Best Free Android Apps for the Year 2017

The biggest strength of Android is the availability of apps of at its disposal. People download most of the apps in billions.

No easy feat to accomplish considering the competition in the form of Apple. Android has its fair share of attraction that pulls users in adopting Android as their go to the operating system when it comes to smartphones.

Below is the list of best and free android apps so far:

Applock from DoMobile Lab 

The invasion of privacy is the biggest risk that we face today, be it while entering personal information on online stores when making purchases or our phones that contains pictures, messages, voice recordings, videos and our WhatsApp conversation and emails. What if it were to land in someone’s hand who could misuse the data therein?

With AppLock you can rest your worry as you can set a password. The password could be a pattern or a pin, whichever you deem fit. Although, you can remotely erase data if your mobile were to get lost or snatched if you don’t want your siblings or family members snooping into your phone while you are away, go with AppLock.

The app can help you protect your content at the app level. It can also hide pictures and videos. 

The intruder selfie feature can take a picture of any intruder trying to have unauthorized access to your phone. 

Applock is a simple privacy and security app on Android that has most downloads. It has around 300 million users. 


It is a complete weather app as it packs all the features such as showing current conditions, forecasts, predictions, fun facts about meteorology and you name it! The app design is pretty sublime and it provides widgets as well for users. It is a free app and a nominal fee is applicable should you choose to remove the banner ads (if you find them annoying) and that’s all there is to it!

Blue Mail

It is one of the finest email apps for Android users. It has a simple design and tends to keep your emails in order. It packs the support for all email providers such as Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo (some major ones) among others.

This app lets you customize your email such as assigning colors to the email that is of business or professional nature in addition to choosing a theme for your app. It also has support for Android wear as well as widgets.

You can use block notification feature in the app to stop those reminders constantly bugging you or during a time when you are busy. The list of best apps is incomplete without it. 4.7 out of 5 stars is not or nothing on Google Play Store.

Credit Karma

It is a small sized and fun app. It allows you to account for your credit score once per year. If there are any changes in your score it will also intimate you of that. The app also serves as the means whereby it provides with tailor made a suggestion such as which credit cards you qualify for give your credit score.

These are mere suggestions and you don’t have to accept them. The app can be useful for keeping your credit in check and to fix it, should things need fixing. One of the highly underrated apps on Google Play Store.


Feedly is a news app. This is a must try for users as it includes an RSS reader which enables you to subscribe to a variety of news websites and you can read news from all of them at single point time. With Feedly, you can have support for podcasts, YouTube channels and so on.

The best thing about Feedly is that it allows you to bring all of your interests together and you can read the latest news on them in one place. A totally free app with ease of use once you get the hang of it.


It is the official keyboard from Google. Are you tired of using the same keyboard that is inbuilt in your device? Well, with Gboard it is time to make the change. It includes gesture typing, voice typing, emojis, and GIFs. Also, Google search bar is integrated into Gboard which happens to be its unique feature whereby you can access information from your device’s keyboard.

No need to go to your browser or type into the Google search bar on your home screen for looking up things online. Gboard is fast, simple and at the same time effective. If you are bored of your default keyboard and wish to give something new a go, this free app should be your pick.

Google Drive Suite

As the name implies, the Google Drive suite offers you a group of applications which are directly interlinked with Google Drive. These apps are Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Photos, Google Keep and Google Slides alongside the original Google Drive app.

These apps are your alternative to MS Office on mobile devices as there are documents, spreadsheets as well as slides (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint). You can also use the suite for taking notes and for creating back up of your photos on a drive, all for free (up to 15GB of storage space).

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