20 Useful Tools & Web Services Freelance Writers Need

 20 Useful Tools & Web Services Freelance Writers Need

The development in the world has altered the employment setup in the world. The days of working 9-5 five days a week are over. Individuals now prefer to get them a job that falls in their personal interest and lets them work from home. The employers are also adopting the practice of hiring employees on contract.

Organizations are now hiring independent contractors, remote workers, and freelancers to get their work done, which also reduces the overall cost as well. It is the fundamental reason that the number of freelancers in the world is accelerating. There are different portals that allow firms to view profiles of various freelancers and choose the one that matches their requirement. To build an outstanding profile there are many tools and apps that freelancers use to stay on the top. These are as following:


Open office is a full suite of office tool for the freelance writer for the personal computer. It comprises of fonts and tools that are comparable to Microsoft office. The documents written in OpenOffice can be easily exported to PDF which makes it an ideal option for freelance writers. The documents can also be easily shared on the PDF format.


It is one of the most popular tools among writer for the accurate grammar check. It was developed in 2009 for proofreading and plagiarism-detection. All you have to do is upload your file and let it scan. The text is scanned for proper use of grammar rules, spellings, synonyms, and vocabulary.


The FreshBooks is an amazing accounting tool that allows freelancers to send invoices in any currency. Through it, the billing hours can be tracked plus it also aids in managing expenses. The users can send invoices to various emails with just a click. It infuses the services like PayPal, Envato, and Fundbox. The app is free and easily available for iOS and Android Apps. With FreshBooks, you can easily track who owes you money.


The issue that is unfortunately mostly faced by freelancers is late payments. You may be thinking about what to do with all of these outstanding invoices. No need to worry with Fundbox you can easily lend some money by showing the outstanding invoices. Fundbox is a technology which assists you in the optimization of the cash flow.


If you are someone who listens to music while working then this app is for you. It is a web app that allows users to set blocks of time and plays music while you work. It is a neuroscience-based tool developed in 2012, which improves the focus and is a perfect choice for writers to increase the productivity level. It also comprises of a unique collection of instrumental music one can listen anywhere.

Google Keep

It is a note-keeping service that was developed by Google in 2013. This app assists us in creating notes, checklist and ideas. It is available on the web and mobile phones as well i.e. Android, iOS, and Chrome. It allows us to record an audio and control the app with our voice. Using it we can also extract content from the image through optical character recognition. A reminder can also be set on it.

Focus Booster

It is an online timer that is based on Pomodoro time tracking techniques. It is a time management tool that is prepared privately for freelances so that we can achieve more in a day then we do so in a week. The techniques help freelancers to work 25 minutes and take 5 mint rests and so on. It helps us to break a task which helps in revitalizing the concepts and ideas. It improves our focus and efficiency.


Wordy is a tool that provides real-time human editing services utilized by content writers. It aids in identifying those words and phrases well-known for the misuse, abuse, and overuse, at least according to usage experts. The content just has to be submitted and wait for the editor to claim that job is done


SocialOomph is an automation tool that helps in great social networking. It offers both free and paid plan. The true potential of this tool is seen on the social platform Twitter, it also updates its features in accordance with the updates on the twitter. It provides freelancers with the auto DM-tool to the new follower. It supplements a helping hand to the writer on the social media as they are busy in creating powerful content. It is a perfect tool for freelancers to boost their social media productivity.


It is an online mind mapping application that lets you create maps on the electronic device that serves as a better option for storage that loose pages. It is available in free and paid version as well. It is an ideal option for users share, envision and present their thoughts via the cloud.


Helium is a task management system that assists us in getting things done by assigning and delegating the task. It aids in testing websites and automation of browsers. It is available online but users can also download it on the PC and Mac. It also hosts a clean interface and drag-n-drop feature to provide easy management. We can type in the commands we want it to perform. It saves our time and increases productivity.


A freelance writer is extremely careful that he his work is unique and original. The app that helps us in the identification of a plagiarism is Copyscape. It is an online plagiarism detection service that was launched in 2004. It usage comes when we are publishing a guest post on the blog or have bought a ready-made post


It is a time management software that provides us a tool that shows how much time we have spent on something plus how can it be utilized for doing more productive work. It shows our voice call time, time spent on the web and other activities too. It gives us a clear picture of how we can better manage the time.


Feedly is an app that connects us to the top news and latest information in the industry. It helps the user to create a custom collection and share with others. Millions of writers are using Feedly to be updated on latest trends, topic, writing styles and follow magazine and blogs that matter to them. It allows users to set the alert when the blog name appears anywhere on the web.


The buffer is social media management tool utilized for managing multiple social media pages. It is an application for mobile and web that allows the user to manage different accounts. The users can schedule posts and also track the performance of the post. A better way to keep the world updates about your work.


Evernote is a tool that was developed for note keeping, organizing, tracking list and archiving. It allows the user to retain creative and innovative ideas, pictures or audio clip from the mobile or PC and sync these for unproblematic retrieval and edits irrespective of where you are using it. It tracks all the spontaneous and inspirational ideas that could help us take our writing game to the top.

Controlled Multi-Tabbed Browsing

While writing, the researching phase takes us in opening countless tabs and because of which we usually forget which tab contained the information that was relevant to the topic. By using the controlled multi-tabbed browser we can limit the tabs we open. This tool helps us to search and write at the same time.

Dark Room 

Darkroom is one of the phenomenal apps that was developed for users to provide a distraction-free writing zone to the freelance writer. It is a clone of writing room that provides an ideal working environment for windows user.


It is an online legal technology company that familiarizes freelancer with the necessary documentation for the business. It provides services that help register your company and make it legal, and take care of all the tax purposes. It can help you rap out the legal documents in a breeze.


It is an awesome tool for the letters we desire. It takes short abbreviations and expands them into large snippets of text. It assists us in writing and increasing speed and efficiency. All our work is saved in the cloud which can be used anywhere we go.

These tools augment the speed and efficiency of the freelancer. These tools vastly improve the quality of the writing and make sure that whatever we produce makes sense.

Sara Emi is a professional web designer at web designing agency in Dubai. She possesses 5 years of experience as a web designer and has designed many websites until now. She is skillful in Bootstrap, WordPress, and Web Applications also. You can follow her on FACEBOOK | TWITTER | LINKEDIN

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