Cool Tools for Trendy Parents

Cool Tools for Trendy Parents

The life of a modern parent is rather complicated. But still, there are a few things that can make it easier and happier. Just like these gadgets and apps for sophisticated mommies and daddies.

1. Pacifier thermometer Bebe Confort

This might not be the most complicated gadget but it certainly one of the most useful. Doesn’t matter if you and your baby fancy the pacifiers when it comes to measuring the temperature, there is no a better method. 

It is much more accurate than the thermometer you put in the armpit, and the baby is more eager to let you do the necessary procedure. Lifehack: it’s said to be meant for the children from birth to 36 months, but don’t hurry to get rid of it. 

The older kids at times throw tantrums or get stubborn about taking the temperature — and the old forgotten pacifier can do its’ job. 
The most compact stroller in the world, the dream of all the travelers and drivers of superminis. It quickly folds into a compact 12-inch by 14-inch by 7-inch pack and weighs just nine pounds, fitting into a backpack It can carry up to 11 pounds and comes with a storage basket like regular strollers. 
One of the most sophisticated baby monitors these days. It consists of two units and designed to record the audio and video with the highest quality (HD 720p). 

The signal can reach up to 980 feet (so you can run to the shop around the corner and still keep the situation under control). But the most interesting feature is the possibility to tilt and zoom the remote camera. ‘Video nanny’ doesn’t sleep at night — it has integrated infrared light from LEDs that are designed to be non-visible. You can add on extra units and film it like a real Discovery channel program — shifting from one camera to the other. 

That might be interesting not only for those into wildlife documentaries but for parents with a few kids. 
An easy and fun tool to keep an eye on your baby’s life. Make lovely videos by taking snaps every day — together with the other relatives. Just add all those whom it may concern to your circle and create your stories together. Check out the cool animation and design. 

The app is available for iOS, Android coming soon.

5. The self-installing baby car seat 4Moms 

We have been waiting for it for quite a long time: this car seat installs itself and adjusts with the help of a smartphone. It meets the highest safety standards, has a 5-point harness system. But what is more important — it integrates with the app on your phone to figure the right angle and install the seat safely. You can use the seat as a travel system; it is compatible with Bugaboo, Cameleon3 and other strollers (the adapter is sold separately). 

Hello Baby is an ecosystem of parental apps. Parents can keep baby memories, find other parents in Community, buy in the most-personalized Marketplace, find best events and activities for babies Nearby. Future moms and dads can get one useful and funny advice every day.
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