500+ First Grade Sight Words List with Worksheet & Printables

List of words in printable PDF format to practice english reading for first grade students

Sight words are frequently appearing words in kids reading text. Knowledge of these words is absolutely essential in reading. Typically a kindergarten student can quickly recognize and read about 140+ words. However this list grows big as the kids reach first grade.

A first grader should be able to read more than 500 different words immediately. All schools and teachers expect the first grade kids to be able to complete these by end of the year.

It may sound a little overwhelming to you, however its not really that difficult to kids. Most kids are easily able to read more than 500 words within first half of the year.

If you think your kids is not able to read these words you may need to focus more on reading. this may involve reading activities and fun books reading with kid and practicing most frequent words.  

This article is focused on providing you all printable exercise material that you can use to start practicing first grade word list.
We have created these word list based on a California elementary school first grade curriculum in 2015. However this list should be applicable to anyone trying to learn reading english anywhere in the world.

The word lists are created in increasing order of complexity. This should help you go slow and set a target easily.

How To Use These Lists 

These lists are available for FREE download in printable PDF and PPT format. You can print it and practice it at home or in school. Below are some guidelines to use these lists.

  1. Print the word list.
  2. All word lists are created in order of complexity so start with word list #1 and go up. 
  3. Size of word list and words grow as the complexity increases and its intentional so do not jump lists.
  4. Practice is the key. More repetition will lead in faster results. 
  5. Each word list needs to completed in 1 minute time. You can use a cheap timer to avoid distraction caused by mobile phones and tablets.
  6. All words should be read out loud in presence of teacher or adult supervision.
  7. Repeat the word list until the kid is absolutely easily able to read it in 1 minute.
  8. Randomly arrange the words in same list and repeat it few times to avoid memorization. Kids are good at memorizing so its important test before you move to next list.
  9. Every kid is different therefore time taken in each list may vary. First few lists will be completed much faster. The time to complete may increase as the complexity grows.
  10. Rewards are important. Make sure you print and give the badge to the kid. They can also write their name on empty space it has.

First Grade Word List #1 

First Grade Sight Words List with Worksheet & Printable PDF Format : List #1

First Grade Word List #2 

First Grade Sight Words List with Worksheet & Printable PDF Format : List #2

This article is still not complete since we are still working on creating all the printable worksheets. Please bookmark this page and come back to download more in few days.

Coming Soon : First Grade Word List #3  

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