How To Make Your Own Coloring Book

How To Make Your Own Coloring Book

Who says coloring books are only made for kids? Coloring books can be an excellent way to engage your friends and family, create competitions and games and even go as far as being a way for people with attention disorders to practice focus and creativity. Many researchers around the world found that coloring books for adults have a tremendous stress relieving potential. 

Here Is Just Some Of The Many Benefits Adult Coloring Books Can Bring

  • Aside from the above mentioned, coloring books are often used as a meditation replacement 
  • They activate both hemispheres of the brain, meaning that your brain is more active than usual 
  • Coloring books are also well known for their anxiety-relieving effects 
  • They can help with many diseases, one of them being color-blindness 
  • They can also be used to spark creativity in both kids and adults 

Making your coloring book doesn’t require too much familiarity with technology, or even computers for that matter. All you need is a mobile phone or tablet, several different sketches you can download from the internet (or draw by hand) and a mobile app called Image to Word.

So, here’s an actual guide on how to make a coloring book in just a quick few steps:

Step 1

Find the sketches you want to color. There are many ways to do this, but by far the easiest one is looking them up on Google. Type coloring book in the search bar, and proceed to the images tab. There you can see many different kinds of sketches and designs, all you need to do is select a few for yourself.

Step 2

Download the designs you like on your phone, or open the sketch you like in Google and then make a screenshot of it. Most modern mobile phones and tablets have this option integrated and don't need a particular app to do so. Once you’ve downloaded or screenshot it, the sketch will be saved in your phone.

Step 3

Download and open Image to Word. This app was developed by Cometdocs on both iOS and Android so that all users can have the same opportunities. Once you have it on your device, open the app, and you will be looking at the main screen.

Image to Word offers two ways of importing your forthcoming coloring book.

The first way and the way we will be using are by introducing a previously made/saved image to the app by selecting the option Photos and clicking on the desired sketch.

The second way is by making the photo you want to convert on the spot. By clicking on Camera the app will open your device's’ rear camera and from there, you can photograph the sketch you want to convert. The app offers a guide on how to properly make a photo, and you can see it and follow it by clicking on Options > Guide for better results.

Step 4

Let the app do all the work for you. Once you select which image you want to convert, the app will automatically put it in a queue for conversion. The file will pop up on the main screen below all the previous finished conversions (if you have any) with a status bar saying: converting. 


Step 5

Once the conversion is done, select the file that you just converted by clicking on it. The app will show you a preview of what your new MS Word (.docx) file looks like. 

From there click on Share and choose which way you think is best for you to export the file and print it. Some devices such as newer iPhones and iPads have the printing option, however, for this, they must be connected to the printer.

You can also choose to send it to your email, Dropbox, and similar apps and print it from there.

Now that you have your coloring book, all you have to do is bind it, or copy it a few dozens of times and share it with your friends for more group fun. Make sure you let your friends know about this fun and easy way to make coloring books, and if you like or dislike the app also make sure to leave a comment for the future users to know what’s ahead!
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