Tips To Start A Career In HR

 Tips To Start A Career In HR

The universities establish the sector of HR as a professional outlet for several of their careers. According to the professional you are asked, you can tell us one career or another. I myself have my own opinion. However, one thing is what a university says or what we say and the companies, which, after all, are those that provide employment, demand another.

The VII Cranet ESADE 2014 Report on Strategic Management in Human Resources was recently published. This study is based on surveys conducted in 117 companies from different countries. These are medium and large companies (more than 200 workers).

According to this publication, the following university degrees are those that have been studied by the workers who are part of the HR Department:
  • The most widespread race between them is Law (33%).
  • The second is Social and Behavioral Sciences (26%). The study indicates on page 11 that it is about the Psychology career and does not distinguish any further career in this category.
  • The third is Business Administration (ADE) (12%) along with Engineering / Natural Sciences (12%).
  • The remaining races are Economics (9%) Humanities (1%) and Others (7%).

As can be seen, it could have been broken down more since the Social Sciences and Behavior category is very broad and even heterogeneous. On the other hand, in spite of the high offer in universities and business schools, there are no data on postgraduate or master's studies specialized in HR.

The Cranet Report 2014 indicates that it is usually entered in the Department of HR from other companies where HR functions (46%). For this reason, we find it more useful to analyze the different job offers published to know what studies are required to work in HR.

After observing a sample of the offers of the job portal Infojobs (45 offers of the category "Human Resources" centered only in Spain) we obtain the following results:

  • The 29% of the offers require the candidate to have a university degree but do not specify any particular even ask an average of 2.5 years of experience in HR. For 23% of these offers, a Postgraduate in HR is also required.
  • The 24% of bids set as a requirement to have a career as Economics Labor Relations, Psychology, Law, ADE, Labor Studies, and always added the tagline "or similar" so leave open the possibility of accepting candidates with other studies. Of course, all these offers require an average of 2 years of experience in HR and 30% ask for graduate studies in HR.
  • The 22% of the offers require only the career of Industrial Relations over an average of 3 years’ experience in HR.
  • The 15.5% offers (paid or unpaid) and most require that the candidate is pursuing one of the following careers: Labor Relations, Law, Psychology, Business Administration or other. A quarter of these offers does not indicate a particular race.
  • The 6.6% of the offers require only the Psychology course plus an average of 2.5 years of experience in HR.
  • The 2.2% of the offers require only ADE career over an average of 3 years’ experience in HR.


  • The career of Labor Relations is the most named in the set of offers (53%). He is followed by Psychology (26.5%) and ADE (22%).
  • Only 15% of the offers require a Postgraduate / Master in HR.
  • All offers require an average of 2-3 years of previous experience in the HR sector.

Therefore, a person with studies of Labor Relations is the one that, in principle, more possibilities to have access to a job related to Human Resources. The possibilities increase if you also have a postgraduate/master's degree specialized in HR, although in my opinion, it is a somewhat redundant requirement for graduates in Labor Relations. It is important to gain experience as soon as possible, for example, during college years.

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