to the PC.)


IMAC has updated about two years ago; however, speculations are rife that in 2017, we can see Apple launching new iMac that has USB-C type C ports, 5k display, and a new touch bar. 

With Apple bringing its 10th anniversary, one could expect that Apple would be preparing for big changes in the design and specs rather than just sprucing it up.

Sena INC Helmet

To end up the troubles of hearing the phone while riding a bike, an American Tech Company, Sena Technologies has come up with intelligent noise control helmet. 

What it does? It cancels the noise of gushing wind enabling you to hear clearly and enjoy your calls while riding. 

You can pair it up with your smartphone through the Bluetooth and you are ready to take calls, listen to your favorite music without any disturbance. 

That’s why it is intelligent noise control. Motorcyclists get ready to own one once it launches anytime in 2017.

So, there’s much to look forward to in 2017. If there were many options to choose from in 2016, 2017 has many more surprise gadgets in store for you. 

We can expect that 2017 is going to be big in the tech realm. Keeping our fingers crossed, it's waiting and watch now.
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