5 Tips To Find A Book To Read Not Web-surfing For Hours

Tips To Find A Book To Read Not Web-surfing For Hours

If you love reading and search for books online, then this is a must-read. Surfing the web for books is stressful and time-consuming. Even after spending hours to search, you might end up not finding the right book. You can get assignment help service for essays, but searching for a book is different. Below are tips to reduce the time you spend surfing the web for books.

Use Google Search Queries

You can find tons of books through the use of Google search queries. But making your search count is where the challenge lies. If the search is effective, then you will find different book formats. Some of the books from popular authors are available as epub, e-book, pdf, djvu, chm, and cbr.

#Tips to use Google Search Queries

Try the allinurl operator – This search query will bring out web pages that have the particular keyword you are looking for in their URL. The below query will display pages that have "programming" in their URL.

Allinurl: programming

In addition, you can also get the pdf version of the e-book entitled ‘A complete guide for programming.’ Use the search query below.

Allinurl: A complete guide for programming

Google crawls each and every page that has related information and will locate the e-books during the process. The command above will bring out web-pages with the phrase ‘A complete guide for programming’ and pdf in their URLs. This process of searching for e-books is quite fast. And you will find the right information you are looking for if it is available on the web. Your e-book will be presented in PDF format.

The + operator and Google phrase

Using the Google phrase search operator, you will discover web pages that contain the exact phrase enclosed by double quotations. For instance, using the phrase ‘A complete guide for programming,’ web pages that have this exact phrase will be displayed.

Google considers the synonyms of the keywords you use while searching. But this will be different when you make use of the + operator. It will search the entire web to find out pages with matching prefix. No synonyms.

Use Google Books

You will have access to hundreds of books by using Google tools. An example of this Google tools is the Google Book. You will be able to read different kinds of books, magazines and even site them. The library is being supplied by various publishers.

#Tips to read or download books

You can download any book of choice using Google books. There are tons of books and finding the right one would be easier for you. Follow the steps below to find or download books.

Follow these steps to read books

Visit Google Books.

Search for the book using the title, keyword or ISBN

The same steps can be applied if you are interested in downloading the book. The only difference is after searching using the title, keyword or ISBN, point at e-book – free at the top left. The next thing is to download in the format you want. Click PDF or EPUB to continue.

Read books online

There are websites that allow readers to have access to books online. The beauty of this is that you don’t require any special e-reader or tablet. On your browser, you can read any book you find interesting. However, Kindle and many other websites request payments to give full access to books.

Kindle Store

Below are sites that allow readers to read from start to finish for free. 

Use Internet Archive

The Internet Archive was founded as a not for profit organization in 1996. It currently has over 6,000,000 books and other text files. Access to these books is free of charge.

Use Wattpad

Wattpad is a global and well-known e-reading community. According to reports, the Canada-based Wattpad readers spend more than 2 billion minutes on the website each month. More than 20 languages are also supported.

These are five tips to find any book of choice online and read to your satisfaction. Some sites offer free access while others require users to pay. However, you can use Google search queries and other platforms listed to find any book of choice. And using them the right way will reduce the time you spend searching for books and expose you to tons of great books on the internet.

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