10 Best Android Literacy Games for Kids

List of Best Android Literacy Games for Kids
In this era of modernization and technological advancement, this aspect needs to be taken into consideration that younger generations are more technology conscious than older generation. This is due to the reason that everything is becoming digital and innovative, therefore; young generations including children are much more fascinated and influenced by recent technological advancements. The impacts or consequences of personal mobile devices on the minds of young children are very crucial; the reason is obvious as children are happily using all these tech devices.

This scenario has literally disturbed parents in such a manner that they are unable to keep their smartphones and other personal devices away from the reach of their children. Considering these attributes, there have been different kinds of educational games developed in order to improve the learning or education of the kids. Therefore, parents could use and enjoy several advantages of all these literacy games so that the right content should be reached to children and they could learn something beneficial in a funny manner.

The most effective and influential android literacy games for kids are discussed and mentioned as follows:

1. Medieval Math Battle Pro

This interesting android game has been specifically designed for the purpose of improving the learning capabilities of kids. Through this game app, kids could solve various math problems in an interesting way. In this game, there are various types of characters such as battling monsters, troll, goblin, and slaying dragons.

In this game, kids have to fight with all these above characters and it gets tougher on clearing each level. This game will help kids in understanding the Math concepts or notions in an interesting way and at the same time the graphics and animations are strong enough to engage kids in playing this game.

2. Ladybird Apps

This is a kind of game that is best suited for kids who want to play the game and, as a result, they can also improve their spelling to a considerable extent. This will also help children in reading UK English quite easily. 

As far as the functions and other attributes of ladybird apps are concerned, this app contains books as well as mini games that are developed for the purpose of improving spelling among children. This app does provide three different kinds of games and these are speedy spellings, scrambled spellings, and sinking spellings.

The reading app is also important to consider because it also provides amazing features such as interesting storytelling books that include attractive and engaging examples.

3. FriendStrip Kids Pro

This is an amazing android game in which students are able enough to invent their own comic strips. Through this app, children or kids could create and pose images and at the same time various characters could be added so that a comic strip could be completed.

4. Toy Story: Story Theatre

This is an attractive android game that has been developed by Disney in order to create movie according to the wishes and demands of kids. In this game, toy story movie theme has been followed; the characters along with actions and places could be selected as well. The voices can be recorded as this could be done by kids quite easily.

5. Petting Zoo

This interactive game is all about animals those are quirky and at the same time they can be poked and tickled to attain sounds and squeezed reactions. The animations of this game are so appealing and therefore kids as well as their parents can also play this game.

6. Grimm’s Bookshelf

This is a kind of virtual bookshelf that contains various types of storybooks about Grimm’s brother tales. The digital pop-up stories of Brother Grimm have been developed by the developer. The bookshelf is assumed as the sampler of all their apps and free game is also available through which kids can be amused.

7. Monkey Junior

This game is specifically designed for the purpose of providing different sorts of reading games as this is assumed as the reading program. There are so many interesting features that can amuse kids and at the same time kids vocabulary and reading traits could be improved to sufficient level. In this app, there are different kinds of reading courses available for kids through which kids could learn and improve their reading capability.

8. Squeebles apps for kids

These apps are helpful for kids as they can learn arithmetic and they can enhance their spelling traits as well. The squeebles spelling test has been developed so that kids can speak through the help of a microphone and they can record for playing again. This app also provides Math learning opportunity to kids in very interesting manner.

9. Concentration for Kids

This game is all about improving and testing the memory skills of children, there are three different themes along with 10 various levels. Children are allowed to select sea creatures, renowned or famous animals and letters from these themes and level. Through the help of this app, children can improve their matching skills to a great extent.

10. Toddler Music Jukebox

As far as the importance and other features of this android game are concerned, there are various classic songs for kids are enabled. In this manner, children could listen to these amusing songs and children could be kept busy for long hours. This app is available and can be used by giving a small amount and it is quite useful while traveling or performing any kind of work.

Final Words

There is strong likelihood that all these android games will be helpful in maximizing the learning capacities of kids to a great extent. This scenario could be assumed as fun to learn phenomenon in which kids can learn various aspects and subjects of education in an engaging and appealing manner. 

The cognitive skills of the kids could be improved to sufficient level by means of playing these awesome android games. It can be also be expected that in coming years the use and play of these informative and educational games will add substance to the learning of children.

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