5 Best Hotel Booking Apps for iOS and Android

5 Best Hotel Booking Apps for iOS and Android

Hurrah, you decided to build a hotel booking app. But you may get disillusioned since there are oodles of hotel booking apps on the market. IDAP can help you build a second-to-none hotel booking app.

Still, you can always add something out-of-the-ordinary to your new booking app. Here is a quick guide to the most popular booking apps for iOS and Android. Check them and build a hotel booking app that will stand out from the others.



This app has recently become the most frequently downloaded among the experienced travelers as well as business people who need to travel a lot. Taking advantage of Booking.com, you can find and hire a hotel room in any part of the world.

Travelers find this app extremely easy and safe to use, and one more app advantage, you can make a reservation offline while there are offline maps. It has more than million apartments and hotels that are available for last-minute. To add more, you can book an apartment without a credit card in most cases.

There is a set of particular filters to ease the choice including free WiFi, price, reviews, and other features. You can read the reviews of the guests that have already stayed there. Almost all the users of Booking.com are verified.

The app allows checking the location on the map where you can see all hotels as a rule with prices located nearby. The app has a user registration feature, so if you like your stay, you can save it for the next trips. The app can notify you if there are any special deals or offers. Your travel information is synchronized all over the devices.

Thanks to the autofill feature, the process of registration have become extremely easy. Another important feature to consider, you don’t have to print out confirmations. The apps give 24/7 access to change your reservation details.

Booking.com is a multi-language app with the support of 20+ languages.

Booking.com for iOS

Booking.com for Android


Most of the travelers try to cut down the expenses on the dwelling. Hotellook will find the cheapest quotes from various reservation systems for you. The app grants access to the fastest hotel reservations.

What is Hotellook? It’s an ultimate app to search for hotels and compare the prices. It works in 205 countries and grants an access to 370 000 hotels. One more considerable advantage of the app is a possibility to book the cheapest room in more than 30 reservation systems.

The filters allow you to narrow the search and find the most beneficial hotel offers. Thanks to the location feature, the app detects your location and picks up the hotels nearby. But you can choose a city if you need to book an apartment somewhere else.

After you choose a hotel, the app will lead you to its page where you can see lots of photos from the inside, location, facilities as well as check the prices and read the rules for check-in. As a rule, you can see the price options for several hotel booking systems.

One more considerable advantage of Hotellook is the possibility to offer more hotel offers from different booking systems including Booking.com, Hotels.com, Agoda, Expedia, etc.

You have to set the necessary currency and preferable language only once. With Hotellook, you can choose a range of amenities you’d like to have in your hotel.

Hotellook for iOS

Hotellook for Android



TripAdvisor is not just an average hotel booking app, it’s rather a handy tool that can help you plan ideal holidays. Here you can read reviews written by people that have already stayed here. There are more than 225 million reviews.

But only registered users can leave comments, publish photos, ranks hotels/restaurants, etc. You can register via email or Facebook.

The app works in 45 countries all over the world. If the app supports your language, the information will be presented in your native languageю. If it fails to do so, the default language is English.

The considerable advantage of the app is the guest reviews. They provide the travelers with some valuable information on the hotel accommodations, service, food, hotel amenities, etc. But the travelers tend not to offend the owners and put a hotel a 5-star rating, but in comments write all the facts that spoiled their stay. So pay more attention to the text but not the stars.

The basic design of the app remains the same for the years to come. But at the same time, it’s altered to meet the needs of the current society.

TripAdvisor for iOS

TripAdvisor for Android



Hotel.com can make dozens of tourists happy. And what makes the app so popular? You can reserve a room with a couple of clicks.

The app offers an ultimate level of the reliability and detailed information. Like any other hotel booking app, Hotel.com detects the location of the users and provides the list of hotels that suit your needs as well as location and price preferences. If you have to travel a lot, this feature will become very useful saving up your precious time.

You have to fill in your destination, the arrival date, the number of nights, and the number of people to get a list of available hotel offers. The search results will be sorted according to the prices, stars, reviews, special offers, and the distance to the city center or the airport.

Once you are ready with a hotel offer, you can pass to a page with more detailed information such as address, phone, additional services, types of rooms (+photos), feedbacks, etc. Pay more attention to the photos as they don’t always correspond the real picture. The app gives easy access to the important information that can influence your hotel choice. Just click on the button, and get a hotel description. Another click and you book your stay.

But still despite the app has a detailed description of every hotel and is extremely easy to operate, the hotel range is rather limited.

Hotels.com for iOS

Hotels.com for Android



HotelTonight will find you a place to overnight in no time. The app covers more than 75 cities all over Europe, the U.S, Mexico, and Canada. HotelTonight is a hassle-free way to rent a luxurious apartment for a song. The key thing that makes HotelTonight come forward is the ability to book a hotel immediately. The app allows booking a hotel suit even a week before the holidays. And if you need a place to stay right now and right here, you can book it with HotelTonight, too.

The app involves a registration stage (using the app or Facebook). Then the app shows the list of active cities. When you choose a necessary city, you get a list of hotels. To ease the search, the hotels are divided into 6 main categories:
  • Basic (3* hotels)
  • Hippy (hostels)
  • Elegant (spa & wellness hotels, 4* hotels)
  • Decent (downtown hotels including 3* and 4*)
  • Luxe (4* and 5* hotels)
  • Charming (B&B hotels or private apartments)

As soon as you make your choice, you pass to a hotel page where you can find more detailed information. You can book a room without leaving the app. Moreover, there are sometimes discounts for several nights. Note, the longest stay shouldn’t exceed 5 nights.

Summing up, the app picks up the most trusted hotels with the best prices that will suit any traveler. You can make a reservation for today, tomorrow as well as for the next week. But the considerable drawback of the app is that the range of cities is quite limited.

HotelTonight for iOS

HotelTonight for Android


Having analyzed all the apps carefully, you’ll be able to provide the users with a useful app that will eliminate all the drawbacks of the existing hotel booking apps and add more value to the user experience. If you are looking into developing a hotel booking app, read more on how much it will cost you here.

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