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Are you a web studio, freelancer or willing to learn? Then you will definitely like this article, because it will not only help you to improve your skills, but also to get new leads directly from one of the most successful template vendors on the web. Want to know how? Read and behold!

To help you create your own online style and strengthen your knowledge in web design and development, TemplateMonster has invited you to check out and join their Certification Center.

The project is FREE and is created for everyone, who has an open mind and is eager to learn new technologies. It is both for beginners and experienced developers. The concept of the project lies in offering the ultimate guide to working with popular CMS platforms, and qualifying web developers and web studios with Template Monster partner certificate. Doesn’t it sound awesome to have an international recognition of your skills?

Be ready to grow as a true professional by learning the comprehensive courses and passing the tests. Focus on smart goals such as being skilled in WordPress, Joomla, Moto CMS and OpenCart. You will be guided and taught how to install templates on all popular engines, work with their functionalities, and customize web themes like an expert.

The main advantage of passing the certification tests it is getting an official Certificate from TemplateMonster and becoming recognized as an official partner. Seems awesome? But wait, there’s more great news! Your studio will be listed in the Authorized Web Studios Catalogue to help you get more clients and spread the word about your achievements and services you provide.

What is Web Design Studio Catalogue?

It is a collection with certified web design studios. The catalogue brings various ways to promote your palette of web development services.

How to use the catalogue?

Clients can simply browse the pages and check the skills each partner studio is certified for. Moreover, there is an optimized search by country, city and content management systems that they work with.

All the potential clients will be able to visit your website and place orders.

Can it improve your market value and bring new customers?

The answer is YES! It’s the main purpose of the project and your studio can make history of the IT word by being listed in the Catalogue. You can work with the most original and responsive web layouts. Let’s watch an interesting video about the Catalogue to get a short overview of its main benefits!

Below you can find an easy, step by step, guide of how to get listed and increase your online conversion. Read further!

Would you like to be registered in the catalogue?

  1. You should get The Certificate from TemplateMonster and become a certified partner by passing the tests; 
  2. You should be a freelancer or have a web studio;
  3. You should have good knowledge about the most popular platforms like Joomla, MotoCMS and WordPress;
  4. You should visit the Certification Center’s page for the best free tutorials.

If you have all these - go to the main page and sign up. After filling out a simple form with the basic information about you and your projects you will be contacted by one of their specialists. After that you will be successfully added to the Catalog nad will start getting clients from TemplateMonster. As simple as a pie!

Reasons your studio should be in the Web Studio Catalogue

Skills and brand recognition

As soon as the clients buy themes from TemplateMonster, they will search for a local studio to help them with customization. This is the way for your studio to get new orders. Don’t worry, because there are over 45.000 themes, so you will have a lot of requests for your services.

More clients and interesting way to receive offers

Learn new ways to communicate with your clients. Communication seems to be hard for beginners, but with a special created form you can get new offers in just one click! You can also schedule appointments with your clients and receive phone calls.

Rank for your studio

Do a great job and get good testimonials from your clients. As a result you can be listed in the top of the most popular studios.

Work with unique templates, bestsellers

Receive studio reviews

Your hard work will be always rewarded with reviews from your most satisfied clients. And satisfied customers will bring even more people wanting for you to work with them.

Free studio profile

Present your web studio and services to the possible clients with the great interface.

Receive support and advice

The bottom line

As the most celebrated graphic designer in the United States, Milton Glaser, said - “There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for”. You should never miss the great opportunity offered by the Certification Center and the Web Studios Catalogue. Customize premium web themes, add new modules and features, and learn constantly. Increase your productivity and knowledge to reach the highest goal, get new leads and satisfied customers. Success is knowing your purpose in web development, and personal growth towards reaching your maximal potential.

Get started NOW!
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