10 Trending Learning Apps Your Kids Will Love

10 Future-Ready Learning Apps for Kids

How often have you had a hard time getting your kids to go over subtraction lessons from the week before? If revising adjectives with them every evening is not your thing, then this blog carries good news. Luckily, academic help companies out there are doing some pretty good brainstorming. They have come up with quite exciting solutions to the study and homework battles that go unnoticed at your home.

Thanks to them, your kids can now play AND learn at the same time. Check out this post for 10 splendid apps that make education super-fun for your kids.
10 fun learning apps that will be a hit with your kids

1. YouTube Kids

This app offers video content made especially for children. It packs in the entertainment element along with learning values for kids. Since most kids these days prefer watching videos over reading their lessons, it would be an excellent way to acquaint them with the lessons in the form of videos.

YouTube Kids has plenty of kid-friendly channels your children can subscribe to. From writing help to assisting with maths, you will find it all on YouTube Kids. The videos posted on YouTube Kids focus on the learning factor while keeping the fun element intact. So, your kids are sure to have a superb time watching videos that tell them all about fossils, adverbs and circles, for instance.

Price: Free

2. ClassDojo

One of the finest virtual learning apps out there, ClassDojo goes out of its way to make learning a fun activity for kids. If you have kids in kindergarten or pre-school, getting ClassDojo can save you countless hours on the phone with other parents trying to make sense of the day’s lessons. ClassDojo offers an interactive portal for students, parents AND teachers. You can get in touch with them any time you want through this app.

It lets parents keep track of their kids’ progress in class. It also lets teachers share lesson plans, quiz schedules, and general classroom feedback with the students and their parents. It enables kids to reach out to their teachers for concerns regarding certain subjects or concepts they find tricky. ClassDojo is an interactive and educational portal all rolled into one.

Price: Free (contains in-app purchases)

3. Google Classroom

Google Classroom aims at breaking the conventional barriers of education by bringing the classroom experience to a virtual plane. Along with interactive systems for students, parents and teachers, Google’s visionary approach to education also lets your kids upload their homework and worksheets for review.

Teachers can add real-time comments and corrections to the worksheets. Interacting with them outside of the classroom over this virtual education app will help your kids shed their inhibitions and learn with a freer mind. Google Classroom is a hit with schools that use this brilliant web logistics from Google to manage and schedule their lessons effectively.

Price: Free

4. DragonBox

The DragonBox series has a set of educational games for kids. From algebra to geometry, it covers a variety of subjects and topics. Since teaching algebra to kids might get difficult, DragonBox aims at making the process so much fun that they have no problem grasping abstractions. It teaches the fundamentals of each subject using interactive quizzes and games that keep the kids interested long enough to learn effectively.

Leading assignment help websites swear by the DragonBox series for it helps them conduct live tutorial sessions. The series does not have in-app purchases but requires you to make the payment up-front at the time of installation. Maths can become super fun using the DragonBox series, especially if you have a kid who’s prone to throwing tantrums over numbers.

Price: $6.99 onwards

5. Cram.com Flashcards

As the name suggests, this app is an innovative take on flashcards. You can create flashcards for quizzes and study for any subject using the fun features of this app. Let your kids have a gala time trying to figure out how to create interactive flashcards on this app. They can make use of the 75 million existing flashcards or create their own collection.

You can also store your flashcards in the folders provided by the app. Each folder can keep up to 100 flashcards. The app is available in both online and offline modes. Your kids are sure to love the fun designs and customisation features that help them study with ease.

Price: Free

6. Khan Academy Kids

The much popular learning app’s kiddie version deserves kudos as well. The Khan Academy has got a reputation for its commitment to education. The same is reflected in the kid’s version of their learning app as well. The design is eye-catchy, which will definitely make your kids want to explore the app further.

It contains course materials and fun lessons on basic mathematics, language and science. On top of that, it also has worksheets, exercises, quizzes and challenges that improve your kids’ critical thinking abilities and develop their motor skills. A bunch of friendly animations (in the forms of animals) takes your kids around the whole app. They can have fun while learning all about basic language, maths and science lessons.

Price: Free

7. Duolingo

As they say, being multilingual has benefits more than one. If you want your kids to explore the full potential of their linguistic abilities, then Duolingo is just the app for you. The friendly Duolingo owl keeps track of your kids’ progress on a language, providing lessons and worksheets that match their levels of difficulty. Duolingo is the perfect language-learning app that supports scores of languages including Spanish, French, Dutch, German, Korean, Danish, Italian, English, and a lot more.

Since the app is free and very easy to use, kids will have no problem navigating through its menu, fun games and quizzes. You can watch your kids’ foreign language vocabulary grow in leaps and bounds using this fun and resourceful language-learning app.

Price: Free (contains in-app purchases)

8. Pocket Code

Coding is gradually becoming one of the indispensable skills new-age kids must have. You can introduce them to coding lessons from as early as 7. Most kids with a keen mind for logical reasoning and mathematics would love to code. And once they fall in love with it, there simply will be no looking back.

Do you remember the first time your parents gave you a colouring book that drew out the budding mandala artist in you? It’s time to do the same for your kids. Introduce them to Pocket Code when they are ready. It teaches them all they need to know about the basics of programming, the importance of the right codes and acquaints them with basic programming logic. The fun coding assignments on the app will assist your kids in learning an essential skill, while having loads of fun.

Price: Free

9. Science360 Radio

The National Science Foundation has introduced Science360 Radio for all those budding minds who want their fair share of all things science. One of the most enlightening of podcasts you can find on the web, Science360 Radio is all kinds of awesome. The only bummer is that it is designed for tablets. If you have a spare one lying around at home, your kids can have a really good time with it.

The National Science Foundation keeps a close watch on the content shared through Science360 Radio, and it is updated every week. So, your kids can get the latest news and discussions in science and technology through this fun podcast. They can view images using the 360-degree view, and explore news and videos specially curated for them.

Price: Free

10. Quick Maths Challenge

Another app that helps your kids get over the drudgery of mathematics problems is the Quick Maths Challenge. It aims at honing the math skills of kids from standards 2 to 6. Dealing with the most basic of mathematical concepts, the app aims to fortify the learning foundation for kids regarding numerical concepts.

Quick Maths Challenge can develop their cognitive abilities with particular regard to numerical, problem-solving and analytical areas. Fun and games on this app will help your kids shed their academic fears.

Price: Free

Parting words

You can finally do away with the constant whining over studies with the help of these 10 ingenious apps that make learning a fun activity for children. Teach your kids the way around the apps and you will unlock a future filled with promising opportunities. It is time to have fun while you learn. Good luck with your future digital adventures.

Henry Howkins, an Adelaide-based software developer, is associated with MyAssignmenthelp.com as a custom subject matter expert. When not providing assignment help to his international clientele, he enjoys penning insightful blogs on technology. He is a passionate foodie and often cooks up a storm at the weekend barbecue parties.
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