8 Summer Reading Books to Make You Happier

Summer Reading Books to Make You Happier

The summer is almost here and we still haven’t decided how we will spend all this free time that it gives us. Everyone is eager for an adventure and for the chance of experiencing something that has never been seen. There are two ways in which you could live through this kind of experience.

You could take a dart, throw it on the map, and just pack your bags and leave for the destination you picked, and even combine it with some work like travel writer or online essay writer; or you could just pick a book, make yourself comfortable in your favorite chair and begin your journey into the unknown.

Did you know that the brain can’t distinguish the real from the imaginary? An experience lived in “reality” as well as in imagination will have the same impact on your psyche and your emotions.

What does this mean? It means that there is such a small step you need to make in order to experience a whole different reality. This entirely new and exciting world is waiting for you. Are you willing enough to take one step into the unknown?

Nevertheless, let me reveal you 8 of the greatest journeys you could take straight from your comfy and favorite chair.

The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
(By: Douglas Adams )

A science fiction novel full of humor that will excite your wish for adventure. The story is about a mysterious planet which is discovered by a team of explorers.

The planet is dead for five million years, yet the interesting part is that the characters will encounter a weird radio frequency which lets them know that the planet was inhabited a long time ago. Still, in that present moment, no one was around. Mystery is the key-word in this story.

Happiness the Mindful Way

Happiness the Mindful Way
(By: Ken A. Verni Psy.D. )

Happiness the Mindful Way is a guide that will help you focus better and become a more joyful person. The book is about different meditations techniques that can reduce your anxiety and help you manage your emotions better.

This book will really help you increase your perception of the world while teaching you new perspectives about what happiness means and how it can be achieved.

Thinking, Fast And Slow

Thinking, Fast And Slow
(By: Daniel Kahneman )

Thinking, Fast and Slow is a book that tries to explain the inexplicable world of our conscious and unconscious mind. By reading this book, you will be sucked deep into the mysteries of the universe and you will learn how to connect the inside world with the outside world.

Throughout your reading, there will be moments when you will feel that everything you know is wrong; continue reading and everything will be revealed to you.

Man’s Search For Meaning

Man’s Search For Meaning
(By: Victor E. Frankl )

Man’s Search for Meaning is about Viktor Frankl, a survivor of the holocaust concentration camps. He always believed that everything that happens in a man’s life - even the worst sufferings - must have a meaning.

This belief was the only thing that kept him alive. If your life is full of struggles and problems, the message that Viktor Frankl forged will definitely give you the courage to pick yourself up and strive for a happy and joyful life.

The Last Lecture

The Last Lecture
(By: Randy Pausch )

The Last Lecture is the story of a college professor that just found out that he has a deadly disease and he has only a few more months to live. At the University, it is a custom for the professor to make a speech when he decides to leave.

The topic should be “what wisdom would you impart to a large group of people if it was your last chance?” His speech is entreating and full of humor at the same time. The professor’s immense wisdom reminds us of how we should all live a happy and worthy life.

The Giving Tree

The Giving Tree
(By: Shel Silverstein )

The Giving Tree is a book about the art of sacrifice. Two questions are answered “What does it mean to love?” and “What would you sacrifice for someone you love?” This story presents us the emotional relationship between a child and a tree.

Valuable lessons are revealed about true happiness and unconditional love. Even if this is a children’s book, there are priceless lessons that adults may really grasp and use in their daily life.

As a Man Thinketh

As a Man Thinketh
(By: James Allen )

As a Man, Thinketh is a book that wants to teach us that the outer life of men will always be related to his inner life. People don’t attract what they want, they attract what they are.

This is a short book that will make you stop and think about how this universe works and how its laws function. You will finally understand how negative and positive thoughts work, and you will then have a real choice over one or another.

Life of Pi

Life of Pi
(By: Yann Martel )

Life of Pi is a story about a boy trapped on a lifeboat with a 450-pound Bengal tiger named Richard Parker. Pi is a simple boy, with a vast knowledge about animals and their philosophy.

This is a story about faith and spirituality; it’s the story of a friendship between a tiger and a boy which help each other survive a catastrophe. Many lessons to learn!


Understanding and connecting at a deeper level with these books will bring positivity and calmness to your life. I know that you teenagers like to party and have fun in the summers even if you have a lot of work on your head. Fun is not a bad thing. However, you should try at least to scratch the surface of these books and see how you enjoy them. I think you’ve heard the saying “Knowledge is power”. Where do you think the knowledge comes from?
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