8 Ways to Make Money Using a Blog

8 Ways to Make Money Using a Blog

Money might not be everything in life, but when it comes right down to the basics, money is something very important. While it might not directly bring happiness into your life, it can certainly help you to have more control and achieve your life’s goals. In today’s world, every person is in a race to earn more money. Anywhere you look, you are going to find hopeful people trying to establish a startup to make money.

The world has changed quite a lot from what it used to be. Instead of going for traditional business ideas, people are opting for unchartered territories that the internet has illuminated for us. The internet has enabled a lot of people to make money from their homes through online websites and blogs that they can run without needing any staff or investment.

Blogging has turned out to be such a popular thing because it doesn’t matter who you are or what you do; anyone in the world can do it while making serious money at it. Not only is blogging considered to be a hobby, but it is also good for SEO, which is something every online business is on the lookout for. If you are running an online marketplace and on the hunt for the best monthly SEO packages for your business, you should make sure that it includes blogging as its core element.

Where most people regard blogging as a side hobby, you should consider investing your time in it full-time as you can turn it into your career. A lot of famous bloggers make huge amounts of money through their blogs. In this article, I am going to highlight eight ways you can use your blog to your advantage and turn it into a money-making machine. So, without further ado, let’s get down to real business.

Promote an Affiliate Product

The very first thing and the most profitable way to earn money through an online blog is with the help of affiliate marketing. If you run a blog and you have not heard of this term, you are missing out on a lot of easy money. Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing when you recommend a product or service through your blog to your audience using a special referral link. Every time someone buys that product or service by clicking on your link, you get a commission for the sale.

The best way to make the most out of affiliate marketing is to find a product or service that goes in line with what your blog is about, as it will be much easier for you to convince your audience to buy that thing. You can find a lot of affiliate programs and products to promote from Amazon, Commission Junction, and ShareASale as they pay a handsome amount of commissions.

Offer Services through It

Another good way to turn your online blog into something real is by selling services that are directly related to your blog. For example, if you are running a food blog, you can offer catering service in your local area and promote it through your blog as your audience will love to buy from you. However, if you want to make decent cash out of it, the first thing you will have to do is to make sure that you have a good reputation in your niche.

You can also offer an online service if you are having trouble with investment. You can just create a “hire me” page on your blog and start looking for a client. A lot of people advertise freelance services through their blogs as it is a good way to attract a lot of people. You can also start a consulting business if you think that a lot of people listen to what you have to say.

Go for Sponsored Posts

The best thing about blogging is that once you become a trustable source in your niche, you will no longer have to look for opportunities yourself as they will come running to you. If you feel like you are not making a lot of money through your blog and you have built enough reputation, you can start posting sponsored posts as they will earn you quite a lot of cash.

Once you build up your blog, you will receive multiple requests to post sponsored content on your page. However, you have to be careful when doing it as no one likes reading or going through useless stuff. Make sure that the posts you go for are actually related to your business so that your audience doesn’t feel out of place and make them interesting so that not only do they earn you money but also good content.

Use Google AdSense

If you are into blogging, you might have already heard about Google AdSense, and if you have, you might already know that it is a blogger’s best friend. However, on the off chance that you have a blog and you don’t know about AdSense, let me turn the world into your favor. The easiest way to make money through a blog is through Google AdSense.

All you need to do is to add it to your blog so that it starts displaying ads. However, before you do that, you should make sure that you have a good amount of regular visitors so that they don’t feel annoyed. Every time someone clicks on the ad, you get paid for it. All in all, it is easy money as long as you have a stable amount of daily visitors to your blog.

Sell Ads Directly

Another way to make money through a blog is to sell ads directly on the website. While Google AdSense is a great tool to have in your arsenal, the amount of money you make through it is dependent on the people clicking on the ad. So, the money you earn through a Google AdSense campaign is going to vary year from year.

A good way to make sure that you have a stable income through ads on your blog is to sell direct ads on it. Instead of relying on Google, you can strike a deal with other businesses and advertise their products and services on your platform for a price that you yourself negotiate. So, it doesn’t matter if people click on the ad or not; you will get paid for putting it up on your blog.

Sell Sponsored Posts

The main reason people create blogs these days is to earn money through it. If you don’t know how to monetize your blog, you are really at a loss. Displaying ads on your blog can earn you a lot of money, but it can also backfire if you are not doing it without a plan. A lot of bloggers don’t go for ads as they don’t want their audience to feel annoyed.

If you are one of those bloggers who consider ads to be a nuisance, you can go for sponsorship for your blogs as it is a great alternate way to earn money. A sponsored post works just like a sponsored product does in a sports match as the company or the business is going to pay you to talk about their products and services or straight up publish their content on your blog.

Write Reviews for Businesses

A very interesting and lucrative line of work you can follow as a blogger is to write positive reviews for businesses and get paid for it. In a world where everyone buys products online, reviews matter a lot, and companies send a huge amount of money to make sure that people have good things to say about their products and services.

You can approach different companies related to your niche on your own and negotiate a price with them to write reviews about them. As long as you have a good online following and you know how to strike a deal, you can make a lot of money by getting in touch with businesses that may be interested in getting reviews for their products.

Become an Influencer

You might have heard about the term influencer as it is being caught on quite rapidly. With social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter making huge waves in the business sector, the demand for influencers is so much that companies pay huge amounts of money just to attach a popular face behind their brand. If you have already established yourself in a niche, you can become an influencer in it and make people try out different products just because you use them.

You can make social media pages to make sure that you have a good following on each platform so that the chance of you connecting with a greater audience increases exponentially. You can then use these platforms to sell your own merchandise and ultimately launch your own product, as you will already have a huge following. Just by starting out in blogging, you can easily open up a whole business if you know what you are doing.
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