What Is The Cost Of CEH Certification In India

What Is The Cost Of CEH Certification In India

If you are interested in entering in world’s most exciting profession, i.e. ethical hacking, CEH is the Certification exam you must have to clear. To know about its related fees, you can rely on this article.

CEH Certification Exam Fee

Cost For Non-Members

The aspirants are charged with $500 version 7 and version 8 certification exams, along with a non-refundable registration fee worth $100/ 5000 INR. So if you are self-studying, CEH certification exam costs $600 for you.

Cost For ECE Members

For the students registered under EC-Council Continuing Education (ECE) scheme, you can take benefit of ECE credits instead of paying the additional fee of $100.

If you already have the membership of the EC-council Certification, you can also pay certification management fee. Though the fee may be burdensome, the EC Council has devised plans for certificate holders.

Validity And Suspension Of Certificate

All EC-Council certifications are valid for three years from the date of certification. You can get your certification renewed by participating in an ECE Program during this three year period. The EC-Council will suspend the certification of the member if the certified members are unable to fulfill certification requirements within 3 years.

Fee And Exam To Keep Certification Active

Any certified or recertified members, who intend to keep their certification active, can get a free exam voucher. These exam vouchers may range from $125 to $650. You can redeem these vouchers to go for the exam. Self-studying students must check eligibility before purchasing the exam voucher. As a member, you will be benefited with exclusive discounts on EC-council certification material and program.

CEH Training Cost

The CEH training fee differs as per country and institute and also on the kind of facilities they provide. You may get institutes which charge 15K but if you are looking for the best institute who are providing best training with 98% passing assurance then you need to pay a little more.

The fee of such institutes ranges from 40K to 50K for five-days training, excluding other taxes. This usually includes the exam voucher. Training requires basic networking knowledge.

Why CEH Training?

Investing a large amount in CEH certification without preparation is a foolish act. To get the best result, you need sufficient books or full-fledged training from experts. Relevant books corresponding to the course may cost high. Also, they won’t assure success without proper guidance. Instead, joining a good institute would be a better option.

The training takes a few days. As the trainers are well-aware of recent changes or updates in the course content and fine teaching methods, it increases the chances of passing CEH. Here, the faculty provides interactive, practical, and exam-based assistance. They inculcate the skills of testing, securing, scanning, and hacking important data and infrastructure in the cyberspace.


Read the facts, before we answer:

  • Due to a constant increase in security threats, the demand for security experts is also mounting.
  • The increasing demand also increases the chances of securing CEH posts in many government or private companies. 
  • The average salary for CEH certified professionals is Rs 570K annually. The Chief Information Security Officers ranges from INR 1.2 million annually to INR 8 million, 2.37 million is the average salary paid.
  • Positions like security manager, intrusion analyst or forensic analyst could be secured after attaining this certification.
  • You will be able to use tool and techniques to protect an organization’s network against malicious hackers like foot-printing tools, packer sniffing techniques, and Trojan analysis.
  • Copy-pasting the code is easy, but knowledge of right tools is worthwhile. While preparing, you will attain that much-needed knowledge.

So, it is quite clear that Paying for CEH isn’t a bad plan.

Who Should Pay For CEH certification?

If you are planning to excel your career in any of the below-mentioned fields, you should give CEH a well-prepared try:

Security manager/specialist/architect/analyst/officer/engineer/administer/auditor/Network administrator/professional/consultant/specialist/analyst/manager/architect/System analyst/administrator

How To Pay For CEH Exam?

You can pay by Credit Card, Debit card or Net Banking.
If you are still having queries related to CEH fee, leave your confusion as the comment to get it resolved.
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