10 Of the Finest Learning Apps to Feed Your Thirst for English Language

Best English learning apps

English is an internationally spoken language in the world and the challenge keeps mounting for those who are not well versed in the said language. For those travelling or undertaking courses to equip oneself better with the language are in luck because we bring you the best apps for your ease of learning.

So get ready with your smartphones in your hands because here they come:

1. Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone app is both available on iOS and Android. This is one of the popular apps in the world. There is not a possibility that you have searched for English learning resources and you have not come across an app called Rosetta Stone. I mean I am just saying that is highly unlikely.

Primarily because it does not resort to making you learn English by translating grammar and sentences from your native language into English rather it teaches you English in English. While many may view this as a negative point of the app but it just so happens that it is its USP.

How does it achieve that? It enables you to learn the foundation words before turning them to phrases and/or longer sentences. It will teach words like ‘man’, ‘park’, ‘dog’ etc. with the help of images and next thing it puts forth is a sentence stating ‘A man takes a dog for the walk in the park’. You will be able to figure out much of the sentence, however, the subject and object in the sentence have been clearly identified.

So it is recommended to anyone who prefers to learn the language without having to rely on his native tongue.

2. Fluent U

Fluent U is currently available on iOS and soon to be launching on Google Play. What it does is, take real world videos ranging from music videos to commercials and news or even motivational speeches and turn them into English language tutorials.

The reason is to make you develop English skills by listening to the ways it is spoken around the world and not restrict you to exercises that may or may not have much practical use in the actual world.

In Fluent U, when you are watching videos, you have the ability to tap on to interactive captions which reveal the (having tapped them), images, its definitions and other useful examples. You can participate in of the video quizzes to test your mettle thus far.

You can also swipe left/right to see more examples of the word you are exploring. It serves as a tracker, meaning the app keeps track of your learnt vocabulary and presents you with added examples and videos of that word. There are people who prefer audio/visual learning and it is best suited for such lot.

3. Mind Snacks

Mind Snacks lets you learn in a fun and simple manner. You get to expand your vocabulary with SAT vocabulary which is being integrated into the app. But that is not a necessity but the app allows you to access those words as well. So, your call!

Now to the part where it becomes fun. It lets you learn English via fun games because it taps into the creative mind of the user and inculcates learning through things that interest him. From a total of nine mini-games, you can learn truckload of English language words different ways.

Games include synonyms matching. Matching one word to another that carries the same meaning or where you are asked to fill in between words and the likes thereof. Recommended for those who want to build their vocab arsenal with some cool SAT words.

4. Memrise

A similar app to Mind Snacks because the focus is still on English words learning. But the bit which is not similar to Mind Snacks is that it does not allow learning through games instead it relies on creative methods to help you remember.

The plus about Memrise is that it is the app designed by users who once experienced English infancy for the users who are currently in English infancy phase.

5. Open Language

You can learn a ton from browsing English sections on Open Language. It has a meter which gauges your proficiency in any language i.e. ‘A1’ is Beginner and ‘C2’ is considered Native. Different sections deal with the different aspect of the English language such as Business English, English used in the interview and/or giving presentations etc. so you have a lot to choose from.

As a result, comprehensive learning experience ensues because it offers alongside the wealth of English lessons, exercises in order for you to strengthen what you have learnt. If interactive learning is the way you prefer things, Open Language should be your first choice.

6. Mosalingua

Yet another English learning app available on both iOS and Android. Many people tend to forget what they have learnt and especially those who are first-time learners. This becomes frustrating for many.

However, Mosalingua resolves this issue by employing a method called SRS which stands for Spaced Repetition Software is intended to help you serve as recall before you forget any of what you have learned.

How this works. It works by reminding you a word in a couple of weeks so that even if you didn’t forget it you will remember how and courtesy of who you learned the word which is Mosalingua. The app houses over 1500 words and some of the most important ones at that!

7. Busuu

Busuu varies in its design. How? It varies because it is not designed for self-use instead it focuses on facilitating conversations between the non-native and native speakers of the English language. Hence, a great app to improve English speaking prowess.

8. Duolingo

Through Duolingo, you can learn several languages among English such as French, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Dutch, and Spanish, etc.

Duolingo is tailored for easy learning of the English language quickly (I mean which of the above app is not, you might ask). No, but it genuinely is because if you’ve never learnt English before, by utilizing Duolingo for roughly 20 minutes a day, you will see results happening and will feel English embed in yourself.

In a short time, you will be able to read a lot of English posts and essays and can begin to understand Basic English phrases in no time. Quite effective! In each lesson, you will be taught 7 new words. Highly recommended for beginners.

9. Babbel

Babbel is another in-demand app that focuses heavily on vocabulary. Babbel also allows users to understand a language by concluding and reiterating phrases through Sound Recognition, Picture Recognition, Spelling and Fill in the blanks.

10. Conversation English

Conversation English features 20 lessons, comprising of video dialogues, listening to conversations and reading comprehensions etc. The app narrates a continuing story about a group of friends and their interactions. In that story, students are equipped with English idioms, expressions and vocabulary.

There you have it some of the best English learning apps at your disposal.

Abbot James is a tech junkie and an app developer by profession. He has been associated with teaching English in the past and thus writes to educate coursework help both on language and technology updates. You can follow him on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ for updates.
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  1. Pal, Member of the family or University student - This is a far better choice than a cost-free computer system or on the internet translation device or localization QA. Simply due to the fact that somebody talks an international language does not suggest that they are excellent at transforming it properly to an additional language.



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