10 Activities That Make Reading Fun for Kids

Kids Activities That Make Reading Fun

It is very difficult to force kids to do something as they are just ruled by their own emotions and desires. They are not influenced by their elders, no matter what happens. Same is the case with reading. 

Some kids like reading stories and some may like funny books. Many kids learn to read from android games as well. 

Most of the kids don’t get immediately motivated to bury themselves in the books. Therefore, if you want your kids to be ardent readers, you have to make reading fun for them, and this is how you can do it:

Become A Character From A Book!

One of the activities through which you can make reading a fun-filled activity for kids is by becoming a character from a book. Whenever your child finishes a certain book, designate some time for him/her or you by pretending to be the protagonist of the book. 

For example, if your child has finished a pirate book, you could speak in a pirate accent while getting dressed up as a pirate. This will excite your child more and he will get more inclined towards reading. Keep repeating this activity each time your child finishes a book.

Fish For Adjectives!

Another way through which you can read a fun-filled activity for kids is by teaching adjectives to your kids in a creative way. What you need to do is to cut out a plenty of fish from a brightly colored paper and write a plethora of adjectives on the paper. After that, you have to use a paper-clip to tape the edge of each fish you have recently cut out. 

After that, use a piece of yarn and a stick to make a fishing rod. Then grab a small magnet and attach it to the end of a fishing line. Then pen down a short, silly story on any piece of paper, leave blanks for the adjectives to be placed. Let your child read that story loudly and insert an adjective each time he finds a blank after 'going fishing' for it. It will instigate your child to read more and more.

Build a Story

One of the other ways through which you can make reading a fun-filled activity for kids is by building a story. Just try to grab simple wooden blocks or building blocks and attach words to their side with the help of a tape. 

Then mix up all the blocks on the floor and ask your child to build a building that narrates a story. It will enhance the love for reading in the heart of your child, and he will be an avid reader.

Follow The Clues!

One of the other ways that can help your child become a great reader is by making your child follow the clues. What you need to do is to affix notes to every corner of your house. Then ask your child to find the next clue. 

Since it will make him or she read, so he or she will get more inclined towards the process of reading as it will be fun for them. Therefore, try this out and you will see how many times your child asks you to take him or her to the library or buy him all the books from the bookstall.

Sing Me A Story!

Story singing is a way to encourage reading
One of the other ways through which you can make reading fun for your children is by letting your sing a story. There are many children who love to sing so an opportunity to sing a story will make them enjoy the process of storytelling. 

What you need to do is to give a silly rhyming story to your child and ask him or her to sing it. When he or she will sing, they will experience joy, and this will incline them towards books. Therefore, try new different methods of storytelling with them, and see how creative they become in the future.

The Rhyme Game

One of the ways through which you can help your child become an avid reader is by playing a rhyming game with them. What you need to do is to set a timer for a minute or more and let your child read a story during that time. Every time you hear a timer beeping, tell your child to come up with a word that rhymes with the last word they uttered. Keep repeating this process by resetting the timer.

Write And Act Out A Family Play!

Another way through which can enhance the interest of your child towards the process of reading is by letting your child tap into his or her creative zone, imagine a play that you can act in. Once he is done with imagining and writing a play, ask him to give each of the family members his part to read and then act. 

This will help your child become a very organized, imaginative, creative and a sensitive person, as with imagination, comes creativity, and with creativity becomes sensitivity. That's why creative people are considered very sensitive.

Pull A Story Out Of A Hat!

By pulling a story out of a hat is one of the ways that can help your child become a passionate reader. What you need to do is to take a plenty strips of paper and pen down silly, quirky sentences on them- Sentences, like I tripped on a rat, will do. 

Then you have to toss these strips together in a hat. Let your child pull those strips out, one by one, and read them loudly. This activity will help them enjoying their way throughout the story.

Go on an Adventure

One of the other ways through which you can help your child take more interest in reading is by going on an adventure. Grab a book about someone going on a scavenger hunt, and then have this hunt with your child too. Pick up a book about hiking or camping, and take your child for hiking or an actual campout.

Write And Illustrate Your Own Bedtime Stories!

Motivate your child to write a short story of their own and make illustrations on every page. Then use a stapler and bind all those pages together, and then ask him to narrate his bedtime story.

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