Best Practices for Push Notifications

Best Practices for Push Notifications

In the mobile space, push notifications are preferably considered to be highly important than the rest of the UX. Knowing how to execute push strategy smartly, you need to be aware of the viable push notification practices that work best for your brand. You can easily captivate your users’ attention through this communication medium. 

However, its implementation is one of the challenging tasks that you come across. If you are unable to execute it right, it will easily undermine your bottom line. Therefore, if you are eager to create good user experience you need to design notifications that are relevant and functional for users.

In this article, I am going to share a few actionable yet proven tips that can help you in creating better push notifications. 

Ensure Relevant Notifications

Every day we are overflowed with different notifications in which some of them are useless and make us lose our focus on activities that are of high importance. This is the reason behind why we often get frustrated with certain apps that tend to send us irrelevant notifications. On the contrary, we are more likely to appreciate notifications that hold a valuable yet interesting message along with it. Therefore, it is crucial that each message provide users with value-added information.

Here the takeaway is to make your messages personalized while ensuring that it perfectly fits each user. It is a great way to drive user engagement. Personalized messages have four times open rate when compared to generic messages as stated by Leanplum. Remember to segment and customize your messages considering the fact that users feel content when they are being reminded of something that evokes their interest. 

Make Your Notifications Timely

Sending notification at right time is what creates a difference. You need to ensure that you respect local timezones. If you want to minimize the risk that involves when users get irritated with your notifications, you need to be ultra-careful that you do not send notification at the time when users are more likely to ignore the message. Avoid disrupting a user at night because most users turn their mobile phones on silent mode resulting in the ignorance of essential notifications – branding takeaway by digital marketing expert, Daniel Shane at logo orbit

Choose Words Wisely

You need to ensure that the message you write is interesting and precise enough to deliver the intended message. The key point here is to employ the right tone and be careful with the words you choose as it has the power to engage your audience or puts them off. Do not forget to instill call-to-action in your message as it triggers them to take a particular action. 

Summing Up

To boost customer engagement and retention brands must start leveraging from push notifications as it strategically plays a pivotal role in reminding users about your app. However, three qualities are essential when it comes to your push notification strategy it should provide a call to action, must be personalized and timely. In addition to that, you need to ensure that you send the right amount of notifications as irrelevant pushes might irritate user’s eventually resulting in loss of potential users’ interest.
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