Organizational Leadership Training: The Importance of Leadership Programs

Organizational Leadership Training: The Importance of Leadership Programs

One of the main reasons for this is that there is no implementation of adequate and permanent educational training programs for leaders in organizations that can help the organization and the people working within them to awaken the greatest number of dormant potential and Latent to put them in action and in action in the service of the achievement of the objectives of the company and personal goals.

There is a contradiction here, that is, in our personal life, we seek for our children to be educated and formed permanently, but in companies, we do not do that. We give some lost passage there, appoint important people and referents of leadership as Peter Druker, we provide some short training program, And with that, we expect a radical change that will last for years or months. 

The truth is that this is not so. Thinking like this involves the manifestation of a thought that touches the magical because everything human implies a permanent contact with the educational. The company does not escape this because it is made up of human beings who are, in short, those who achieve the results of the company.

This small reflection aims to help you become aware of the importance of people in your organization or yourself, if you are a leader in an organization or have a management position, be formed permanently, adhere to an educational program in leadership Or any other type permanently, since constant and constant education is like water and sun for a plant. 

The day that plant does not have it, the week that does not receive it, the plant will give less of itself and with leadership and with people the same thing happens. We specialize in providing solutions for this type of problem because our idiosyncrasies, in terms of business education related to leadership,

Being a leader does not mean just having a name

One of the many problems that arise in relation to the topic of leadership implies the belief that being a leader consists of carrying only one name. This, according to our understanding, is due to the fact that our current society and culture is oriented towards nominalism rather than towards essentialism. 

Nominalism, of which we shall speak extensively in certain chapters of the following text, can be expressed in different ways. It is enough for us to understand it as a highly superficial way of thinking, which consists in the belief that the very fact of labeling something or someone with a name, will achieve that something or that someone is and behave according to the properties that The name attributes to it. 

It is a way of thinking with magical and primitive features, notably infra-developed. Today's organizations seek first to attribute someone to the name of "leader" or "boss," before knowing if the person to whom they are really entitled deserves it if it qualifies for him if he is essentially and intimately a true and genuine leader. It is not the title that makes the leader but the effective, full and genuine exercise of leadership; the name will, in any case, come later. Essentialism, the alternative, and opposing stance seek first to ascertain whether a person is a leader or a leader in him, genuinely, to give him the corresponding name. 

Both positions are diametrically opposed and mutually exclusive, to the extent that is chosen by one or the other. Both, as a whole and in a harmoniously combined, must represent the reality of the leader: A person who exercises the genuine actions of leadership through his acts and works and, therefore, is attributed the name of the leader. There is some temporary pre-eminence of the essence above the name, however. The leader must first act as an authentic leader before being called a leader.

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