Do You Think Setting Up A Web Store Is Enough

Do You Think Setting Up A Web Store Is Enough

Do you believe your idea could be the next big thing on the internet? Well, setting up a web store is not enough to get favorable outcomes. It is equally important for one to optimize things periodically from various aspects for an increased performance. Now, do you know a major turn-off for users is when they find the site isn’t developed to perfection causing sluggish problems in terms of speed? Other issues like theme related or installed plug-ins effects on the website functionality etc are also involved.

Now being involved in a reliable Magento Development company in India, I happen to stumble upon many cases where clients often complain about low web speed and performance related issues. Each and every time for a different reason. Now can you imagine how much money you lose every day on your online store, especially if it takes too much time to load, even fractions of seconds? The answer is a lot (excluding the SEO impact of a slow webpage). Studies show that 42% of consumers will abandon a website which takes more than 3 seconds to load. 

Fret not, we have a wide range of free and premium tools available that not only allows you to observe loading time but even speed ups your progress. For example, DareBoost, Pingdom Tools, Google PageSpeed Insights, GTmetrix (PRO version recommended) and the list goes on.

I assume that you must be well aware with Magento and those who aren’t it is a simple e-commerce platform that allows you to run a digital sales channel and that too with higher conversions. Down below I would like to mention a few Magento web optimization tricks and tools that can be used effectively while dealing online. So, let’s get started!

Image Optimization

Optimizing image on your store without losing in terms of quality can definitely lead you to increased page load speed. It certainly allows one to save in terms of resources and create a wonderful shopping experience for your customers. Your final outcomes could be:
  • Command lines for optimized image
  • Make image size around approximately 70kb
  • Compressing files containing images
  • Use JPG and PNG image formats 

Better Product Navigation

There is no doubt in the fact that customer is more likely to leave your Webstore if not able to find the desired product/services within 5-10 seconds. For this, a better product navigation can help you to engage the customers on your web store which can be achieved simply by offering:

  • Easy discoverable search option
  • Product filtration
  • Faceted search 

Cache Management

Cache management has always been one of the easiest ways to improve web performance. Magento enables a developer to make use of cache management tools that allow keeping a complete track of your web site’s cache. Cache Management is unique in its nature and offers an exclusive set of benefits to remain ahead of others.

Fasten Checkout Process

Checkout process plays a crucial role in any digital sales. A customer always wishes to be less bothered by the complex steps of online shopping. It is very important for you to know that they are not interested in logging in or filling out a complete form, registering or any other mode.

The aforementioned all steps are powerful in its nature. And this post will definitely help you in decreasing the bounce rates accompanied by increasing conversions.

Rooney Reeves works at one of the most prominent web, eCommerce and mobile app development companies in town. By churning out thousands of codes on the daily basis she has successfully gained an immense amount of expertise over it. Her laser-like focus on the latest technology trends acts as a key differentiator for numerous industry verticals.
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