How To Find Fresh Topics For Your Blog

Find Fresh Topics For Your Blog To Involve New Readers

So, you are a recognized blogger with an established army of followers, but now, after some time, you found yourself in an inevitable situation that is not necessarily bad but at the same time is not very good. That army of followers is not diminishing which is a positive thing, however, it shows no signs of steady growth for some time and this certainly is a negative aspect. This is the time when you need to start looking for fresh topics to involve new readers in your blog. Here are some useful tools and ideas on how to do just that:

Google Trends Tool

Using this useful Google tool you can get insight on what is trending on any topic you have in mind. Although other tools like keyword planner and other keyword research tools can help you with this, Google Trends will provide you with a more detail information on popular topics. The best thing is that you do not need any experience or training to use it since it is very user-friendly.

Monitor News Or Any Popular Sites Using Google Search Queries

This is another useful Google tool that can help you with finding fresh topics for your blog through monitoring and analyzing search queries. They present the text that people type in the search box. I know that it sounds the same as keywords, but it is not. The difference is that a search query can be a string of words where a keyword is implemented, and can be misspelled or out of order.


This handy online tool provides live information about what is trending on all major social networks. When you type the desired topic in Bottlenose search you will get a live feed on top trending links and topics as well as recent trending comments and images. As you can see this information can be key when searching for fresh topics for your blog.


TweetChats are regularly scheduled events on Twitter, where people from all around the Globe community get together and discuss a certain topic. This is a good source of information since it involves different opinions, questions, answers, and facts. You can find a specific TweetChats topic on Twitter Chat Schedule.

Use Help From Online Writers And Ask Them For A List Of Research.

As you may know, the online community is stacked with the online writers. They are the people who will write a paper online for a certain financial compensation. Apart from writing papers and essays they can deliver you a list of research. It is a list of trending topics based on a keyword that you provide them with, where you are sure to find the next topic on your blog.

To conclude, the first and foremost is to recognize the moment in time when your blog is starting to stagnate in terms of follower numbers. After that use these ideas to research online trends and find those perfect topics that will attract new followers and help you popularize your blog.
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