Best Child Safety Apps for Android/iOS

Best Child Safety Apps for Android/iOS

Our kids are precious to use and it is our duty and responsibility to guide and protect them. As much as technology has helped us improve our lives, it can also harm us if used in the wrong way. A good example is our smartphones. These gadgets have helped us improve our lives using apps. But the same smartphone can be used to access corrupted information from the Internet. Our kids are most susceptive to this information especially now that anyone can own and operate a smartphone.

It is for this reason that it’s necessary to control what they can access on their phones to protect them. Fortunately, the same technology provides apps to help users do that. There are different kinds of child safety apps for Android mobile development. These child safety apps can track usage, location and block other apps that are not helpful to them. Before we look into these apps, I will have you know that the latest devices have inbuilt child safety settings and you may not need to add third-party software to help you with that. We have Google’s Family Link for Android users, Amazon’s parental controls, and Apple offers some parental controls to iPhone users. If you feel like these are not enough, here is a list of popular Android apps for child safety.


FamilyTime is a child control app for both iOS and Android users that do everything. The app allows parents to customize precisely what content kids have access to. You can also set time limits, track location, and more using FamilyTime. It has awesome tools for setting homework time, bedtime or limit the time your kids spend on their gadgets. This app also has an option for geofencing where it sends you notifications whenever the user enters or leaves a specific area. You can also track the location to see where your kids are. 

Additionally, the app allows you to block or control other apps on an app-by-app basis, or apply internet filters. Texts and calls are also monitored while keeping an eye on the contact list. The free version has limited features, and if you want to access all the features you can settle for a premium version which costs $27 per year for one device, or $69 per year for five devices.


This is one of the best safety apps for android and is also available for iOS, Kindle, and Nook users. It is user-friendly software for parents who are pressed for time. The dashboard is efficient and excellent showing parents all recent mobile activities for all connected devices. You can also monitor and track the time spent on Internet services or social networks. 

From the dashboard, you can set time limits, filter sites and track texts. Qustodio also allows parents to block any game or app and with its numerous customization options, users can manage devices for kids of multiple ages. Its price is a bit on the higher end, parents paying $55 annually for the five-device. However, you can opt for the free version with limited access and supports a single device.

ESET Parental Control

This is a decent child safety app but it’s only available for Android users. If you opt for the free version you can only access app blocking, time limits on games, and basic reporting. On premium, you will get website blocking, location tracking, detailed reports, and parental messaging. Their unique parental message feature idea is a clever one, allowing send a message that requires your child to respond to something to continue using their devices. There is a 30-day free trial and if you find it impressive, you can part with $30 per year, per device.

Web Watcher

Web Watcher is the sorted child safety app for keeping tabs on your child’s text messaging, deleted texts included, photos, call log, web browsing, and location. Parents can also delve into their activity on certain apps, including Tinder, WhatsApp, Kik, and Viber. There are options to set time limits and capture screenshots on your kid’s phone. The app has to be installed outside the official app store, select since its technical spyware. The downside of this app is that you will need to give it some serious permissions some of which are quite invasive. You will need to give it some thought before settling for it as a child control app. If that isn’t enough, the price is also over the root going for $130 per year per device.

Norton Family Premier

You can count on this app since it comes from Norton which is a popular brand in the antivirus software field. Norton Family Premier is an app for monitoring and restricting your child’s online activities. The software has several awesome features presented on an intuitive interface. Its notable features include robust web supervision for block sites entirely or keep a log of visited sites. It also has an option to issue warnings for sites that you may not want to ban. These may not be harmful sites, but quite addictive. 

You don’t want your kids half of their teenage lives on unproductive apps. You can also set the device to shut down after a given period, set certain limits on sites, or block other apps. However, there are complaints from users that the app doesn’t deliver as expected especially on other platforms besides Android. If you feel like it’s your desired app, you have to part with $50 per year. The good thing is that it doesn’t set limits on the number of devices used.

Net Nanny

This is a feature-filled child safety app perfect for both iOS and Android devices. It allows parents and guardians to track location, block apps, set time limits and gives you a real-time feed of your child’s activity. One of its best features is the web filter that allows you to remove pornography, weapons, drugs, suicide-related, and other harmful sites that may damage your child’s moral behavior. The app doesn’t have call or text snooping features. Although it allows you to see when your kids are using them and you can review their web searches. If this is not good enough for you, you settle for a 20-device pass at $90 per year.

Final Thoughts

To help you kids develop self-control and discipline, these child safety apps are very necessary. This is to protect their interests as they grow up. The apps have also helped many parents who are ever busy to monitor their kids' behavior online. All the mentioned apps are reliable. However, you need to be careful when giving out permissions as some of them may be invasive.

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