10 Best GRE Prep Tutorials

Best GRE Prep Tutorials

Preparing for an exam can be challenging. You must put in a lot of effort, time commitment, and energy. Besides that, you have to spend a lot of money on books and study guides if you want to succeed. Studying for the GRE exam is a big step towards getting into grad school, and therefore, towards success. But remember – the last time you took a standardized test was probably in high-school so you will need to remind yourself how to study properly.

Make sure you also search for the best books to buy. Studying for such a challenging exam has to be done properly, which means using the right study guides, but also the right practice books. The only way to have good results is to use the right learning tools. So take a look at my list of great books and study guides to help you with your GRE exam.


ETS is a great resource to get free tests and study guides. They will also provide you with free answers, and a simulation exam right before your real test. If you are willing to pay, you can find great low-priced books too. The Official GRE General Test Preparation Materials are available to purchase if you open up an ETS account. They will give you the experience of taking the real GRE test, which is an awesome way to ace the actual exam! ETS also offers a mobile app for people who wish to study on their phones.

Kaplan Test Prep

Kaplan offers both online and offline teaching. If you choose the in-person version, the prices might be higher than expected, but your results will be extremely worth it. On the other hand, if you choose the online version, your costs might be lower. Your performance won’t suffer too much, don’t worry. You can also find free resources on the Kaplan page. They offer 20-minute workouts and pop quizzes. They will also offer you a free verbal sample class, but make sure you reserve a spot beforehand – the demand is really high on those.


Let Magoosh explain to you what you don’t understand! Magoosh has more than 100 videos on math and verbal questions for the GRE exam. They are really good at explaining how the test works. They also offer free GRE online tests and video explanations for all the questions. If you don’t know something, Magoosh will find the answers you need, providing any assignment help you might need.


Since you already took the SAT, you must know how good SparkNotes is. The website provides students with tips on how to ace the GRE exam, and it gives out detailed guides on how to conquer each section. SparkNotes’s Essay tips are very helpful, and the Test Day tips will help you focus better on the day of your exam. Try it now!

Barron’s GRE

Barron is a fairly cheap prep book to purchase. It is not a perfect guide, but if you don’t have that much money to spend, it is a decent book to have in terms of content. If you have the chance to buy a more expensive guide, I would recommend the ones above. Unfortunately, the math on this one is much easier. On the other hand, Barron has a great writing guide and smart trap tips that you can find on the real exam. So it’s really a matter of preference!

The Princeton Review

Cracking the GRE (2017 edition) is a helpful book to study from. It has a lot of good strategies on how to conquer the exam, especially concerning the vocab section of the test. The reading strategies are also effective. 

The authors not only give out answers to the questions but also develop on why the answers are correct. At the back of the book, you will find lots of practice tests. They are not the most demanding, but hey – they help you learn.

Manhattan Prep

This prep book is recommended for people who afford to buy quality. It is a comprehensive preparation guide, and it develops a lot of self-discipline in conquering the GRE. It provides different topics for the essay section, and great techniques to master every section. The disadvantage is that this book contains multiple typos in the math section for some reason, so if you are really picky, I would not recommend it.

The Official GRE

The best item there is on the market, The Official GRE Super Power Pack will increase your scores quickly. All you have to do is practice daily! The guide provides great verbal questions, and offers lots of practice tests! It also incorporates awesome real test examples you can learn from. This detailed guide is what you need if you need to improve your scores quickly and promptly!

GRE for Dummies

GRE for Dummies is great if you are not yet familiar with all the exam questions. It will explain everything to you in a simplified manner. The book is written in a conversational style, and it helps people understand the basics of GRE. It includes a CD with five practice tests and more than 400 flashcards. It is not a challenging book so you might look into other guides if you are advanced.


Number2 is one of the greatest websites to use when studying for the GRE. It offers personal tutoring, great feedback, and significant advice on how to prepare for the exam. More than that, it is absolutely free! You can find numerous vocabulary flash cards and multiple GRE tutorials. You can also track your work on Number2, and see how you have progressed over time!


Finding the right GRE study guide takes a lot of time, but if you want to study properly, it is totally worth it. Make sure you research everything very well before deciding on which book to purchase. Make sure you are aware of each of the book’s benefits and pay attention to what the package you are buying offers. If you are more interested in vocabulary cards, buy a package that contains more of those. If you are more concerned about math, purchase more practice books!

When Cathy Baylis isn’t giving students assignment help in her day job, she researches and learns more about life coaching and personal development with a specialist area of careers, and writing blogs to share little-known facts and stories.
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