Dreamcatcher By Stephen King : Exclusive Book Review

Dreamcatcher: A Novel

Dreamcatcher: A Novel
(By: Stephen King )

I just finished "Dreamcatcher". He had his moments but it is especially disappointing. And about 200 more pages than it should be. In fact, the plot is better suited to a comic.

Maybe that's why King's popularity is so great. It really makes the comic in the longhand, without the drawings. Stephen King has often said that he writes 10 pages a day (forcing himself to write even when he does not want to) and it shows. Half the book is an accumulation of those 10 shabby a day where he should have gone to the local pub, drinking a beer and reloading his literary batteries.

And the plot.

King is obviously on the autopilot. It's just a scam of his own Tommyknockers for the start. And then it degenerates into a kind of "pursuit" where heroes (adults but especially children especially, as usual) will save the world from the "shit shit" extraterrestrial. King likes to keep the children of his main characters because he can then make them say juvenile words, that is to say, he (King) does not have to worry about writing a mid adult dialogue -path. The turn of a writer. That's why, before reading this book, I read a wonderful book (Saint Jack and Toad / Third Angel of Philip Carraher's Apocalypse) - I'm a little more disappointed with King.

How about an example of comparison between King and Carraher's writing?

From Dreamcatcher: "Even his Perco does not help.

Good, God! What shit.

Or, from Dreamcatcher: "Henry's heartbeat had doubled, and by the time he stepped out of the window, he had tripled, his eyes seemed to come out of their sockets ..."

Can King put pictures in his books?

Now a few words from Carraher:

From Saint Jack: "The wooden floor of the drawing-room rippled like a moving tide at Jack's feet." A quick flash momentarily blinded him, then seeing him come back, he saw something that was taking his breath away, a quicksilver alive jumping into the sudden existence at his feet, a wave of light ... Immediately he moved, overflowing ... shining like a liquefied full moon as she drove rapine to the twisted and corrupted soul that was her destination. "

Or (from Saint Jack): "Jack ... had the feeling of standing on a threshold separating two worlds, except that this time the world who was beckoning to him on the other side of this threshold offered him grimacing terrors and Grotesque horrors of the radiant glory of a sweet vision, the pavement even under his feet shuddered before the views that surpassed him.

Two quick examples. As readers, can you "notice" the difference in the quality of writing? The image is far superior in Carraher's book to that which appears in King's "Dreamcatcher". I'm not even sure I've chosen the best examples of Carraher's writing.


To read King's book is like taking a roller coaster ride. Fun in some parts, but you end up exactly where you put yourself. The ride did not take you anywhere. I think I want books that I can learn, books that make me think a little (or a lot). King's books do not do it for me anymore. I read the last Stephen King and I was disappointed.

Carraher's book reminded me of the world, and the possibility that we (humanity) would destroy us with our movement in genetic science. The "third angel" in the title is the angel in the Bible who speaks of the coming apocalypse because of the "pollution of the waters of life". Carraher believes that DNA can be considered the true "water of life" and that the current genetic science is its future pollution. Does the Apocalypse come? Are we going to create it ourselves? Maybe. Scary thought.
My name is David Lieberman. I am a blogger and also have my own site Bestforacar. I am a graduate of Psychology from the Columbia University in the City of New York, where I edited the literary journal.
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