10 Kids Indoor Activities In Winter

List of best kids indoor activities for winter
Kids love to be outdoors all the time as even they, it seems, know where all the joy lies. Keeping them indoors for long is neither a feasible nor a good idea by any yardstick. However, as the winter break is around the corner, there is no option but to keep the kids packed indoors to help them avoid the harsh weather as long as possible.

So, for all day long, they need to be within the confines of the walls, literally. Won’t they get bored? Will they feel entertained at home in the same way as they do outside given their penchant for relishing everything under the open sun? So, what to do? How to keep the kids entertained during their winter break?

Simply put, you need to explore and find few new and innovative indoor activities. You need to have some winter-friendly acts for kids to engage in at home and feel hooked for hours. As the chill is too harsh to venture out, why not find some ideas, and household items also, to stitch up a plan that helps your kids feel glued in.

Mind you, options are many if you bother to look out for. In the meanwhile, let’s have a look at some indoor activities that may keep your kids entertained in winter:

Indoor obstacles

How about shaping some indoor obstacles for your kids to be busy with? You can take help of pillows and stack them together. In fact, you can lay out any type of spongy surface and then get the hurdles designed above. Let your kids jump over or fall down or hop about the surface and ty to clear the hitches. Such acts may burn off a lot of energy that kids wait to shed outside.

Let them paint the windows

Let your kid beat the chills with strong currents of creativity! Yes, let them paint the windows and have a super time. Bring the painter in your kid out to the open and let it some arts be shown. Let your windowpanes become a canvas upon which innocent imaginations take shape. With easy paints, this exercise has the potential to keep your wards productively busy indoors for hours. Above all, you’re harnessing the imaginative side of your kids too!

Write a story

How about making your child sit and write a story? Why don’t you join him / her and share some ideas? Once you both sit together, flashes of creativity are bound to unleash with oodles of innocence to top off the effect. Stories, imaginations and ingenuity…these should be the best of buddies for your kids across seasons, not only during the winter. After all, stories help a great deal in boosting the thoughts of kids.

Reading, reading and more reading

Reading has to be among the all-time best indoor activities for sure that kids will do during their winter breaks. Give them some interesting child stories, super-hero comic sagas and morality tales to read. Put the TV and mobiles off and let some classical feelings reach to them. With your carefully curated list of books, your kid will surely benefit a hell lot during the break. Make sure that your kids read a lot to turn the winter into a productive break.

Role-playing games

Try to defeat the winter with role-playing games. Make sure your kids are dressed appropriately for the occasion to double the level of delight. Transform them into some sort of character or whatever you deem fit and see the fun. It’d be great if few more neighbourhood lads are added into the bedlam. Such games often last longer and give plenty to have fun.


Puzzles should be the best of buddies for your kids, especially when they are indoors. Either you can buy some games from store and or let the kids make their own. Spread the puzzle pieces and ask them to get them correct. Let any monument or structure be deliberately broken and ask them to weld together the pieces. You can device variety of puzzles to let the chills pass by.

Card games

Card games have been a favourite for kids and grown-ups alike for ages. The best part is, they bring benefits galore even without asking for virtually any investment. With diversity of games to suit various age-groups, a quality time is almost a given once your kids take to card games. Let them sit in a corner, chat and play and give the winter nips a royal miss.


The earlier your kids learn to play chess, the better it will be for them in future. Yes, it’s true as the game brings a lot of benefits together with some important life lessons. Your chess-playing child knows how to plan, how to stay relevant, how to sense the danger and how to keep the opponent on the toe. And all this comes when there is harsh winter outside.

Treasure Hunt

How about making your kids find some hidden objects? More so, why not to append a prize to the hunt and double the excitement? Treasure hunts are always a special way to have fun when you’re indoors. The best part, it can be tweaked to suit age, taste and tools. Either hide something somewhere or use paper-pencil format to keep the fun going.


Taking your kids to a trampoline park and letting them enjoy a whole array of indoor activities would make for a great chill buster. From bouncing to jumping to dancing to hopping to falling to playing basketball to enjoying dodgeball game -- the choices would be endless. The fun turns double at such a park due to the presence of spongy surfaces around.


It’s obvious that there is no dearth of indoor activities for kids. Parents can try any of these to keep their wards busy, productive and hooked, together with keeping the chills of winter out of the equation. With a little imagination, and some planning, you can turn the winter break into a fun-filled moments by letting your kids revel in the games they deem worth investing their time. So, plan now and let joys accompany you this winter break!

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