7 Helpful Tips To Make A Killer Whiteboard Animation

7 Helpful Tips To Make A Killer Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard video animations is a unique and exciting type of the animations. It helps the dry content look interesting and attention-grabbing. This particular kind of animations is mostly used for creating the perfect marketing campaigns, as it helps to gain the consideration of the audience. If anyone is looking for the most responsive way of marketing their product, then whiteboard animations are the best way to start promoting your brand or the product.

Now, it is the responsibility of the whiteboard video animators to deliver the best quality animation videos to the clients, and for this, they have to be expert in making whiteboard animation videos. It is observed that many of the experts sometimes lack effectiveness and fail to succeed. There are a few important points that you need to keep in mind that will help you make the most outstanding whiteboard animation, and also reduce the chances of making blunders that might result in failure.

Tell The Story Through Your Drawings

Perfection will be achieved in the whiteboard animation videos if you combine the stories with a perfect visual to convey the message to anyone. The visual representation of the stories will help you get the attention of your audience, and they will take an interest in the product or brand, or whatever message you are trying to convey them.

Characters Must Be Created Accordingly

Characters in the stories must be created and designed in such a way that they illustrate the thought that they are somehow associated with the audience’s persona. Try telling the story with the help of characters that felt personal by the viewers; this will help in to gain the attention of the audience.

Do Not Get Off Track, And Follow The Tradition

For being a whiteboard video animator, it is mandatory for you to have all the relatable knowledge about the elementary things that must be present in all the whiteboard animation so that it will be easy to differentiate between the whiteboard animations from any other animations. There are three main elements that differ the whiteboard animations from different video animations, the white background, the continuous drawings in black, and the drawing hand, make sure you include these features in your whiteboard animation.

Adding A Few Colors

If you add a few colors in your video animation, it will help you to make an eye-catching video, but if you overload the whole video with too many colors, you will miss out the point of making the whiteboard animations. The most appropriate example is the ad for the beverage Red Bull. The entire advertisement is based on the whiteboard animation, but when you see the beverage can it is always colored with the brand colors, or as it is supposed to be. Make sure that you don’t add too many colors and just add a hint of any color that you are planning to include in your video.

Keep The Drawings Interconnected

In whiteboard video animation the images are always linked with each other. For example, if you are drawing an animated shark, then it must be linked with the image of the water and other sea animals. Similarly, with any other scenario, it is important that you connect your drawings with one another.

Deliver a Message With Clarity

Since you are representing a brand or company or telling any story, do not forget that your animation delivers the right idea and the message to the targeted audience. The moral and meaning behind the thought and visual must be clear to everyone.

Reread Your Script

In the end, do not forget to read your script out loud to assure that whether the story you had written is appropriate and make sense or not.
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