10 Fun Reading Activities For Kids

Fun Reading Activity ideasFor Kids

“The man who doesn’t read is no better off than the man who can’t read.”
~ Mark Twain

The same philosophy stands true for kids. Nowadays, kids follow their routines so tenaciously that they simply don’t have time to kick back and indulge themselves into reading.

Instilling the habit of reading in kids can really be a daunting task.Because most kids enjoy playing, going out and having fun, they normally find reading a boring thing to do.But if you make reading a fun and entertaining activity, your kids will automatically be inclined towards it.

Research has also shown that a number of kids learn the best when they are involved in doing a particular activity, especially for some specific purpose or just because they like doing it. Thus, an easy way to augment their learning is to channel their interest into reading.

Given below are some awesome fun reading activities and games you can play with your little ones:

1. Reading Together

You and your child can have real fun reading together.

You will need

A wide variety of story books for your child.

What you have to do

  • Grab a hold of story books that are simple yet entertaining and persuade your kids to read a story daily.
  • Read out loud with your kids and help them read properly.
  • Read nursery rhymes repeatedly to help improve your kids’ vocabulary.

2. Prediction Game

You will need

  • A pile of books from your library
  • Pen
  • Markers
  • A heap of index cards

What you have to do

  • Get a hold of three books you know your kids haven’t read yet. Make sure the books are fiction.
  • Take the index cards and write numbers 0-10, one number on each card. You can call these your “prediction challenge” cards.
  • Next, ask your child to play the game. Select a number from 1-10 and give him a prediction challenge card, asking him to choose from one of the three books you have.
  • Once your child chooses a particular book, he will try to guess the story of it without reading. Now here is what you have to do: make your child read the first chapter (or more but not than half) of the book and then ask him to write 10 predictions about the ending of the story, each one on a separate index card.
  • When he is done with writing the predictions, read the remaining book together with him to see how many of the predictions came true. If your child meets or exceeds the challenge number, he will be the winner.

3. Reading Tour

An essential part of learning how to read is simple word recognition. Let your child hop on to a reading tour by which he will be able to practice reading and writing words. 

A reading is a simple and fun activity which enables your child to create a vocabulary bank with the help of some pointers in and around your house. 

You will need some decorating supplies like ribbons, paints, and stickers, along with some markers, rulers, and wooden spoons.

4. Make A Reading Bookmark

You can also create a reading bookmark for kids to have fun while reading.A reading bookmark is a useful tool that your child can use during and after reading a book. 

In addition, you can give points or scores on the bookmark whenever your child reads one page correctly. This will motivate your child to practice the reading activity more and more. 

This cool bookmark will ensure that you are giving the best support possible to your child in order to improve his reading skills.

5. Play Board Games

Nowadays, there are a number of board games available that you can play with your kids. Board games require good knowledge, planning, and logic. 

Some interesting word-building board games like Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit, Articulate, and Boggle allow your child to build a strong vocabulary and also help him improve his reading skills.

6. Read With A Puzzle

Puzzles can also be a great and fun way to help kids learn to read.You can write some short words on a piece of paper for your child. Write words such as “I,” “You,” “Me,” “We,” and “My” that your kindergartener can recognize easily and then cut out each letter in a fun jigsaw format. Mix up all the pieces to challenge your child to put it back altogether.

7. Create A Reading Corner

You can create a small corner for your kids dedicated to reading. Place a small bookshelf in the corner of your kid’s room and put some pillows, a soft blanket, and a bean bag as well for your kids to sit there and read. Make sure that you put your child’s favorite storybooks and some new ones too.

8. Read Kids’ Magazines With Them

Another fun activity to do is to subscribe to some kids’ magazine or newspaper and provide these to your kids and read them. Also, encourage them to read the kids’ magazines themselves and share the news and stories with others.

9. Play Word Hunt

You can also play “word hunt” in which you use two similar sets of word cards – you hide one card and let your child find it so that it matches with the other card. This is a really fun game and your child will get the chance to become a detective as well when searching for the missing cards.

This is also available as an android app and iPhone app.

10. Guess The First Letter

Find one of your child’s favorite picture books having a clear and large print.Next, take ten little post-it flags and use them to cover the first letter of 10 different words throughout the book. For example, you can cover the “G” in “Goldilocks.” Then, as you read the book ask your child to tell you the first letter of every word you’ve covered.If your child answers correctly, reward him a point for each correct answer.

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