Your WiFi Router has Superpower you Didn’t Know

Your WiFi Router has Superpower you Didn’t Know

“WiFi router is a great bond builder by bringing things together” The WiFi router does the toughest thing of bringing devices together and succeeds significantly in doing it by helping us connect all of our tools to it and according to this tutorial you can easily form a stable and secure network and connect your gadgets. It proves itself in providing high –speed internet connectivity with good quality and signal strength. There is no wrong and hesitation in calling it a “Superhero.” The below shows even more roles of it and stands as a justification for its superpowers.

The Superhero is Superfast

With the help of the superfast WiFi router, it is possible to connect your laptop or your TV to the WiFi router. When the internet buffers, almost most of us have no patience to even wait for a minute. The thing with the superpower “WiFi superman” makes it all. The WiFi router eliminates the need for all of us to wait for even a minute.

Streaming videos with a quality of 4k online becomes much more accessible than downloading bigger files with mp4 format. Downloading books, games, movies –all this becomes a matter of a minute.

WiFi Shares the Bond

The WiFi router ensures that we stay in touch with it always. Right from playing songs for birthday parties to sharing and printing documents for your official use becomes simple with this. This superhero helps us manage the enjoyments until our business deals. It dramatically eliminates the need for using Shareit, Xender, worn-out Bluetooth, and other sharing options.

Wi-Fi-A Smart Superpower

The superhero again turns out to be smarter by helping our home appliances become smart. Home automation using WiFi is not at all a thing for every home with WiFi. Owing to your fatigue and stressful daily work, This automation is almost the one that is needed. In the fast-growing world,

Humans are patientless.from setting reminders for important occasions to keeping alarms to resume your daily routine becomes a matter of the touch with the help of this superhero.

WiFi as a Security Guard

Although this Superpower of this superhero is not visible to most of us, alerting you in case of a security threat is his original work. Connecting CCTV to your WiFi helps in informing you in the instance of a security breach at your place. In case you miss the alert on your phone, the superhero doesn’t make a second delay in alerting you on all your connected devices.

Wi-Fi A Matter of Research

Despite the automation and other technologies that are being invented using WiFi, researchers have found out ways to count the number of people in a place since the WiFi uses electromagnetic radiations. Using these properties of electromagnetic emissions, there may be many other research works and technologies invented with this superhero. Optical WiFi is yet to come.

Thus internet connectivity would soon add up to the basic requirements of human life such as food, clothing, and shelter, and there raises no doubt that the WiFi router would become indispensable to human life. Despite calling it “The superhero,” we will soon have to treat this as a family member, a friend, and why not, a Personal Assistant too.

The superhero spells all his magical powers in our daily life and makes everything possible just by staying connected to him. This superhero, with his supernatural powers, could soon control the world.
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