5 Must Read Books For Physics Enthusiasts

Being a physics enthusiast is as amazing as it can be. Knowing about nature, particles, energy, and matter around us is overwhelmingly interesting and astonishing. As a physics enthusiast, one can simply look into everyday activities and associate what laws are governing them.

In general, most of the physics enthusiasts are fond of reading to know more about various theories and concepts by different physicists and authors. By reading, individuals not only enhance their knowledge but also their wit and sense of humor.

As an admirer of physics, one is always keen to read different books that can enhance his knowledge and perception towards the world. Be it simple concepts like Ohm’s law or complex theories like quantum entanglement; a physics lover reads them all.

What are the Best Physics Books?

Books seeker can find some of the few names of the books that are considered as must-read physics books of all time. These books are written by some of the best authors and reflect their understanding and love of the subject.

Top 5 Must Read Books for Physics Enthusiasts

A list of top 5 books for physics enthusiasts is given here which are sure to engage and immerse the readers throughout their journey of reading the books. The list includes some of the best books and does not represent their ranks. All the books are equally good and are worth reading several times.

A Brief History of Time

A Brief History of Time
(By: Stephen Hawkings )

A Brief History of Time: From the Big Bang to Black Holes is written by one of the most renowned scientists in the present world i.e. Stephen Hawkings.

The book deals with the subject of cosmology and Hawking made sure that even the readers with minimum scientific Knowledge can read, understand and enjoy the book thoroughly.

QED: The Strange Theory of Light and Matter

QED: The Strange Theory of Light and Matter
(By: Richard P. Feynman )

This book deals with the topic of quantum electrodynamics by American physicist and Nobel laureate Richard Feynman. The book is an adaptation of four lectures on the topic of quantum electrodynamics by Feynman which was published in 1985.

The book is illustrated in a scintillating tone and explains the quantum-mechanical mathematics. Feynman also explained the basic conceptual understanding of such quantum-mechanical calculations.


(By: Carl Sagan )

Written by Carl Sagan (astronomer and Pulitzer Prize-winner), this book deals with various topics like cosmology, astronomy, biological matters, etc. He beautifully illustrated the cosmic evolution and the emergence of science technology and civilization.

A thirteen-part TV series by the name of Cosmos TV: A Personal Voyage has also been made with Carl as the presenter.

Three Roads to Quantum Gravity

Three Roads to Quantum Gravity
(By: Lee Smolin )

Written by theoretical physicist Lee Smolin, this book explains three most potential approaches to realize the unified theory of quantum gravity.

The three approaches discussed in the book are string theory, M-theory and loop quantum gravity.

Our Mathematical Universe

Our Mathematical Universe
(By: Max Tegmark )

This recently published book by Swedish-American cosmologist Max Tegmark explains his mathematical universe hypothesis which proposes that our world is a mathematical structure.

In this book, Tegmark mixed autobiography and humor to explain his analysis of mathematical structure, multiverse, quantum mechanics and particle physics in an engaging way.

Some of the other equally good books that are worth reading include:

These books not only enhance the knowledge of the readers but also develops intellectual thinking in the readers. Though most of the books can be understood easily without high knowledge of the topics, it is suggested to get a bit acquainted with the basic concepts that revolve around these books. Knowing the concepts of thermodynamics, quantum mechanics, etc. can be very beneficial to comprehend the books easily and effectively.

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