A Simple Plan for A Business Using Latest Technology

A Simple Plan for A Business Using Latest Technology

Every business depends on technology in one or another way. The incorporation of technology is not on the “to do” list of a small business mostly because of the lack of knowledge about the importance of technology in the entrepreneur's minds. An urgency-based technology plan should be there for the early implementation of technology requirements. 

The technology planning is not only either to update the software or to do the custom software development as per the needs for the successful outcomes. It actually involves the strategic decisions required at the right times for determining how the business can utilize the benefits from technology to boost productivity and to meet the objectives and goals of the organization.

Here is a plan for a business incorporating the latest technology for growth and development purposes:

Analyze the Technology Required for The Business

Before starting the planning process it’s necessary to analyze and evaluate the already existing technology resources. One should analyze all the aspects required in the business for innovation purposes including physical equipment, software, and everything. 

That can add value and innovation. It’s also necessary to identify that either the existing resources are meeting the standards of the industry or the new ones are required.

Practicable Management

In the technology planning of small business, the management has its dominant importance. The leadership with faith in technology motivates the use of technology to fulfill the business missions as well as cheers the staff in using the latest software and equipment’s which can be best enough to minimize the unwillingness. 

So, the owner of the business should have strong leadership traits that can drag the business in the best way to have the desired outcomes. Similarly, such kind of traits is also required from the other supervisors and managers of the organization.

Arranging a Qualified Team

The technology planning is basically a team activity in which a team should be equipped enough to evaluate the existing technology, distinguish the innovative concerns, preparing the technology vision statement, developing a budget and deadlines along with the technology plan and tracking of the project’s implementation and operations processes along with the stakeholders.

Basically, a team should be based on the chief executive officer (CEO), a project manager, Operations or administration manager, Finance office, technology specialist, etc. Every organization does not have enough human resources for the proper functioning of them and elaborations. Nonetheless, it’s necessary while making team to keep some representatives from the operations department of the organization for making a planning group.

Classify and Categorize the Technology Requirements

After analyzing the prevailing state of your technology resources, the next required step for the team to do is to distinguish the organization's future needs regarding technology and innovation purposes and then prioritize them. Every organization has different demands and requirements for novelty like buying new software and updates for it or for the prevailing ones, Software customization, Training, Replacement or upgrading of equipment’s, stable computer networking with a developed internet connection, Improved social marketing systems, designing of business websites, replacing of the demanded hardware, implementations of backup systems and security procedures, etc. 

So, the next step is to prioritize these needs based on the importance. The small business holders should be realistic about what they can achieve and then should settle the possible timelines accordingly.

Rational Vision statement

After the classifying process, a vision statement for the technology should be planned. Initially, analyze the organization's mission statement. The important point which should be covered in this process includes how technology can be helpful for the business to achieve its mission statement as well as to enhance the employee’s development and organizational efficiency.

Reasonable Effective Budgeting

Budgeting is the next phase in which small businesses are might be critical in creating a technology plan. The complete research is really important for the real costing purposes in the implementation of technology for the business. The business owner should add the damages or losses like the loss of working hours for staff training, cost on monthly updates of software, and several other operative costs that are in addition to the purchase price.

Pertaining to Implementation

The next phase in a plan should be establishing a timeline for implementation purposes. One should work strategically to carry out and implement the processes timely. The team should consider it focused that what are the things that will be needed to carry on the technological implementations as well as what will be further steps after completing the technological plan for business.

Timelines need to be versatile enough to accommodate are unexpected and unforeseen events, but it should be rigid enough to build and maintain the momentum of the employees/workers to complete the task timely.

Written Plan

After completion of the above steps, the one necessary phase is to write the plan. Writing a plan becomes easier after doing a lot much work in the recent phases. The written plan should consist of a few important elements like the description of the strategy, a timeline, a technology vision statement, and a budget plan. 

Similarly, in a more detailed plan, it may consist of an organizational profile along with a mission statement along with the inventory of existing innovations. A complete breakdown of particulars associated with the implementation of the plan and the short and long term objectives should also be mentioned there.

Budget for Technology

Any plan can only be effective when it is helped with the financing. So, why it is really important for the vision statements to describe the positive faces of the technologies to meet the organization's objectives. It should also be well described how the fund will be allocated to each phase while implementing the plan to meet goals.


The incorporation of technology works as an important asset for the settling and development of the business using the latest technology. So, one should design a complete plan by working on it focused to let the organization meet its goals and objectives effectively and timely.
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