Easy Steps To Creating An Effective School Blog


The advent of internet technology has revolutionized many aspects of modern life. In education, new techniques and methodologies have made things easier for all stakeholders. Blogging is one of the offshoots of the growing internet revolution and it affects how people access information. In the school environment, blogging has slowly gained traction not just as a personal means of communication but an effective idea sharing tool.

If you are a school administrator, it is important to appreciate the impact a school blog can have on your community. This article highlights such benefits, also offers tips on creating an effective school blog and how a paper writing service can help in this regard. Read on. 

Why Your School Needs a Blog

Well, a blog might not be the first thing that comes to mind when creating a strategy for your school but maybe it should. A recent Pew Research Center survey shows 88% of 18-29 year-olds use any form of social media. A similar study by the U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) says 95% of children aged 3-18 years have access to a computer at home and 61% of these have internet access at home.

As a school administrator, it becomes obvious that if you need an interactive communication platform for your school, it has to be online. While you might have a functional school website, a blog allows you to communicate more informally. You can address more topics, allow feedback and give students a chance to share their opinion through the school blog.

You can use the school blog to gradually shape the philosophy of the school by posting insightful content. A school blog can also be used as an educational resource where students and their teachers can exchange ideas in different subjects. With time, your students will hone their writing skills to a point where they can apply for interesting freelance jobs.

In a 2018 Annual Survey by Edublogger, the main uses of blogs in schools include practicing reading and writing skills, doing assignments, reflective blogging, sharing experiences and sharing links to helpful resources.

School blogs also come in handy when you want to rally parents, students and all stakeholders to a particular course. This could be a fundraiser, community project or an upcoming event at the school. Of course, there are many other uses for a school blog depending on your specific circumstances but ultimately, it is a communication tool you cannot ignore

Step-By-Step Guide To Build A School Blog

The internet platform offers multiple free tools to help you set a blog and most schools rush to use these without solid planning. For your school blog to work, don’t rush into setting up the platform but instead, do some due diligence to build a solid foundation for your blog. This will make a huge difference when the blog is up and running. Here are crucial steps you must follow to create an effective school blog:

Identify And Define Your Audience

This is the most crucial step when creating any blog. It is important to appreciate that without a large and active following, your blog is as good as dead. To attract readers, you have to start by defining who you want to target to create content that they will love. To do this, create several personas to describe and define your ideal visitor.

Such a visitor could be a student at your school; students from other schools, parents, prospective students, faculty members, school workers among others. Once you know your target audience, it is easy to create a successful blog because the content will always be relevant for the target visitors. You will always write with these personas in mind which will attract traffic to your school blog.

Establish The School Blog Mission
Building a school blog is a huge undertaking and for this reason, you need to have a mission to guide you always. It is all good to create a school blog now that all your students are online but to what end? If you start a blog without any mission, it is likely the project will fail midways. Many educational institutions have beautiful blogs which are however inactive because they started with no mission.

Ask yourself what you want to achieve with the school blog. At this point, it is important to brainstorm and get ideas from students and teachers. The best idea would be to form a school blog committee to guide you through the process. Write down the objectives for your school blog and craft a mission statement to guide you.

Some credible objectives of a school blog would include educating potential students and parents on the strengths of your school, gathering feedback from the school community, sharing important news to the community among others. Make sure you post the blog’s mission where all visitors can easily read it.

Brainstorm On The Blog Post Ideas

Before setting out on building the actual platform, ask for blog post ideas from your planning committee. It might be an exciting undertaking in the planning phase but you will find it hard to sell with the school management if there are no ready blog posts. You have to come up with credible blog posts to validate the idea of the blog or else the management will kill the blog before it even starts.

Get Down To the Blog Creation Technicalities

Now that you have an idea about what your blog is about, it is time to get down to work. Some of the things you have to do include:

  • Choose your blogging platform and domain: WordPress is the easiest blog hosting platform and you can choose a reliable hosting company to implement your blog idea at a good price
  • Use a simple theme to design your blog: Don’t make your blog complicated because it will turn off readers and instead go for a simple easy to navigate theme.
  • Customize your blog theme: Tweak the blog theme to suit your school personality. 
  • Select the best plugins for your blog: Research on the plugins you need and install them to optimize your blog.
  • Use responsive design: This ensures anyone using an internet device can read and share your posts. 

Start Writing Compelling Content

Now that you have your blog up and running, it is time for the real work to begin. Start by welcoming the school community to your blog, state the blog’s mission, welcome feedback and emphasize the importance of the blog for everyone.

Your blog posts should be shareable and this you can achieve by creating easy-to-read content, compelling and relevant content and use of visuals. Create a distinct voice for your blog posts to easily connect with readers. To maintain your blog easily, make sure you design a content creation process which includes the writer, frequency of posts and type of content.

As your school blog grows and students start sharing ideas, you will create a competent pool of experts who can apply for writer at home jobs. Your school blog is thus not only a communication tool but it also unlocks the potential for the students.
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