10 Best Writing Tips For Beginner Writers

Best Writing Tips For Beginner Writers

So you want to be a writer? Well, let me tell you this is no easy task. You need to be creative and imaginative and to have impeccable vocabulary and grammar to present your vision in a good and reader-friendly way.

If you choose to try and make a career out of this, be aware that you will face tough competition and challenging clients on your way to the top. There are, of course, no guarantees that you will ever reach the top or even close to the top. 

This does not mean that you shouldn't chase your dream, on the contrary, writing is amazing, lots of fun (in my personal opinion) you are constantly learning new things while doing research for your topics and when you see that somebody loved something you wrote that is just priceless!

So let`s help you get started a bit and give you a few tips and pointers that will make you a better writer!

1. Read more

To be a good writer you need to have a way with words. There is no better way to learn new phrases and the way sentences should be structured than directly from the old masters! Or the current master’s whatever literature and topics you prefer. If you are having problems choosing you can always look up some lists like: 15 books everyone should read or something like this and enjoy while improving your skills!

2. Research, Learn And Work

Research and learn about many different types of writing and projects available for writers. There are plenty of sites that offer paper help in various niches and from student essays to corporate letters, contracts, and even wills. Be sure to familiarize yourself with all of these types of projects so you have more to offer to your future employer. Be ready that you will probably have to do some custom writing to pay the bills and to write on your big piece in your own free time.

3. Get A Good And Portable Laptop Or Tablet

One of the beautiful things about being a writer is that you can work wherever you want to. If you don`t require an internet connection at the moment you can even go on a hike, climb your favorite hill, and write there. It is an amazing exercise and you still do your work. Be sure to buy a good and portable laptop or tablet with a carry on keyboard. If you are the outdoorsy type tablet can even be the preferred option since it is lighter to carry.

4. Backup Frequently

Even in this day and age power outages or malfunctions on your equipment can happen. Always save your work often and be sure to back up. Upload your work on DropBox or Cloud so you can have easy access from all your devices. If you prefer a more physical method save your work on a flash drive or portable hard drive.

5. Start Small

If you are thinking of writing a novel or a play, for example, start small. Do a few “writing paper” assignments on subjects you like. You will have fun doing research and you will practice your form and structure. 

Write something that involves just three or four characters’ maximum in the beginning. This way you will be able to control their arcs and not get tangled up in too many stories. Smaller character ensembles will also allow you to structure your work more fluently. 

As you get better you can write much more complicated stories with more character development.

6. Get A Digital Recorder

This is another great option for those of us who prefer to walk instead of sitting all the time. You will look a bit silly if you are out walking and talking loudly in public but it is great for pacing around the house. Most of them are cheap and come with a USB port so you can transfer your recordings directly to your laptop.

7. Find Your Style

It is very important that you develop your distinctive style. This is a way to connect to your readers and clients. If you write a blog always try to have the same writing style. This style should always come naturally from your own personality. By having a distinct style your readers and clients will know what to expect from you.

8. Use Editing Apps

There are plenty of text editing and writing apps that you can use to improve your writing. Most of them have free and paying versions so you should do a bit of research. Find one or two that you like best and are best suited for your needs and take the premium paying versions. For all others use free versions so that you have some extra support. Focus on apps that are designed to improve your readability, grammar, and sentence structure. There are plenty of articles where you can find the most popular apps like 10 best online tools for writers. Try to avoid features of the apps that outline the plot or something like this. (you don`t need it, believe in yourself !!)

9. Respect your clients

Your clients are a path to readers and always treat them seriously. A lot of communication with clients and potential clients is done online so you need to be available and responsive. If you miss a message from a potential client, they will just move on to another writer. The competition is tough as it is so you need to make sure that all your aspects besides the actual writing are top notch. Always respond to messages and calls and respect deadlines.

10. Double Check Before You Submit

As we already mentioned above you need to treat your clients with utmost respect and care. It needs to be specially emphasized that you should always and without exception double check everything before submitting to a publisher or a client. Spelling and grammar mistakes will just make you appear sloppy and lazy and you will lose business!

There you have it, we hope that these few useful tips will get you started on your way to becoming a great and respected writer and author. Always approach your work seriously no matter the type of work you are doing or what kind of client you are facing. Double check before submitting and always treat your clients with respect.

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