5 Strategies to Help Online Students Overcome the Risk of Failure

Why a student chooses to study online? There can be several reasons for that like some students are studying online along with doing their jobs and some others cannot afford the expense of getting enrolled in a good institute. There is another reason which is not quite acceptable for all but still, there are some individuals who feel this way and that is they choose an online study to keep their own schedule because they cannot follow a strict routine of institutional study.

Whatever the reason is behind their decision, it is a fact that the ratio of failure and dropped outs is increasing. The question that arises here is that what can be the reason of being dropped out or not being able to make it while everything is according to their own choice. There is not a high level of competition like the students are facing in institutes then how they are not meeting the goals. Seeing their concern,

we have decided to guide students who are not confident of achieving success in online courses, It’s a complete strategy to follow and get good grades.

Go through the syllabus and schedule in detail

The first and foremost thing which you should do is to read the syllabus carefully. Go through all the topics and check assignment dates. The worst thing which an online student can encounter is that he may forget when an assignment is scheduled to be submitted. It is because students don’t often check syllabus and course outline carefully. Get it printed and go through it two or three times carefully. 

Along with that, check your assignments’ topics and due dates and encircle the dates on your personal calendar. You can also add a reminder if you are not used to checking the calendar every day. Make it a routine to check assignments’ topics and instruction right at the beginning of the week so that you may decide what and when you have to do things.

Fix a time for everything

Online study is something quite different from the general concept of conventional class and lectures. As you are a part of a system where it is your responsibility to manage everything because there will be no call from the teacher for the lecture and no period for a subject. 

So it is better to plan things accordingly. You have to set time to study, to attend forums, discussions and to prepare assignments. Now it is up to you that how you manage all that. Make sure to keep study at regular basis whether forums and assignment can be done twice a week. Do not change the set schedule for any other activity which is coming your way.

It is important to log on to your course at least thrice a week

Never underestimate the behavior of your online instructor because they are observing everything of every student. You must be logged in to your course’s home page at least three times a week and become an active participant. 

Get into the discussions and answer questions, also put forward different question relevant to your course work or assignments. During a discussion, every statement matters because everyone things in a totally different way so you may get new points for your paper. 

Sending questions and answering your fellow’s concerns make you a part of a live community and also improves your grades while making you confident and bold.

Do ask Questions

There are some students who are hardly known by others in the same course because they never get involved in any discussion. The best way to get into a discussion is to ask questions. Remember one thing that instructor wants to help you out and they are present due to you. 

If you will not put forward your queries, not only you will lake confidence and get confused about the course but also you will not be able to make good and supportive friends.
Get connected with your fellows:

Getting connected with your fellows makes it possible to discuss things without hesitating. There are problems which you cannot discuss with seniors for some reasons, fellows can help you a lot. Its not

difficult to build a learning community because there are lots of apps and social platforms which are offering you to get connected. Making different groups for course discussions, sharing docs and doing video chat is a good thing to be successful because it provides lots of information from all who are participating.

If you are planning to follow all of these five strategies, you will get good grades guaranteed but if for some reasons you cannot adopt any of these, that’s nothing to worry about. At least try to consider these tips and you will start getting improved from the first week. Online study is designed for your convenience and you should not make it a stressful period of your life. Make it enjoyable and successful. You can also get help from a private tutor if you want to make it even better.

John Alex is a freelance writer, experienced blogger, and a professional social media coach. Currently, He’s working with smile tutor.sg which provides tuition jobs. Furthermore, John assists in the business creation and control social media content planning.
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