10 Best Apps For Kindergarten Kids

The technology is affecting our daily lives. From the office file to the kindergarten kid’s home assignments, technology is transforming our everyday work. Moreover, we all are happily accepting the technologies in our lives. 

We are getting addicted to it and continuously increasing our addiction. Mobile apps are another tech wonder in which we are getting lost. For everything we do in our lives, from ordering the food to getting a ride to different destinations, we have an app which is helping us to do these work easily. 

Not only general routines of the day, but we are also getting dependent on the mobile applications for learning and education. Even our kindergarten students are also using some apps with the help of their parents to make their education and learning easier and faster.

To those parents, it has always been a reason for worry to use which app and which not. These type of apps on the apps store doesn’t come with any warning that is why it is important to know which app is right and which is not for your young kids.

There is no need to start searching for the apps for kindergarten kids to ensure your kids are using the best apps. In this article, I am going to tell you about those ten best apps on the app store, which are best for the kindergarten kids from every aspect.

1. Moose Math

Moose Math by the Duck Duck Moose is a math based mobile app which is available on the Android and iOS. It helps your kid to learn the number sense, skip counting, shapes, addition and subtraction. 

This app includes the five math based mini games in which your kid will build a little town by using the facades and accessories to place in it. For example, you kid will enter into the Moose Juice, the smoothie shop, where he or she will practice counting, learn addition and subtraction. This app will make your kid master the counting to 100.

2. Starfall ABCs

This help is the best way to introduce your young kid to the alphabet. This app contains a large variety representation of each word which helps your kid to remember it in multiple ways. This app has fun learning in visual, audible and within words and sentences form. This app motivates your kid to learn quicker and spend more time on learning through positive reinforcement and play. Instead of teaching them in the written form, your kid would love to see, hear and interact with letters and sounds in words, sentences and games. This app is available on the Android and iOS platforms and can run on an average smartphone too.

3. Thinking Time Pro

Thinking Time Pro provide cognitive skills for early learning and teaches your kids the skills like attention, following directions, logic and memory. Thinking Time Pro makes it possible by using four different scientific games. The special thing about these games is that they are designed by the Harvard and UC Berkeley neuroscientists. According to the developers of this app, they developed it by keeping only one goal in mind which is to help children to succeed in their early education which is the foundation of every great story.

4. Toca Tea Party

The Toca Tea Party will help your kid to get along with other, build friendship and to follow the directions. This app will turn your iPad into a tea table with complete tablecloth, teacups and treats. This app helps your kid to think and improve his imagination. Help him to think creatively which is a good habit if a person starts doing from his childhood. This app empowers your kid to make his own little tea party with other thousands of young users around the world.

5. Touch and Learn-Emotions

Apart from the academic studies, there are some other things too which every kindergarten kid should know. For example the name of emotions, facial expressions and body language. Such things are something which comes with the maturity. However, the tech can make it soon in your kid if you use the app name Touch and Learn Emotions. This app uses the images and voices of the real people and asks the kids to find out which image has which emotion and how the person sounds in the audio.

6. Gracie and Friends Treasure Bubbles

Some apps can help your kid in learning the counting. However, there is no app except the Gracie and Friends Treasure Bubbles which can teach your kindergarten kid to recognize the quantity without the need of counting. This game is designed for two people to play together. Both the players could be a kid, and also the parents could join their kid to introduce this app to him.

7. Alphabet Blizzard

As the name suggest, this app is all about English alphabets. This app is designed by an experienced early childhood education teacher to help the kindergarten kids to learn and understand the alphabets. This game contains three educational games which help the kid to read, spell and learn the words. This game is available on Android and iOS, and you should let your kid play with this app in travelling and in other free times.

8. Pete and the secret of flying

This app is the best when it comes to engaging the kindergarten kids in the learning process for long. With beautiful illustrations and a great story line which helps your kid to keep engage and keep building up his reading ability. This game is perfectly designed to motivate your kid to read the story of a bird Pete and how it discovered to fly. This app is available on iOS platform and also have a special version for iPad with higher resolution.

9. Shape Arts

Geometry is not a kind of the subject which the kindergarten students like. Moreover, it is quite hard too for such young minds. To make it easy, an app called Shape Arts is the best option which you should take. This app helps your kid to learn about the 2D shapes by creating tangram puzzle which keeps your kid involved in it.

10. Shiny Circus

Maybe the only app which can help your kid to understand the measurements. It is a playful, circus themed app which helps your kid to learn about the different measurements in heights, width, area and distance.

Irene Prater is not only a blogger but also an educationist who likes to write about the educational blogs. Apart from the blogging, he also gives writing assistance to the online academic writing companies from which students buy assignment in the days of urgency.
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