10 Android Math Apps For Kids

10 Android Math Apps For Kids

Technology has helped a lot in shaping our lives and children are not left out in this. The potential that comes with technology is great especially when its use is well-controlled among minors. Today, children can through mobile applications enhance their learning and prepare for school at a very early age. Initially, mobile phone apps were thought to be for entertainment alone. However, things have changed immensely.

These fun mobile applications play an additional role in reinforcing the elementary arithmetic concepts among children. With the in-built fun, Android Math Apps have continued to spark the love of learning in children.

Every parent endeavors to make their child learn and you probably have been doing this: math quizzes as you take your breakfast and so on. Children have traditionally been given bedtime stories and could sneak in a few math concepts from now and then. Today, this has changed. You will not only get some rest while your kids are busy with gadgets but also make use of Android Apps to teach your child math. 

Some of these apps match the Common Core State Standards and can be downloaded for use from the app store. They are designed in a way that your child will learn even without knowing it as they play along. Here are the apps to consider using for your children and help them learn math:

Peter Pig's Money Coin Counter

This app is developed by Visa and is very useful in helping children practice the skill of counting, sorting and identifying the value of coins as they play to earn virtual U.S. money. In the process of playing, children end up learning about the currency as they read it aloud in the voice of a child. The app is suitable for kids aged between 4 and 7 years. It is available for free on Android platform.

Kids Math

Kids Math requires the player to go through the eight levels within a specific time frame by way of providing answers to 10 math questions in each of these levels. The math questions include those of greater than and small than numbers and fractions as well. For each question, your child has 30 seconds to answer it. 

When a kid gets the answers correctly, they are given extra four seconds. This is a dynamically generated form of questioning implies that children will get new questions all the time they play. Suitable for kids aged between 3 and 5 years, this app is available for free on Android phones.

Math Training for Kids

This app has three challenging levels as well as the four basic concepts of division, multiplication, addiction, and subtraction. With this application, kids learn solid math concepts that help them acquire great skills in it. It is suitable for any child aged 3 years and over. It is also available on Android platforms for free. 

Let's Do the Math

This is an android app that keeps children busy for many hours. They basically are occupied with 15 various types of exercises that are available in 3 categories alongside 50-word problems that emphasize on subtraction and addition. The application can be accessed either as a series of puzzles or flash cards to teach elementary math concepts. It is suitable for any child aged 6 years and above. You can get this app for free on Android platforms.

Preschool Math Games for Kids

With this type of application, children get experience on tracing, counting and reading numbers in an exciting and interactive manner. Well, it is not just about pre-school math games: the app features basic math concepts and exercises in subtraction, addition, sequence patterns and several others. This app is useful for any child aged between 2 and 8 years of age and is available for free on Android platforms.

Math games, Mathematics

This app helps children sharpen their mental math abilities through math games that are timed. The app steadily ups the challenge as signs of improvement are noticed. Areas of testing include subtraction, addition, division, exponentials, and multiplication among several others. 

The most exciting thing about this app is that there is a lot of fun making it easy for the kids to use and learn from it. However, your child needs to have had certain math basics. You can get the app in about 7 various languages hence great for those who may not speak English.

Math Run

This is a great app for children who need something that is fun, bright and engaging. It will create an interest in them to learn math. A kid will play as one of the four pretty fuzzy animals that run down a defined path and dodging to get hold of coins. However, the player will frequently run into math quizzes that must be answered correctly to keep the quest going.

Baby Panda learns Numbers

With this Android app, your kid will get enlightened about math. The app has two settings to choose from. The kid uses this app to learn and get to understand quantities and numbers as they enjoy and play the underwater world setting and the Panda fishing setting as well.

Mad Math 4 Kids

This is an educational math game full of fun that will teach a kid fundamental arithmetic. Your child will be able to find and calculate a basic 3-number subtraction or addition equation on the game board. On getting the right answer, an explosion occurs with new numbers taking their position.

Marley’s Math Farm

An educational app for kids as they play. Your kid will do math using money and learn how to add, subtract and count using coins and dollars through five difficulty levels. There is a shop awarding the user for answering questions correctly as they are given currency to use on prizes.


Mobile applications are not only meant for fun but also learning if you make the right choices. Based on the age of your child, you can make use of these 10 Android Math Apps to make them learn math. They all are designed to help in teaching the 4 basic operations of arithmetic: division, multiplication, addition, subtraction.

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