How To Make Content And Illustrations Work Hand In Hand

How to Make Content and Illustrations Work Hand in Hand

The entire process of writing a book is far more detailed than anyone can imagine. It is dependent on many elements and if you overlook any of those elements then it will ruin the entire essence of your book. It is true that a book needs to be simple yet creative but overuse of both these factors can lead to many adversities. While simplicity might be one of the factors that you need to consider, in this article we will guide you with all the essentials you need to know for writing a book that can yield great results for you.

It takes a lot to write a book that simply sticks out and you have to take care of many factors for that reason. Here are the core points you should know to make great written and visual content for books:

Finding Your Target Audience

Books are meant to cater to a specific audience. A book for children would not be preferred by adults and vice versa. However, many new writers write content that deviates from its actual scope and what happens when they do not know their target audience well. Before you even think of the topic for your book, analyze if the demographics of your audience would enjoy reading it or not. 

Writing the content before knowing your target audience better can open many loopholes for you and it becomes hard to overcome them later on. If you are writing a children’s book then you have to be more intricate about what you write, as children are meticulous when it comes to books.

Find A Publishing Medium

Once you know who your target audience is, the second most essential step is to find a book publisher. Oftentimes, you have written a book but you do not know who to go to for publishing purposes. You do not have to submit your book’s draft to a publisher instead you can compile a brief overview of what you intend to write and forward it to your desired publisher. If there is any recommendation from the publisher’s end then make sure to acknowledge it as ti can lead to unforeseen issues later.

Work With An illustrator

If you manage to write a book that is both interesting and keeps the reader engaged then it means you have written a successful book. Children, teens, and adults belong to 3 different kinds of demographics and you cannot say that the content written for them is in anyway similar. While adults do not like to have illustrations alongside the content but children do. Young teens tend to prefer comics, which are entirely different from books or picture books. 

However, illustrations play an important part in the readability levels of the book. Since children’s books make use of illustrations more than any other sort of book does, writers look for children’s book illustrators for hire and collaborate with professional illustrators to bring a visual appeal to their books.

Come Up With An Interesting Story

Preparation of a brief draft before you write the actual story is a feasible approach since it lets you avoid any future shortcomings. If you chose to work with an illustrator then you can take the content and illustration design creation side by side. 

You can acquire illustrations for your content and if there is anything that needs to be changed, then it could be changed without having to redo everything all over again. It might look like a time-consuming stage but it is extremely necessary to do so. When carefully curate the content and look into every intricate detail you can think of that is when you are able to devise a story that is both distinctive and interesting.

Give The Story Meaning

The story of a book can have a topic that has been used before but it should provide the reader with a flair for creativity. Children, in general, need to learn new things often so you have to make it meaningful for them. If the concept were too vague for them then young readers would never read such a book. 

Encourage yourself to use new vocabulary and bring in new ideas to make your story stand out. Young children do not only want to read about educational topics instead they would least prefer it. Be concise, be clear and make the story consequential for your reader.

Artwork and Style

You always the option to use copyright free images for your book or you can get illustrations created from professional illustrators. However, it is recommended to let an illustrator design the illustrations for you instead of going for free stock photos. You can write the content and at the same time get the relevant illustrations created for what you write. 

It is better to do this if you are writing a children’s book. You can make changes as you please and the possibility of making any changes in the future would not arise. You just have to research and then decide the art form you want for your book. It could be abstract or conceptual as it entirely depends upon you.


Passion for writing alone does not make the process of writing a book easier. Knowing your audience, artwork selection and a story that simply sticks out are the essential steps you need to take care of before writing any sort of book. Thinking of a topic for your story and then writing it right away is not how a book is written professionally. 

Paying attention to detail and not forgetting any intricate point displays the amount of hard work that is put into writing something. The book you have written could bring a positive impact on the reader and entirely change the idea of how a book is supposed to be like.

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