10 Best Writing Tutorials Online

List of Best Writing Tutorials Online

Since time immemorial, words have had a great impact on peoples' lives. They have inspired and brought about change all over the world. Great orators like former President Barack Obama have touched millions of people lives’ through their speeches.

Most world leaders have speech writers at their disposal that have perfected the art of writing. Writing great speeches requires skills. Nobody is born with good writing skills. It usually takes the time to get acquainted with proper writing skills.

You are an aspiring writer. Your objective is to one day become a renowned writer, but your skill set is limited. How do you improve your writing skills? Where do you start from? How will you differentiate between which resources are suitable and which ones aren't? Are you supposed to join some forum or pay some membership fees?

Don't worry. These are some of the questions rookie writers tend to ask. It is with this in mind that we have come up with ten online writing tutorials that will help you become a great writer.

1. Dailywritingtips.com

Best Beginners Writing Tutorials

What is the most fundamental thing for any writer, whether an aspiring one or an experienced one? To write! Writing is the most important aspect. Every day, we as writers should strive to write something. At times, you can churn out a post or even an article. However, there are some days when your brain is rich in ideas, while sometimes, you might be devoid of ideas.

However, worry not. This site provides several tips on how to improve your writing skills. Maybe at one point in time, while writing, you don't use proper grammar. This site will be of great assistance. All you need is practice. We urge you to give this site a try. It will be of great help.

2. Makealivingwriting.com

This website has a 10-week eCourse known as Marketing 101 for Freelance Writers. There is a lot of useful information for freelance writers. After submitting your email address, the eCourse will be available to you. This course will teach you how to market yourself out there. In addition to that, you will be able to acquire knowledge on which markets are the best for different kinds of writers. You will also get several tips on how to increase your income from writing.

3. Awaionline.com

Awesome Writing Tutorials for Beginners

The American Writers and Artists Inc. is regarded as one of the best resources for freelance writers out there. When you become a member, you will have access to a whole lot of original and beneficial articles. Their abundance of information is endless. One of the most common and helpful programs is the Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting. You can utilize the test drive to find out if the full program will be of great assistance to your freelance career. The course can be found online and contains useful audio files, testimonials, and various exercises on the important principles you need to succeed at.

4. Allindiewriters.com

On this site, you will come across How to Write an eBook in Just 14 Days by Jennifer Mattern. She will guide and teach you how to write your unique eBook and subsequently release it in just 14 days. This guide's layout is very well articulated. It first helps you identify the most suitable subject, its length, and if writing an eBook is indeed the right thing for you to do. In addition to this, you will find an easy-to-follow plan for writing and releasing an eBook in the stipulated amount of time.

5. Udemy.com

This is a very useful online resource for any aspiring writer out there. It is mostly helpful to freelance writers because of a few courses they offer. There is a short video course created by Rick Roberts called Learn the Internet’s Oldest Profession – Cash for Content. Furthermore, there’s a tutorial which gives an introduction and overview of the freelance business model.

This site is an awesome place to visit as it can assist you to develop a better understanding of where you are as a writer and what is the most suitable starting point for your business.

Another course you can find here is known as Skool of Creativity. It advocates for creativity in writing as it is vital to our success as writers. In this course, one Simon Jack tries to assist you in unleashing the creative ideas you don’t even know you have.

6. Readability-Score.com

The readability factor is very crucial when writing about a complex topic or a simple one. If you try to search for any article that interests you online, you will eventually be able to find a quality one that’s easy to follow and will make you want to continue reading.

However, if it is of poor quality, it will be boring and will fail to capture your attention as a reader.

The use of massive phrases may make your writing look unprofessional and readers may avoid it altogether.

Readability-score is, therefore, a useful site that can assist you in making your writing style clearer and more appealing to a reader.

7. Day! – The Best Story of Mine

Practice is the most important thing that will help improve your English writing skills. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. It doesn't matter how many grammar rules you internalize. If you do not practice, you won't become a successful writer. It's as simple as that.

Luckily this app is there to assist with practice. You will be able to practice your writing skills on a daily basis. The app can also save important notes that you can revisit later. Moreover, you can personalize the titles and background, thus adding a fun aspect to your writing practice. This will eventually encourage you to write frequently.

8. Engvid.com – Free Online Video Lessons

We recommend this site especially for those who wish to expand their knowledge through online video classes. These videos deal with several topics related to writing skills, for example, grammar, punctuation, essay patterns, and letter writing. Everyone visiting the site will be able to find something that will be of assistance to them as there’s enough content to choose from.

Always remember to make notes while watching the videos as they will come in handy.

9. Grammarly.com

This is one of the best sites to use if you want to double-check what you’ve written. It can also summarize the common mistakes that you might have made while writing. Furthermore, Grammarly can also be used to check for plagiarism.

It can also help you to broaden your vocabulary range. You can use Grammarly to check any writing, be it job applications, reports, or academic papers.

10. Onlineslangdictionary.com

Whenever you are in an English speaking country and come across slang words that you don't comprehend, just type them in this online slang dictionary, and you'll be able to get their meaning.

Everyday speech amongst native speakers usually contains slang words, so learning them might be of use to you. You can even end up using them in a conversation.

However, you must be careful when using these slang words because they might be inappropriate in some settings. You must know their meaning. In our opinion, these words should only be used in informal settings, not formal ones like academic papers and formal letters. The online slang dictionary was created in 1996 and contains hundreds of words!


In summary, the above are just but some of the best writing tutorials that can be found online. They can be a useful addition to your daily routine. If you want to improve your English, you need to work extra hard and use your time effectively.

We recommend that you choose tools and apps that are suitable for you and will help you improve your skills in several areas like spelling, grammar, and vocabulary. With all these apps and websites at your disposal, nothing should stop you from becoming the best-skilled writer there is!

Apart from the above mentioned online tutorials, are there others you know that can assist in improving writing skills?

Lori Wade is a freelance content writer for Thriving Writer who is interested in a wide range of spheres from education and online marketing to entrepreneurship. She is also an aspiring tutor striving to bring education to another level like we all do. Lori is used to handling many writing orders at the same time and as she likes sharing her ideas and experience, she decided to write a great article for you to show how multiple tasks should be dealt with. If you are interested in writing, you can find her on Twitter or Google+ or find her in other social media. Read and take over Lori’s useful insights!
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