Advantages and Disadvantages of Windows VPS Hosting

Advantages and disadvantages of Windows VPS hosting

VPS or virtual private server hosting is expanding its reach day by day. A large physical server is divided into several virtual servers in VPS hosting.

Every virtual server also has its dedicated CPU, RAM, and HDD space.

Each virtual server can run the private environment of its counterparts independently.

So the performance of one website remains unaffected by other websites on the same physical server.

VPS can allow you to organize your environment as per your business need.

VPS hosting can combine the benefit of shared hosting and Dedicated hosting, and it is becoming a very sought-after option these days.

Depending on the operating systems your server uses, VPS hosting can be two-way: Linux VPS hosting and Windows VPS hosting.

According to the available hosting services in the market, it is difficult to choose reliable and cheap Windows VsafPS hosting.

To choose the right Windows VPS hosting, you have a complete understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of Windows VPS hosting.

Advantages of Windows VPS Hosting

More than 77% of laptops and desktop computers are run on windows. So for many of you, the sight of a familiar graphic interface will be more than welcome when you start operating the server.

It benefits those who do not feel comfortable working with the command-line interface.

Batter Security

In shared hosting, if any website of your server is infected with malware and becomes a victim of security breaches, it can affect your health as well.

In contrast, cheap Windows VPS hosting has a private environment for each virtual server.

As a result, the data on the server stays in other users’ sandboxes, making it difficult to spread the infection among users.

For example, Accuweb hosting offers a Windows VPS hosting plan with extra remote backup and firewall services. Security requirements are taken care of to ensure this.

There is no Sharing of Resource

The biggest downside of shared hosting is that multiple websites can use the same resources.

So, if there is a sudden increase in traffic to the website on your shared server, you will not get the resources to work.

As a result, it may take longer to load.so, your visitors get a bad experience with your site.

In return, it can increase your site’s bounce rate, and after a long time, it will decrease your income.

The slow-loading website can also reflect the bad image of your enterprise.

On cheap Windows VPS hosting, your resources can not be disposed of by other websites hosted on your physical server.

The network in the environment is hosted on a virtual server, your website runs without interruption, providing an excellent user experience for your visitors.

Budget-friendly Solution

Your website draws more traffic and may need to be upgraded when your business venture expands.

When your website has grown, upgrading your shared hosting plan can be a poor decision.

But then you don’t want to spend and host your website on a dedicated server. Your website doesn’t need just one.

A cheap Windows VPS hosting plan is perfect for those websites that are expanding.

Many Web hosting company offers cheap Windows VPS hosting plans. In addition, they provide different types of plans for small, medium, and large businesses.

Ease of Use

Windows-based servers are considered user-friendly for business owners with less technical knowledge.

Windows VPS comes with a graphical user interface and is well suited for beginners.

Convenient to manage the interface and controls used to manage, publish and modify website content.

Good Control Over a Site

You gain more control over your website because the virtual private server is independent of other tenants.

VPS hosting allows you to access all the available files and resources. With cheap Windows VPS hosting, you may have a server tailored to your needs.

You can also install additional software when needed. As a result, you can try advanced levels of coding with extreme ease.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Windows VPS Hosting

Disadvantages of Windows VPS Hosting

There are also some disadvantages of Windows VPS hosting:
Other users can affect your site:

In some VPS hosting services, resources are not allocated properly, and this can be a problem if a particular website uses its resources at a peak level.

The VPS host may have split server space among many users, banking on the possibility that they will not use the entire bandwidth.

But if they do, another website on the server physical server may be affected.

Less Robust than Dedicated Server

Windows VPS hosting plan may be perfect for a website that draws moderate traffic.

But if you own a large web portal that runs mostly resource-hungry applications and involves sending hundreds of emails every day, a dedicated server would be a better choice.

Requires a Technical Expertise

Compared to dedicated hosting, Windows VPS hosting requires less technical skills. However, you still need to have some technical knowledge to manage the server well.

There are some more Disadvantages

Stability is not guaranteed for a server running Unix on the Windows platform. There are some downtime problems as well as problems regularly.

The Windows server runs slower than the Unix server in terms of performance. Therefore, if your website needs fast loading time, it is unsuitable.

More resources are needed if the Windows server is to be used. It will also require extra disk space, RAM, and bandwidth, increasing your costs.

The tendency to reboot more often can lead to unwanted downtime for your website.

Compatibility issues if you use a PEARL or CGI application on your website.

Windows is not a free operating platform, so Windows server hosting will cost more. In addition, there are limited free apps that can run on Windows servers.


As your business expands, you may need to rethink your hosting need. A Windows VPS hosting plan can be a budget-friendly solution with many great benefits.

Windows VPS offers better control over your website in addition to a higher level of security and safety.

In addition, it provides a private environment that allows you to make special use of resources.

Due to its graphic user interface, it is quite easy to manage. On the downside, VPS is less robust than a dedicated server and requires some technical knowledge.

Lucifer is a copywriter with a keen eye for detail and a fascination for information technology that dates back to his childhood. He has covered and analyzed various subjects and topics during his content writing career.

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